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Swallow Bravo

Swallow Bravo

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We loved the Swallow Bravo

As (great) grandparents we bought our Swallow Bravo Stroller second hand. I paid $750 for my granddaughter's flashy new stroller and the Bravo beats it, hands down! It is just so easy to manoeuvre. I am not young and have been able to take this stroller easily onto trams, trains and busses. Also it folds down easily down and fits into small spaces. We live in the hills and pushing the Bravo up and down hills has been a breeze. I just love it but junior has now outgrown it, so it needs to go to another happy owner.

Great buy

We bought ours in 2006 and still going in 2012... It toke 2 kids and years of mistreatment from them and me.
I am a stay at home dad so my criteria are different from a mum.
I is a strong frame so it can take a lot, if you look after it (tyre pressure equal on the 3 wheels, a drip of oil once a year), it will last. The parts are easy to change if needed, my dog chew on one of the belt, I was able to get an other on very easily. We went for several long walks in the bush and rough terrain was not an issue, the ride was conformable for the little one since it has springs to make the ride comfy.
Maneuverability is great, it's not as long as other and as wide so it make it incredibly easy in the shops.
To the people with concern about stability, if you have a nappy bag heavier than your child on the handle, it will tip over!!! so my advice is, a nappy bag is a nappy bag (4 nappies, 1 spare change, 1 bottle for milk, 1 bottle of water, wipes, nappy sac, wallet and phone) not a hand luggage at the airport.
It is not great if you want to run fast with it, it is not design for speed but it can take a good pace without wobbles.
The footbrake is excellent, locks the wheel with a spring lock pin in the wheel not a plastic friction like other models and it is easy to take it off as the foot plate is large.
It is easy and quick to fold, when you need space in the boot it comes apart in seconds so you have the room you need for those long trip.
Cleaning it is easy, hand wash in the washing, line dry, you're done.
It is a safe buy
easy fold, pulls apart easily when on long trip so you don't lose your boot, price is resonable, strong build.
It is heavier than most brand (11Kg), the basket is difficult to access in sleeping position.

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How does it fold sorry dum new grandma


We bought this pram second hand with the view of using it when we went for walks in nature parks such as in an off-road capacity and it is great for that as all three wheels have suspension and it drives fairly nicely. I have found that as some of the other people have said it tends to pull that is easy to account for. A good base model three wheeler pram that will allow you off-road.
Great suspension that allows us to walk in the nature parks, which is what I bought it for.
Wears well in terms of fabric.
Great big viewing window in sun shade to enable you to see your baby.
Sun shade difficlut to move positions to protect form sun or rain if original position not suitable.
Seat only has 3 positions and I found that it was either too upright or too flat for my 6 month old daughter who wanted to see what was happening in the world.
Storage basket small and difficult to get to if seat fully reclined.
Bulky to pack into a boot but they have thought about this and it is easy to take back wheel son and off, so this becomes more of an inconvenience than anything else.
No drink holder.


did not like this pram as it lifted up at the front when I would put the nappy bag on the handle, the basket it way to small and silly when having a new born in it as it as you have to lift the back up to get anything in the tiny basket, hard to fold up, very heavy and also the front wheel cover gets scratched nearly every time you unfold it! plus the tyers seemed to wear after a month
comes in nice colours, easy wash covers, fits in supermarket checkouts, and steers very well.
colour, fits in supermarket checkouts, steers well
not very sturdy nappy back on handle makes front wheel lift


I was actually really happy with this pram until my son was about 1 year old. The more he weighed the more the pram would pull to the side. If I let go it turns 90 degrees to the right. Very straining on arms, shoulders and hips. I send it in for repair but it came back no different.
Easy to get around with in stores, nice color, large basket, extra storage pocket, doesn't tip over, low price
Pulls to the right like a bad shopping trolley - terrible for long walks. Heavy. Hard to fold. Gets easily scratched up. The belt clips broke.


It's okay value for its price, does its job as a pram, and have 3 seat positions, suitable from newborn, comes in a nice silver/black color. However it is quite heavy, we have a 4WD and packing it and lift it to the boot takes a lot of arm strength. Would rather use a sling to short shopping trips. The clip on the seat belt breaks easily.
Nice silver color, reasonable price tag, suitable from newborn, 3 seat positions.
Heavy, quite bulky, the seat belt clip breaks easily. Not very stylish compared with those high-end prams. The seat is not reversible. Needs a big boot space to fit this pram in.


It's a good pram for it's price, and has the 3 seating positions. The brakes work very well and are very easy to lock on and take off. It is very easy to steer and turns around in a small space. It has a nice boot cover, storage pocket, closable top window, velcro loops to hang toys from, removable front bar, front wheel can be lokcked in forward postion, wheels are easily removed, wheels are 'pump up' type and pram comes with a pump. Pram has good suspension so baby gets a smoother ride. Have no prolem putting my baby ag on the handle.

Issues I have with this pram- it is hard for me to fold up and unfold, and the front wheel cover gets scratced up when folding/unfolding. It is very heavy for me and I have a lot of trouble getting it in and out of the car boot, it also takes up a lot of boot space. It can tip back easliy if you put heavy things on the handle, I sometimes tie something to the front bar resting near baby's feet to balance out the weight and stop it tipping. The basket is small and the seat needs to b put up to get larger things in/out of basket.

I am overall quite happy with this pram.
Nice colour, good price, steers very well, 3 seating positions- suitable from newborn, good brakes,easy to handle in shops.
Heavy and bulky, small basket that you need to lift the back up to get things in/out of.

Questions & Answers

How can i fold it?
2 answers
Hi, it has been a long time since I had mine but from memory you put the brake on, fold the seat to the flat position, retract the sun protection. On the side there is a red “lever” to lift up, then you have the triggers on both sides to pull up towards you and then you should be able to fold it pushing it down. You need both hands to do this but that’s how mine use to work.It's also been a long time since we had ours, but jjpcntti's answer looks good to me!

Hoping to get a copy of a user manual for the Bravo by Swallow. Help?
2 answers
Sorry mine has long gone with the pram. Have you tried a Google search as I often find manuals that way.Mine was gone in the bin the day we purchase it. I have try to find it on google but no luck. Is there a specific question you have so we might be able to help. The only informations you might find on the owner manual are on how to be safe with it. Nothing really useful if you use common sence. If you need info on the technicals parts of the pram, please let me know. If it is to find spare parts numbers, don't bother you won't find any, this model has been out of production for at least 8 years.

I want to replace the 'rubber' around the handle of my Swallow Bravo. How do I get the handle undone to slip a new rubber on? Thanks Alison
1 answer
Hi Alison, unfortunately I do not have the pram anymore (my kids are now way too big for it) but from memory you can't really take the handle off, they used a sort of rivet pin to put the frame together. The only solution I can see to change the "rubber" is to go to a cycle shop and ask for the tape they use on road bicycle handles. You can choose the color to stand out, it is easy to apply and usually cost effective. Otherwise the other solution is to cut the rubber through the length and then fit it into place with a small amount of glue. I hope I have answer your question. Julien


Release dateAug 2007

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