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Swann SWNHD-856CAM

Swann SWNHD-856CAM

4.0 from 1 review

Excellent product - Bad customer support

-Excellent build quality, made from metal.
-Great picture quality.
-Supports latest h.265 compression.
-Supports RTSP and email alerts without a DVR.
-Has a great web interface for configuring settings and detection methods.

-"Low light" feature is misleading. The camera does have okay low light capability, but no more than a modern smartphone. When the camera switches to IR mode, no color is detected.
-Swann take no responsibility for their product support unless you use their provided DVR. They will say you are using the product in a unsupported way, even though the camera has the features built in.

I would buy a Swann product again, however it's only because they do have a well known brand, and their product quality is great value for money.

Tip: If you need to login to the camera, don't call Swann help. I tried calling them 3 times and they refused to help me each time. Try username: admin; password:'Device's MAC address - NO spaces/colons/dashes'

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