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Swallow Way 2 Go

Swallow Way 2 Go

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This is a great pram that is inexpensive and very versatile. I would recommend it for new babies. My bub has been very happy in ours. It would be the perfect pram if you could reverse the handle on those days when bub wants to see you. I've given mine a thorough workout in the 4 months we've owned it and I just love it!!!
I love the cup holders and little glove box on the handle - very handy for the car keys, mobile phone etc. Lots of room for holding your shopping. Light weight and easy to fold.
the handle isnt reversable so bub can't see you except through the viewing window in the hood. the hood also makes a clicking noise as you open and close it which can wake bub occassionally.


Not a good pram. Would highly recommend that you look around at other stollers in this price range. It is cheap plastic pram and will fall apart on you when you least expect it - i.e. crossing the road with your baby. Mine lasted 2 weeks of normal usage. BABY CO also would not refund or give a store credit note, as they said it was used. So check your purchasing and exchange policies.
Accessories, basket space,
No support for babies legs and even toddlers legs get sore from hanging over edge with no support and foot rest too low. Lack of head room. Cheap plastic frame. Wheels on rear fall off - manu./design fault as all plastic and is not very durable.


Good pram for small babies and short trips for older babies and toddlers as my daughters legs get sore from just hanging.
great pram for shopping as has large easily accessible basket, quite comfy for small baby until there legs hang over edge of seat, multi position back is great for all ages.
Hood is very small, not good on rough terrain, footrest is very low so babys legs have to hang.

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Way 2 Go
Release dateAug 2007

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