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Swallow Portico Plus

Swallow Portico Plus

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How this thing passed any design and safety standards test is beyond me, it makes looking for a design standard sticker meaningless. We have been told there is nothing wrong with it (rudely) so I assume they are all the same. If safety is any concern of yours, don't buy this unit.
I'll come back to this if I think of anything. It fulfills the most basic requirements of a stroller unless you want to push a toddler somewhere safely. It's tall, and has reasonably good sun shade for a stroller.
Unless you are on very smooth surface and going slowly, the front wheels wobble. At the very least it's annoying. At worst extremely dangerous. Quite easily and frequently the front wheels shake so badly that you actually can not push any further until you have stopped and resumed. This makes rushing to avoid a hazard a very frightening experience.
The stroller has been returned for 'repair' on 4 occasions and returned to us in the same state. Babyco have been awful to deal with. Their NO care NO responsibility attitude leaves me unsurprised that the company is in liquidation. Although Babyco's warranty information states that they will refund or repair if required, we have not been able to get a replacement stroller, nor a refund, despite asking repeatedly, and despite the severe nature of the problem with our stroller.


As a low budget option this stroller is definately a great choice, especially if you are only going to use it for shopping centres and light to medium usage. However, my model had problems with the wheels wobbling when I picked up any sort of pace, within the first 4 weeks of owning it (and I'd only used it at the shops). Aspley BabyCo was unwilling to replace it though it was under warranty(citing health reasons, but then expected me to put my child in their loan stroller) and sent it away to be fixed which took two weeks. The wheel lock for the front wheels (which locks them in straight ahead) is supposed to be used for outdoors or rough surfaces to prevent damage to the wheels (and wheel wobbles) but makes the stroller hard to steer around corners. Since mine was repaired I have not had any problems with the wheels so think this might have just been a manufacturing fault but if I had to go shopping for strollers again I would make a point of checking what the warranty includes and what the store is willing to do should any faults become apparant. Other than this I have been happy with this stroller and it's served the purpose that I bought it for, especially since I didn't have a lot of money to spend on buying a stroller at the time.
Easy to fold and lightweight for lifting into car boot. The caddy below is very handy and a good size. Has a strong brake. Front wheel drive is easy to steer when front wheel lock is not on. The bar handle is comfortable to grip and also assists easy steering. The stroller itself provides comfortable seating and you can use either full harness or lap harness.
The wheel lock on the front wheels which is supposed to be used if you are outdoors or on rough terrain makes the stroller hard to steer. Only 2 positions for seat - sitting up or lying down (a middle position would have been nice) and when it's in the lying down position you can't really get into the storage caddy.
The front guard bar does not come off making it tricky for a toddler to get in and out of without being lifted.

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Portico Plus
Release dateAug 2007

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