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Swisse Men’s Ultivite Formula 1

Swisse Men’s Ultivite Formula 1

2.7 from 20 reviews

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Crap. Vitamins are supposed to perk you up not give you nausea,and a foggy head.

Making me nauseous every day. I thought it was something else. These are going in the bin. What a waste of money considering I have another unopened bottle as well.

read the small print

I bought the product thinking it was a multi vitamin as I am vegan and I wanted in to have vitamin B12. Felt nauseous. Read small print. It contains caffeine.

They don’t disclose the caffeine content

My first tablet made my heart race. Then I noticed the pills contain a “small amount of caffeine”. How much caffeine? The vitamin levels are a disgrace - 10% of the quantities in my other multis that I couldn’t get the other day. Don’t buy these!


I'm a Gardener working in hot conditions, physically working very hard without any breaks, often for 8hrs at a time. This also means I don't eat between start and finish and I'm losing a heck of alot through sweat alone, let alone physical excretion. Needless to say, I feel absolutely dead after work. I bought some of these to try see if they could possibly help somewhat and I feel great!! My brain doesn't feel tired, I notice my eyes feel more 'open' and I just feel more energised! I chose these over any other because if you actually look at the ingredients and compare, this one is at least twice as expensive but often has more than 15x the amount of most things the cheaper ones offer. Compare for yourself. So glad I found these. If you're physically active and have trouble dealing with the constant struggle of feeling so buggered, do yourself a favor and grab a bottle. I noticed a huge difference even first day in. It's strange that reviews are so terrible here.. check this site, seems much more realistic http://www.healthpost.com.au/swisse-mens-ultivite-swmu6-g.html
Can't say enough about them.

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UPDATE: it's been about 6 weeks taking these daily and things have changed. I no longer feel any effects whatsoever from taking them daily. Strange things are. I used to pee bright yellow all day long at first, but now the first one is yellow and the rest are normal. I take it your body becomes used to it and just excretes everything it doesn't need right away rather than hold onto it. So I'll only be taking them every now and then from now on The strangest thing to me is. My eyes become really dry and heavy if I have a couple of beers. Once I started taking these in the morning I couldn't help but notice this didn't happen if I had a couple at night! Now everything is back to normal and I feel just like I did before taking them

False and misleading

These 'multivitamins' contain so little of every individual vitamin that they can't possibly have any effect.

A former employee of Swisse recently went on the record in an article, claiming that it was his job to find the 'evidence' after the marketing department had invented the products and made the claims about what these new products could do.

Swisse has a long history of misleading and deceptive conduct.

So far good

I've been taking these tablets for three weeks. My foggy brain issue has resolved slightly and i don't feel tired as much as i did before. These tablets don't smell good but they are ok.

Great value

Lots of vitamins and minerals are included in these tablets. Some common ones and some trace elements too. I always back it up with a 150 mg Coenzyme Q10 tablet every day. Been doing it for 15 years and rarely have got colds. Always found at chemist warehouse at very good prices.

Warning Do Not Buy!!!

Six months of taking this tablet everyday and absolutely no difference in the way I feel. They market the product well and that's how they get you. Your better off with Natures Way Multivitamins. They will work and they are much cheaper and you get more in a bottle.

Don't buy. Nothing but marketing hype, maybe it works for those with very unhealthy lifestyles but d

It lists an impressively large amount of fancy ingredients but I suspect they are in such small amounts (the size of the tablet isn't that large) that the effect is negligible compared with if you take proper doses of any of the ingredients eg Zinc. I am reasonably healthy and after taking one every day for a few months now (I bought a large bottle) I found from day 1 this does nothing but make my urine dark. I certainly don't believe it will help any one in good physical condition eg Formula One drivers, to recover or have more energy/concentration/better performance. It also does not help with resistance against colds etc.
Nice spearmint taste, easy to swallow
Makes urine strong colour which indicates body rejecting much of it, and makes absolutely NO difference to energy levels, concentration etc.

Swisse Mens Ultivite

These vitamins smell horrible. I can imagine only how fresh your breath must be to other people after taking them. I forgot one in the pocket of my pants and washed them. What a mistake .My clothes smelled like urine and it was gross. They are not worth the money.

Horrible odor.

Not Horrible, Not Good

Key flaws: Not enough Potassium, Zinc or Magnesium. For a men's supplement particularly this is not good, bordering on pathetic - zinc and magnesium are two of the more difficult nutrients to supplement via diet and potassium is crucial for blood pressure regulation and energy. Even if you have adequate Potassium in your diet additional supplementation is crucial for long term health.

Yes, the A, B, and C profiles are great, but healthy diet provides tons of A, B & C on its own (You can easily ingest 500-1000% RDI of these through a few servings of veggies). A lack of Calcium is neither here nor there are Calcium + D supplements are readily available on their own and anyone who cares enough will be taking them anyway.

On the upside, Vitamin E & Selenium levels are great, but they simply don't justify the price. Overall it's not a bad supplement and if you don't eat enough colourful, leafy vegetables this is a good way to boost your nutrient levels.

Having said that, given they're using Weber's mug and the "F1" tag this product is clearly pitched at active, healthy people who are presumably going to take some care with their nutritional needs via diet. There are far better supplements at this pricepoint, especially those geared specifically to male health and energy.

In summary: great for vege haters, useless for those already taking care with their nutrition.
Easy on stomach, great levels of Vit E
Pricey, lacking in key minerals for men's health and energy

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Your logic is flawed because you say that A,B, and C vitamins are achieved through diet alone. Most people lack one or more of these on a daily basis and generally do not lack potassium. Potassium is also found in a lot of foods, so why don't we just eat great diets and not take a multi-vitamin? The answer is because our day to day diets generally suck and lack key vitamins and minerals.

