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It works!


Every now and then we have a couple of hours between patients, even if I'm still busy doing normal clinic duties, all I can think about is food. I take two tablets in the morning, just with water and I don't feel hungry all day, I do make sure I eat lunch though and it will last me through till dinner!
That the product actually worked

uni snacking is over.


Even though it is day 2 for me. I'm not snacking or packing in food as much as I have, especially when at uni! im intrigued to see how the next 2 weeks goes with the rest of the 28 tablets i have left. hopefully ill also begin to lose weight more easily with healthy diet n excercise. Its encouraged me to eat better.
makes me actually feel full
can feel a little headachey.

Sandra Bains

Sandra BainsSydney

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Stops hunger


This really works - Working great!! Take one straight away when you wake up, te other at 4pm (no later or you will be up all night) definatley noticed changes in hunger- feel bloated at night time but definatley not eating as much! I get this online from holistichealthandbeautyshop.com and have taken it for over 12 months now.
It works!



100% HAPPY!!!!


I read about this product on the Internet first then thought I'd try it. I am extremely satisfied that this works. I've had no side effects just boundless amounts of energy and a feeling of fullness. I take two pills in the morning and this sets me for the day. I might even resort to one pill a day after a couple of weeks. I stopped drinking coffee and now only stick to water and green tea. This is my opinion on this product and I'm guessing everyone would react differently etc. I believe people should try this out for themselves, then be their own judge. I've only been taking this product for two days now. Looking forward to Summer 2013. Lol
Energy, the feeling of fullness, nil side effects.



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It seems to be working... so far

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Hi Alva, just wondering if it ended up working for you on a long term basis?



Definitely Works


My friend reccomended and it worked for me


A friend at work was using them and gave me one about 9 oclock and when it came to break time at 10oclock normally im hungry and craving coffee i found i could do without both. i went to buy it but at coles it was 49.99 which i think is very pricy
no hunger



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Swisse Ultiboost Appetite Suppressant


Didnt help me at all. I found that it did not curb my appetite and I was disappointed, especially with the hype that surrounded it when it first came out. I bought a couple of pots of this product when it was on sale and I thought it may help. I was disappointed really.

It is expensive and did nothing to curb the appetite. Dont bother

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It does not work, don't bother it couldn't be further away from a diet suppressant a glass of water will do more, only duromine works.



Positive Stick with it.


I have been taking this for about a week now and I can definately feel the reduction in hunger and cravings. For me it took a few days to feel the effect so don't give up after one day. I have stopped eating in between meals and am eating reduced portions. I am going on a overseas holiday in 6 weeks so I would really like to loose 4-5kg before I go. Everyone will have a difference of opinion, but for me I think it worked quite well. At the end of the day there is no magic pill, but some appetite suppressants can really help.


PhilomenasgirlGold Coast

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Didn't notice a difference


I have to say i didn't feel any different, maybe on occasion i felt less hungry, but i think it was just coincidence. they are terribly expensive as well, although I managed to get mine quite a bit cheaper off discount vitamins express.com.au for $12.76 for 30 tablets which i thought was a good way to try it out. they tablets are small and green, easy to swallow, but personally i didn't feel they had enough of an effect for me to ever consider purchasing them again. Hope this helps somebody out there.

expensive, ineffective

Done nothing for me


It states to take one tablet 30 mins before a meal twice a day, I did but felt it did nothing for me, in fact I was starving. Quite expensive also at $37 a bottle. I'm not sure how long they take to kick in (days/weeks) but I won't be buying them again.
Easy to take

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Louisa May
Louisa May

I took these tablets after seeing them on tv.I took 3 a day for two weeks and didn't notice any change in how I was feeling. These tablets are expensive, don't waste your money!



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Positive results!


I've been taking these for two months now and have dropped from a size 12 jean to a size 8. I noticed a difference within 3 week, and now only need to take 1 in the morning to last all day. You have to combine with healthier eating obviously, more protein, less carbs, more veges etc... But I do still eat chocolate and icecream and the occasional take away. I've had no side effects.
Easy to take and Woolworths have it 50% off regularly making it only $15 for 30 pills.

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Val Stanford

Val Stanfordasked

Does it increase your blood pressure

1 answer
Val Stanford
Val Stanford

Does this product increases blood pressire

Preet B.

Preet B.asked

Would this be safe to consume while breast feeding ?

No answers



Has anyone found that the “hunger control” Swisse has made you put on weight?
I just bought a bottle but I’m scared to take it like how doesn’t it work? Does it pack on the pounds so it reduce stress hunger?

No answers

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