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good multi, even if not preggo


this is a good multivitamin, even if you're not pregnant. I am taking it with no aftertaste side effects or sickness. I had a gp a long time ago who told me that he took pre natal vitamins for energy, so I started to also (I was pregnant at the time) but I kept on taking them after I had my kids. anyway, i hope this review helps.

Make me feel sick


While the good variety of ingredients in these were what swayed me to buy them in the first place, I find that approx. 2 hours after taking these super-huge pills, I'm overcome with a need to vomit and have to concentrate very hard for ~1-2 minutes so I don't. There's no smell that I experience - it seems to just be the pill reacting within my stomach that brings on this terrible nausea. A previous reviewer mentioned this is likely because people who take these are just experiencing morning sickness, but i'm not yet pregnant!


JasamAdelaide, SA

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Great multivitamins


I took these all through my pregnancy & have continued to take them for the last 18 months that I've been breastfeeding. Have never had a problem with any after taste or nausea. I've also never experienced the problem that some reviewers mentioned with the leaking tablets. I found these much easier & cheaper to take than Elevit (which left me nauseous). Especially good value for money when you can quite often pick them up 30-40% off at Priceline or Woolworths.

Holly Y

Holly YMelbourne, Victoria

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yucky reflux aftertaste


Doc recommended I start taking a complete multivitamin from week 12 - I had just been on folate. Bit of a shock going from a tiny tab you could swallow dry to these horse tablets! Managed to swallow with water, but even though I ate before and straight after, still got that iron reflux/burping happening most of the day. My nausea has gone thankfully but can't imagine having these when I was sick. Annoying as they are the best priced and have the right amounts of all the minerals/vitamins etc. Wish they did an iron-free one - I'm not at risk of anaemia so don't really need it.


mummyreviewGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

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Change in formula and/or quality


I took this for my first pregnancy and 11 months of breastfeeding with no issues. Now, however, I'm on my second bottle where the fish oil seems to have leaked out and stinks. It's stained everything bright orange and for the first time I'm suffering daily nausea. After chucking a whole bottle out the first time it happened and being reassured by Swisse it was an uncommon issue, I'm 2/3 through this bottle and it's happened again. Won't be wasting money again!!!
Previous formula good.
Fish oil leaks from capsules making whole container rancid and unusable.

Never again!


Absolutely disgusting! , I thought it was morning sickness making me vomit but It was in fact the Swiss tablets.
Even after vomiting and brushing my teeth the taste still lasts in my mouth all day, I stopped taking them , and felt terrific hadn't vomited, then as soon as I started taking it again I begin vomiting.



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Won't recommend. The capsules leaking


I bought this due to its price and ingredients. I noticed a serious leaking of some yellowish fish oil smell stuff. It's greasy and alk over the capsules container. When I pick it up. My fingers were stained with the yellow stuff. Really disgusting. I wrote to the company. Not for a refund but for feedback. But never heard anything back. Im quite disappointed. I don't think it is a reputable product. It's cheap for a good reason.

Horrible after taste !


The tablets are huge and it has the worst after taste. Was getting constant horrible tasting burps the whole day after taking it in the morning. Almost has a rubbery, mineral taste. The aweful taste had me running to the toilet to throw up. Will never purchase swiss pregnancy tablets again !



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Great vitamin


I decided to try the Swisse pregnancy multi vitamins as they were cheaper and only had to take one tablet compared the Blackmores preconception tablets. Even though the tablet is bigger it is a lot easier than taking two tablets a day and they don't give an after taste that makes me sick. I'll be continuing with Swisse throughout my pregnancy.
Only 1 tablet, cheaper than other brands.

Jaz n Bambi

Jaz n BambiMelbourne

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I can't even swallow these massive tablets!! Waste of money!


I bought these tablets and I send even take them! I am normally good with taking tablets but these are just way too big!!! Swisse should think about their target audience-pregnant women who could very well have morning sickness and vomitting! How are they supposed to actually be able to swallow them?

I'll be writing a complaint letter to swisse demanding a refund since I've now had to spend money buying another brand that are a regular size!!

Tablets way too big to be consumed


Kellylanewestern australia

Horrible after taste makes you sick


I tried this product because it is cheaper then elevit. However feels like its almost stuck in your throat and repeats on you all day to the point that the taste makes me throw up. Not good at all when your already nauseas from pregnancy. I wont be taking these again.
Too big, gross after taste.

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Mook Koh
Mook Koh



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The best pregnancy vitamin.


Before I started taking Swisse I was using Blackmores; however you had to take 2 tablets a day and they were a lot more expensive, not to mention the tablets having a revolting smell!!
Swisse tablets are large, but you only have to take one a day and they have no odor.
Some say it makes you sick, but in fact they make you feel better after taking them for a few weeks because of all the B vitamins it contains, if people are vomiting its because they are pregnant and sometimes you cant help the vomiting.
To sum up, don't buy Blackmores just because you can find them everywhere, look around and find the right vitamin for your needs.
Cheap, only need to take one a day, there is no smell and it helped my all day sickness.



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Has everything you need


This product has a smooth coating with no horrible taste that makes it easy to take when morning sickness starts. It contains everything for a healthy pregnancy like iodine magnesium iron folic acid lots of B vitamins and Omega plus much much more
No horrible taste
Is somewhat of a large tablet



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good if they didnt make me vomit.


I really wanted to like these as I like Swisse vitamins and the price is really good. It may just be me and it didn't happen every time but these made me vomit out of the blue.
Some days i would be fine, other times end up with head in the toilet bowl.
Did everything instructions said " ie have with meal" and I was still sick.
Tablets are quite big and have a distinctive smell, you cant break them in half as they are capsules.

Moved onto elevit and haven't looked back.
tablets very big, make me vomit occasionally.



Swisse is a well recognised brand. Have been taking this for weeks now and feel great! Unlike other brands, swisse offers exactly what i need.
The price, and feeling great.

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naomi g.

naomi g.asked

hello I have just recently started taking these multivitamins and haven't gotten my period yet which I waited just incase I might be late im always never late took a pregnancy test that came up negative has any had this dilemma with this product?

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Dahlia Z.

Dahlia Z.asked

The vitamin contain selenium. Is it safe during pregnancy?

No answers



Can i take eventhough i'm not pregnant

2 answers

Yes you sure can! I used this as a prenatal and am continuing to take it now that I am pregnant :)

Hina S.
Hina S.

Its been 8 yrs am ttc can i take this multivitamin??

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