Not good

After switching from GNC to Swisse energy levels have dropped. They are expensive and don't seem to work. They are probably much better than many of the supermarket vitamins but when compared to premium brand vitamins for the same price they don't measure up. They are easy to take and I like the powder gel caps.
Powder gel caps


great. dont worry about bright coloured pee its just your body removing the excess vitamin B thats not required. and as well if you have any bad bowel movements in the first week or so its just the tablet removing bad waste from your body. You know the tablet is working when these 2 things happen, says so on the swisse website to.
great multi vitamin, full of energy, keeps you feeling good A++
taste and smell is disgusting, and abit big of a tablet

I find it weak and just a big hype, all it does is make my pee bright yellow and feel no energy boost, I find it useless!!!! Stick to good diet and keep fit is the best way to stay on top of things.if your pee is yellow it means you don't need the vitamins as they are just going straight in and straight out.

Expensive and Ineffective

14 months ago it was suggested to me that I try Swisse Mens Ultivite Formula 1 by a friend. I was very keen to get my health on track, and also utilised several other products from the Swisse range.
After parting with a small fortune, I took everything as advised religiously for 8 weeks.It didn't work!! Dont believe the hype. There are fabulous vitamins and supplements out there, but you wont find them at your local chemist!
I liked the hope that Swisse products offered
They were expensive and totally ineffective. Very misleading and disappointing. Fortunately I was introduced to another range of products, surprisingly via a Network Marketer(!!!) which have given me (and my family) our health back.

They worked for our family and my son is a state footballer and has helped him maintain his health as expected with swisseI have been on numerous tablets for some time now and I must admit they work for me.

First multi vitamins, 18yrs old

I purchased swisse because The commercials stated reduces stress and anxiety, I have found my anxiety to be 100x better and I feel more relaxed and energized.

I Have only been on it a week, and it hasn't been my most active week, stuck in piles of holiday homework and new ps3 games hahaha but I have felt alot better, more awake, more calm and happier
Reduced my anxiety, made me more energetic, keeps me calm and focused, more relaxed and don't get angry easily anymore, can sleep easier and wake up feeling awake and not half dead :p Also helps with my focus on year 12 work
First 2-3 days shocking gas haha, fluro piss :p


Strongly recommended, a great product, are going to continue to use as the product works for me and my partner.
A great product does the trick, keeps me regular, strongly recommended!
My partner uses it and ever since she has, she has noticed a significant change to her energy levels. I've been using it since I was younger as my parents got my onto it before I moved out but can't complain.
It is a little expensive however you can get good deals if you know where to look. Ebay has some great prices. I have paid $19.99 for a pack of 120 once. Last time i got a pack of 120 for 27.50.

Only if you're diet requires multivitamins

I have a fairly good diet, though thought what harm can they do, until i realised there is actually such thing as too much vitamins, your body can build up so much that it can cause an over dose of different vitamins in the body and the body can sometimes not flush all of the excess out. I have found myself become ill a couple of times from this.
good if you consistently eat junk
causes illnessses if you already have a steady diet


all round a fine multi vitamin.good product if you can get over the smell\taste and the bright orange wee :)
well balanced, has everything you need and I actually feel better for taking them
expensive by comparison, a little on the large size but not un swollowablew. Smell and taste totally retched. In fact I am surprised at how foul they actually are

Men's Ultivite 50+ terrible

SWISSE Men's Ultivite 50+
batch # 013940
Used by Feb 2013

Every time I take one of these capsules, I feel like its trying to crawl up my Esophagus for hours after.
I maybe allergic to something in it, or something has gone rancid in the capsule.

I am going back to taking Blackmores Men's Multi vitamin... even though it's more expensive, it is very good.

Every time I take one of these capsules, I feel like it's trying to crawl up my Esophagus for hours after.

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I agrees with Chris Roubis, I had one of these on Saturday and I have now been ill all weekend and today. Every time I take one of these capsules, I feel like its trying to crawl up my, stomach just churns and comes in waves of discomfort. I am going back to taking Blackmores Men's Multi vitamin, I have never felt so awful.


Very happy and will continue to use them until something better crops up. I feel energised, lucid and calm (running a household with two kids on my own takes its toll). Obviously cheaper prices would be better because you can get regular multi's for around $0.06 each but with none of the ingredients of Swisse Ultivite F1. Great Product.
Complete balanced formula for men. Contains all the necessary vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and herbs formulated to keep men performing at peak condition. It's the only multi I use.
Relatively expensive. I managed to get 2 x 120 tablets for $75 ($0.3125 each) through ePharmacy. They have great deals often. Tablet shape and size can make it difficult to swallow.

Questions & Answers

I have just started Swisse Men's Ultivite 2 days back. The smell of Tablet is really bad. But I also feel a very bad smell in my breath. I do know how other people will react especially my partner. What's the solution? Whether purchase return is possible?
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after tking pills for 2 weeks i amm having funny light head feelings which last for about30 seconds
No answers

after taking pills for a week i have fainting spells
2 answers
Stop taking them immediately. I had constant nausea and felt very weak, listless and almost felt like I would faint/fall asleep. Once I stopped taking them I felt normal again. Waste of money, dangerous if you drive etc.thanks tony that was the same for me they are now in the bin and i feel normal again


Swisse Men’s Ultivite Formula 1
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TargetsEnergy & Exercise, Men's Health and Sleep & Stress
Release dateMay 2007

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