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Swann NVR4-7400

Swann NVR4-7400

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Please be advised that if you are after a simple monitoring system, where you login and view what is going on, as well as some basic recording SWANN will do. However if you are after a system, that triggers on motion detection (with no false alarms) and sends you emails with images etc. Stay AWAY from ANY SWANN product. Don't be fooled by their good looking packaging etc. I was fooled and purchased two systems - BOTH have failed in delivering...

All SWANN systems have issues with their software and their more advanced configuring for triggering alerts and motion detect. Their product is basic throughout their whole range. Countless support calls to SWANN does not help, and their software updates does nothing. Therefore their product has not performed as what they have specified. Look elsewhere SWANN is BASIC and nothing more. Don't waste your money with their more advanced products - it is all SPIN. Have been in the information Technology space for over 30 years and this product should have failed in the TESTING labs.

Unit is OK - review of footage close to impossible

This is a 4 camera security system that records to a control unit with hard drive. Its main selling points are 4K cameras/recording and remote control/viewing.

Cameras seem ok and once you get the motion detection set up seem to record OK. Unit is network enabled (cable connection only) and one of the selling points is remote viewing. Cat 5 cables are used for camera connections and these provide power, carry the signal and can control pan/tilt/zoom functions in ceras that have them.

Prior to installing I set up the system as was installing the recording unit in a cupboard in a security mount and it needs to be plugged into a monitor or tv for setup.

There are remote apps for smartphones and pc's I had installed the iphone app and had this working as part of the setup.

1st issue - the fan is really annoyingly loud - you couldn't have this in a living area.... say where a tv might be useful for playback ok for my install as the cupboard contains the sound.

2nd issue - once installed unit could not be accessed via the remote app - could get it to send test emails but not connect. after a few reboots finally got connected.

3rd issue - the enumber of apps Swann have is really confusing - it took a while to work out which one would work with my unit.

live view works ok on both PC and iphone

then the software problems come out...

On both apps the video for live view and feedback is much reduced from the native 4k resolution of the cameras and recordings - not a bad thing as otherwise the bandwidth requirement would be crazy. On the iphone app there is issues with setting up the camera motion detection - it is basically impossible. Playback kind of works - though it can be really difficult to get it to start at the beginning of a recording - or to rewatch part of a recording.

In the PC app the contols for setup work OK but the plyback is awful - channels will be out of sync, mst of the time cannot get it to play. Basically not usable to revie recordings.

PC app alows downloading of the recording files in a .264 format - no probs with download but these are not a standard .264 format in that VLC cannot play them. Googling I found a swann player app - this was labeled as for a different model (but was only one available) did not work at all for me. They also have an AVI converter app - this also didn't work.

So I now have all this 4k footage recorded that cannot be reviewed or seemingly retrieved in a usable manner...

Then try to contact Swann.... Need an account to send an email to their tech support or to live chat... did so but unable to log in once created. Customer feedback form asked for way more personal info than I was was prepared to give before allowing feedback.

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