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Swisse Hibiscus Anti Ageing Night Cream

Swisse Hibiscus Anti Ageing Night Cream

3.4 from 5 reviews

Something that WORKS!

I don't usually post reviews, but I just had to for this!
I have (or HAD) terrible skin. Super oily, super red and prone to acne and just flat out gross. I have tried lots of creams, and they did nothing.
Saw this little pot of cream at chemist warehouse when I was buying vitamins and decided to give it a go, as the ingredient list looked amazing and like it might actually do something. And price was good too.
First night I put it on, I woke up the next morning with a full on pepperoni face breakout! My skin looked awful, but at the same time felt good, in a weird way. That was my first ever skin purge! And it was great.
As soon as that big breakout happened by skin started to improve dramatically from the next night on!
Within a week there was no acne, no oil, no redness, no dryness, and my pores were small!
I have now been using this for a month, and for the first time in my 30 years, I can look at my bare face in the morning and be HAPPY!
Thanks Swisse, this cream is a miracle. Please do not ever stop making this, because I will have a heart attack!
I should also mention that I use this at night as my night cream, and in the morning I use the Swisse CoQ10 anti-aging facial moisturiser. Which is also a miracle!
Oh I forgot to add, this has worked far better to reduce my wrinkles than an expensive retinol product I tried. I look younger and my skin is definitely brighter!

Not for all skin types

Doesn't work too well with my skin!! (very dry and sensitive). After a week of use it started causing me red spots. Has a nice smell and texture though, 25$ not well spent :(

My 1st time with this cream! never regret to buy it!

I am over 30 and I have combination type skin. I was looking for a vitamin E cream in chemist as everyone have a good comment on it for anti-aging but by the time they were all sold out. Then I started to look for something else with organic ingredients and no animal testing. then I found this cream. I doubt it as I don't like it's exfoliating face wash as the particles are a bit too rough for my skin. For this face cream it said it has 96% naturally derived ingredient and no harmful substances, as well as I was impressed by a statement in the package saying that is "natural skin care that works". By the time, it was on sale so I decided to give it a go. After using this cream for a week at night after toner, my skin feels softer and brighter. I think it gives me the same result as the more expensive skin care so I will keep to use it until it's finished & see how it goes. I would love to try it's toner next after I finished mine.

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I commend it’s a very good cream in winter and I usually apply it with a drop of rosehip oil and mix together (double shot of anti-aging

Burnt my face

As soon as I put it on I had to wash it off. I've never had that happen with any other cream. It smells great though and I am bummed it hurt my face.

Top ingredients at affordable price

I saw this in a chemist and thought that it had a nice list of ingredients, including niacinamide, coq10, hibiscus extract (claimed to be firming) and other naturally derived ingredients. They also leave out harmful ingredients like sls and parabens. And at an rrp of around $24, this is quite a steal. I have been using olay product for two years before this, which contains niacinamide as their star ingredient. So when I saw that this product has niacinamide at quite the top of their ingredient list, plus the bonus of other wonderful ingredients, I knew I had to try it.

It hasn't given me any breakout. I've also noticed slightly tightened pores and brighter skin tone in general. It is not as moisturising as my previous cream, but no flaky patches in the morning.

The verdict? I love what it's done to my skin, and at the price I am definitely not complaining. I will continue to use this product.

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Hibiscus Anti Ageing Night Cream
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