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Swann DVR8-4780

Swann DVR8-4780

5.0 from 1 review

Excellent value and Crystal clear recording

I had been looking for a home surveillance system so that I could record events that may occur around my house. I have various quotes from security companies most of them wanting $3k or more which I couldn't afford. I started looking online at DIY systems and saw mixed reviews about Swann and others. I also spoke to friends who said most of the systems are the same but to get someone to help lay the cables in the roof etc. I decided to go online and find the best I could afford with the highest rated cameras. I found that Swann fitted my price and had the best cameras I could afford. When I went to Good Guys they were also on sale so I purchased the system. I had an electrician lay the cables in the ceiling, and attach the cameras. I then adjusted cameras and connected and set up DVR. I would recommend taking the time and setting up the system properly and following instructions. I got the app on my phone fairly easily and connected. The down falls would only be the number of cables that come into the box and will need to find a way to tidy up.

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