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Swisse Rose Hip Facial Moisturiser

Swisse Rose Hip Facial Moisturiser

4.7 from 21 reviews

Amazing, and cheap.

Okay, so I have to start off by saying that I´ve spent years and loads of money on different brands and most of them have been expensive and ineffective. I tried Swisse for the first time a few weeks ago, and I can honestly say that it´s the best brand for my skin, ever! My skin feels so fresh and clean, a feeling I haven´t felt for a long time. The best part is, that it´s dirt-cheap too. The rose hip facial moisturizer is amazing, it´s light but it also brings enough moisture for my dry/combination. I use the Olive leaf gel cleanser to wash my face and then the rose hip moisturizer. I can also highly recommend their Manuka Honey mask 2-3 times a week. In love with this brand!

Not for Sensitive Skin

I purchased this yesterday after reading all the great reviews. I have very sensitive skin. I used a very small amount as advised in several reviews. Within a minute I had a burning sensation. Today my face is red, tender, patchy. I have now checked the ingredient deck and the last two ingredients are Benzyl Alcohol & Dehydroacetic acid (both known to cause skin irritations). Even though the amounts would be very small being the last two ingredients for some of us this is still a big problem. If you have very sensitive skin I would not recommend using this. It smells lovely the texture is nice, but I should have read the ingredients before I purchased. The packaging is misleading - 'What we leave out: Harmful chemicals, preservatives- Benzyl alcohol is a preservative.

Best Value Moisturiser on the market

I've been using it for years now and am over 70 and still find it really great to keep my skin soft and hopefully stop those wrinkles! It is great value and, in my opinion, performs just as well as those overpriced moisturisers from many well known brands and I love the soft rose perfume.

Love this stuff!

My skin loves this stuff & drinks it in, I don't find it oily at all & I have had problems with oily moisturises in the past. I do have dry & what would be considered "mature" skin, but this product seems to be adding the moisture back. There's so many skin care products out there, some don't don't work &/or are outrageously expensive, so to find something that does work & is really affordable is great.

Best moisturiser I've ever used! Completely changed my skin!

The absolute best moistureiser money can buy!
My skin is extremely dry and no other moisturiser I've used before has left my skin feeling as soft, dewy and hydrated as this product. This moisturiser has evened out my skin tone, I hardly ever get a pimple, and my skin feels hydrated for 24hr

Not my moisturiser!

Bought after reading all the positive reviews, but am very disappointed. It smells nice, but leaves an unpleasant feeling on the skin, like there's a thin film on it, makes me want to wash my face again. Also causes breakouts, I tested it several times. Will have to throw away

I love this moisturiser!

I was looking for a natural/organic moisturiser and found this - best part it's super adorable. It's not 100% organic but it is free of all the usual nasties like parabens and phalates. It feels amazing, is non greasy and keeps my skin hydrated all day and until the next morning. I would definitely recommend this.

Love this range of products

This cream and the face oil are the best two products I've ever used on my skin. They leave your skin feeling soft for 24 hours and are fantastic as a face primer under normal makeup. Gentle and great on sensitive, cracked dry skin, on the face or all over your body and it's natural. I have thrown all my other products and only use this now.

Dewy soft

Have been using for 3 weeks & it's the best moisturiser I've tried. A little bit goes a long way, it soaks in & feels non greasy. My skin feels soft & dewy to touch all day. Even straight out of the shower the next morning, my skin feels soft & not at all dry, before I reapply for the day. Love the smell, great price, easy to buy on sale. Only negative is no spf. I will try the swisse moisturiser with spf in summer. It didn't have the wow reviews this one has though.

My go to moisturiser

I use this moisturiser day and night, i have quite dry skin, especially after a shower and this lasts the whole day and the whole night. Honestly could not live without it ! The best !! Would love to try there other skin products

A Fantastic Product!

I am so happy my daughter put me on to this cream. It is by far the best face cream I have ever used.
I have fair skin and a keen gardener so my skin needs a good moisturiser and this is the one I'll stick with.

Great moisturiser

I recently bought this moisturiser because it was half price. I am completely shocked at how good it is for the price. My skin feels very well moisturised and the product smells beautiful.
I will be buying it again.


i just get married and all of sudden acne grew all over my forehead and jaws. It must be hormonal things and i was so stressed for few months as the products that i was using didn't help to clear those blemishes. So i went to drugstore and saw this was very excited to try as it is a natural product. I bought few others on the same brand. After few weeks wearing it, my skin was 90% clear from acne. Just some that pop ups at a time of the month. I was so happy and this will be my fav and must-have-daily-routine product! it smells good to! love!

Great for oily skin!!

I have oily skin and have to be very careful what moisturiser I use to make sure my face doesn't look like an oil slick. Saw this on the shelf and picked it up on a whim. Have been using for two weeks morning and night and have beautiful soft non-oily calm skin.

Acne sufferes dream!

Went from raging red, inflamed skin to baby smooth calm skin. Everyone has noticed & asks me what I use. Will continue using forever - as I now can leave the house without masses of foundation!!! And I smell like a dream!


I love it. Makes my dry skin feel so soft and smooth (: Also, it's all natural and smells real nice. I would recommend it for anyone looking for a face moisturizer.

Very nice on the skin

The product is very good - Swiss Rose Hip Moisturiser feels the same as the most expensive brands on the market and it is very affordable - I am very happy with this product and I am looking forward in trying the other Swisse products.

Love it !!!

I love this product! Combined with the sweet almond cream cleanser my skin looks and feels soft and radiant-and I'm 58 years old! My daughter has used this for a while and I only used it when I ran out of my own (4 times the price) moisturiser.. Couldn't believe how inexpensive it is at around $7 at chemist warehouse.. It's light and non greasy and a little goes a long way so even better value.. Even better it's all natural.

Night two and I'm in love!!!

I purchased this yesterday. I used it last night and I could already notice a difference this morning. I have normal to dry skin. It smells amazing and my skin soaks it right up. My skin is radiant and smooth! The olive leaf gel cleanser is also a great product too!

Smells good, feels good

I just bought this today for a good price of $10. I love knowing its natural and good for my skin, it also smells really nice. i have normal/dry skin with occasional breakouts, and this feels promising :) makes my skin look nice too.

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Rose Hip Facial Moisturiser
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