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Payment taken, no product.

I ordered two products and recieved one, when i emailed them about the product missing they responded that the product I ordered wasn't available and did I want a different product. I replied asking why I wasn't notified before they took my payment? And I asked for a refund. 8 did not recieve another reply. A week later my husband called them to ask for refund and was told they will refund on that day. Still no refund!! Will call them again

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No Problems

I bought my vitamins before I read all the bad reviews and thought, well that was a mistake. But I received them in about a week, it was the correct product, expiry date was fine and there were no issues. On this experience, I would buy again.

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do not buy from them

I placed an order for a supplement and paid for it on the 7th of July and didn't hear anything. When i called them on the 16th of July to follow up, they told me they have sent me an email on the 8th saying this product is on back order. I never received any email on the 8th. Also, they MUST say if something is on back order at the time of ordering not after they have taken your money. Not happy at all with their service and asked for a refund.

Product Quality
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Terrible Customer Service

Ordered a henna hair dye. It took over 2 weeks to arrive and when it finally did it was the wrong colour. It happens right? So I contacted them letting them know and received a passive aggressive message back saying that they still sent me a hair dye therefore the product is similar and I should be happy with this. They also said the colour I wanted is out of stock and has ‘probably’ been discontinued. Uh.... couldn’t you tell me that at the time I am ordering or at least before dispatching something different and hoping I won’t notice? I have asked them to send me a prepaid envelope so I can send the product back and have requested a full refund to my card. I have yet to hear back.

Don't buy from this company--you will get spam mail from them and you cant unsubscribe--awful

Bought from them some time ago and get emails every day--tried to unsubscribe but it doesn't work--they keep changing email addresses so I cant even put them on spam watch list. Damned annoying so beware and don't get caught

Product Quality
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Total lack of customer service

I have placed an order, paid straight away, then 5 days later it's still not despatched. I have sent 2 messages already asking for an ETA of goods and enquiring how come it's still waiting to be packed. No response to either emails. Will not be a return customer.
Order N26412.

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Takes WEEKS to receive

I would not recommend anyone purchase from these guys. Honestly it's faster to order a product from America and pay a little extra in postage. I've ordered from them probably 4 times now, and it takes roughly 2 weeks to be even SENT. Then it's another 3-4 days in the post. When I contacted them about one particular order the lady said she will have it marked and sent as express post.. with an authority to leave as well. Nope.. was sent standard post, no authority to leave and took an extra week to receive. I seriously cannot comprehend how bad a company can be? I work in a similar line of work to these guys and it takes around 10 minutes to grab an order and pack it.

Product Quality
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Black Raspberry Powder.

Got sent a different brand with less grams. Called and they said they'd look into it. Never heard back so I emailed and still no reply. That was 3 weeks ago.

Very poor communciation. Unprofessional.

Very poor communication. Hard to get hold of. Told me my product was 'safe with them and being sent on Monday' after 10 days passed since I ordered. Apparently, the company isn't making the product I ordered at the moment, so clearly it wasn't being sent Monday if someone had taken the time to actually check. Don't appreciate untruths.
Had to chase them via email and phone. Finally got hold of someone via live chat feature. Was told my product wasn't being manufactured. I explained my money had been taken anyway and I was told it was being sent. No apology for the wait or being lied to.
Did refund my money.
Won't use them again, I didn't feel like I was dealing with a professional company that cared about it's reputation or customers. You can't take and keep people's money and not provide a product without communicating with them about it.

Terrible Customer Service

Left out 1 bottle of tablets and also sent 1 bottle that was cheaper and not what i ordered. I rang rang them no worries we will give u a refund what a joke I had to comp,ain to paypal to get my money back.Paypal got my money back
. Will never purchase from them again this has been going on since mid August. Customers beware.

Terrible customer service

I made 2 orders of henna hair dye one was one box one was 5 more 5 days after the initial order there still wasn't any shipping information or email updates as to why so I tried the live customer chat thingy SO I'm not saying it was this person's fault but they obviously had no idea what was going on first I was told " it will be there next week" then when I told them to cancel my order the response was "I'll let warehouse know but if its been shipped you will need to return it"..... What!? Would not recommend unless you don't mind wondering if you have been ripped off or not I'm still wondering weather they'll actually cancel my order or not I didn't get any confirmation that it was cancelled besides the warehouse comment. Not happy.

Waste of time. No products and no refund

Terrible. Have been waiting 2 weeks for my order with no suggestion that it would take weeks to receive from the supplier. Have called them twice and emailed them 3 times with a complaint on their website to cancel my order with no reply at all or confirmations. Still waiting. Don't bother placing any orders with this company.

Update. I have finally received a refund of my money after placing a further 2 phone calls and an email. I asked to speak to his manager which he declined and advised to call back. He did suggest he had passed on my message to the credit department but they had not followed through. It's easier to order on ebay.

Never Again

I found this company on the net & decided to buy from them so as to support Australian based companies, well I'm that disappointed with them, I ordered 180 Blueberry extract capsules, when they arrived they were almost 2 years old from manufacture, their American webpage said they would be good for 2 years so I accepted them however upon opening the first container & trying them they were totally unpalateable & stale, I contacted their office they said & I quote "send them back & we will try & find newer stock" NO offer of compensation for the return postage charges, as a pensioner I cannot afford or prepared to throw good money down the drain for something shoddy that they sent me, never again will I use this company & I urge others to be cautious when buying from Swanson Australia.

Great products & prices. Non-existent customer service

When products do not arrive, Swanson simply ignore the customer - zero response.
Luckily I paid via Paypal so was able to get my $$ back via the resolution centre.

I buy from Swanson from Australia

I have purchased online from Swansons for a number of years. I have a number of ailments and read recommendations for various supplements. Swansons have made that affordable as well as buying the regular products that I know work well and make a difference to my life. The money I save is quite significant from buying in Australia. I also have access to products that arent so easy to come by in Aus. The listings that might potentially be illegal in Aus are all listed and reminders come up to help you make proper choices.

Really Terrible Customer Service

I am writing this review not for the products I ordered from this company online, but for the disgraceful customer service that they provide. I ordered two (2) products from this company, mainly due to the price difference involved between other sites and the price they quoted. That's great, so I ordered the two products from them on the 18th of July, 2017, paying via Paypal. Each product was assigned two different order numbers, which instantly went into 'backordered' status and there they remained. Not for a couple of weeks but for over 2 months when one of the orders was finally delivered on the 14th of September 2017. So here I am today the 2nd of October 2017 and the remaining order is still siting in 'backorder' and frankly I have given up even worrying about it and the money that has already gone from my account. The absolute hide of this company was that I then received an email asking me to do a review on the product I received (obviously a review that will never see the light of day), the product itself is great, Swanson's customer service and care is non existent! Emails asking where the products were went unanswered and obviously I will never use them again. My advice to anyone reading this is, if you are after supplements etc that you find difficult to get in Australia, then use IHerb instead of this outfit. IHerb offer great service and products that may be a fraction more than Swanson's price, but at least you get the stuff you have ordered and payed for.

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Just an update. It's now the 5th of November 2017 and I'm still waiting. Probably could have made the stuff quicker!

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