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Swallow Cruiser Air Ride

Swallow Cruiser Air Ride

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Great pram to suit from newborn to 2 year old plus. Well priced and has served me for 3 kids. Would highly recommend.
easy to fold up. manouverable. Solid construction. Baby can lie flat to sleep. Reversible handle is great.
I pretty much liked everything


So unstable that my husband refuses to let me sell it second hand. I used it for 6-12 months with my first child 2004, and hated it. It is really scary when crossing busy street with a newborn on board! I then bought a much better pram and love it. I then used this pram once again for small outings with my second child as a newborn because of the ability to turn the handle so the baby can be seen. Again, I hated using it on trips where walking was involved and now my baby is a few months old, I have moved to my other pram.
Reversible handle so you can see baby or toddler can look forward. The lay back position is flat and comfortable for sleeping. Great for using for short easy trips ie to church or a friend's place where little pushing is involved. Looks soft and comfortable and appealing.
Dangerous speed-wabbles if you are in a hurry - I am not refurring to running, I am talking about crossing a busy street. The prams wheels do not cope and it threatens to tip.
The whole pram is wabbley, the handle moves side to side a large amount and for a $400 pram that is not good enough! Large turning circle and the pram is wide, making it difficult to manoeuvre in shopping centres. Heavy and difficult to push on a tilted sidewalk as well as heavy to lift.


It looks sturdy and comfortable for kids.
Comfortable for any child to ride in and great for all weather conditions.
Can be a bit hard to get in and out of the car in a hurry.

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Cruiser Air Ride
Release dateApr 2003

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