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Swisse Chlorophyll

Swisse Chlorophyll

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GregGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

  • 4 reviews

Rubbish product


The current formula does not deserve my $1 for the product, in fact I have thrown 2 brand new bottles in a rubbish bin where they belong, I lack words to describe how terrible the current formula is ... will not buy again ever, please stay clear from this product as it is TERRIBLE. If I were paid to design a terrible product probably I would come up with something like that.

Purchased in November 2019.

Effective Within Did not work
Side Effects None

So Dissapointed!


I Paid $25 for this only to find it contains 2% Chlorophyll extract, preservatives and sugar!!! I should have read the bottle, but was in a hurry! The full bottle went in the bin.

Purchased in November 2019 for $25.00.

John C Blendman

John C BlendmanGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

  • 2 reviews

What is this rubbish?


Chlorophyll is, as it says on the bottle, a “powerful green pigment”, yet this can hardly turn the water green, whereas it used to go almost black. This is not what the doctor ordered. Consumers are being taken for stooges. Not buying again. Well done Swisse...imbeciles. Rip off.

Purchased in May 2019 at Chemist Warehouse for $16.00.

Effective Within Did not work
Jenny W

Jenny WSydney, NSW



Stored for some time in the cupboard, but not out of date. Thought it had settled and kept shaking. Poured it out into a jug and couldn't see the rich chlorophyll colour. Not happy Jan. Got on line as hadn't realised they've changed the formula. Will try and source a better product.

Purchased in September 2018.

Effective Within Did not work



  • Verified purchase

Changed formula no good


I too have been taking this Swisse Chlorophyll for many years and since they’ve changed the formula it does seem watered down, less minty and yes why add sweetener?? Not happy Jan, I too will be changing brands


LindaVarsity Lakes

Not happy with the change in forumla


I think the new formula tastes less minty and more sweet. I definitely do not want more sugar in my diet. When I asked the pharmacist all they could say is "its just a new formula and none of the benefits have changed" ?? I will be changing brands.

not happy

not happyMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

  • 3 reviews

Totally different


I was good on the old chlorophyll but not the new one I will have to switch brands so when this happens it is not true chlorophyll it's just a little bit mixed in with other ingredients that make the product ineffective.



Why add wheat and gluten? Why water down and use artificial sweetener? Sorry but I want natural ingredients as nature intended! Terrible product. Won't be buying again, to be sure.

not good


there must be a new person within the company with lack of knowledge,absolute rubbish,the previous stuff was good why change it,it is very apparent that some one is trying to give the company a bad reputation



Not happy with the revised liquid chlorophyll formula


I've been taking Swisse liquid chlorophyll for quite some time now but I'm not at all satisfied with the revised formula. It appears watered down and insipid. It also now contains Sucralose which has a questionable history. Find it difficult to believe that a company such as Swisse would think that this terrible product would be acceptable to consumers. Sorry Swisse, I won't be repurchasing!

Not happy harvey norman

Not happy harvey normanSouth Australia

  • 2 reviews

Liquid Chlorophyll


Liquid Chlorophyll they call it when really it's water with food colouring. Does nothing, watered down, a waste of money switch brands. Insult to customers putting this garbish on shelves.

Gary H

Gary HBrisbane

Swisse Chlorophyll


I thought it was just a bad bottle then I bought another. It’s rubbish. After using it for years, no more. Gone and finished. Watered down - disgraceful really disappointing

Liquid chlorophyll


What happened?
Swisse has never been good with their concentrate in vitamins but their liquid chlorophyll was ok...until now...it’s rubbish how can they get away with it, its like water coloured with green food colouring.



  • 2 reviews

New Chlorophyll liquid has a revolting taste.


I have used the old formula for many years and was disappointed at being unable to source a supply of the product for many months. I now know why. Stocks were depleted so they could introduce this new disgusting formula to the shelves. Sadly in inferior product and they have lost a loyal customer.

Disappointed One

Disappointed OnePerth

  • 3 reviews

Swisse have sunk to low level


It's blatant robbery now, and that's all. What was good has been replaced by what is extremely harmful. All I've got to say is that they don't really care about US. They have sunk to the pride of the $ at the expense of their customers. Goodbye Swisse, even if you fix it. How can we trust you now?

Disappointed Customer


I had used the old formulation for years! I found that formulation assisted with my over all well being associated with internal health. This new formulation does nothing for me and is an absolute waste of my money. You removed the Spirulina powder and now this. I will be switching all my nutritional supplements to a new company. Goodbye Swisse



Chuck it and switch to another brand!


I most definitely agree with all the negative reviews of the new recipe plus it now contains wheat and gluten - another reason to chuck it and switch to another brand.

Ben W

Ben WSydney, NSW

  • 6 reviews

Reforumulation is Awful - and Beware of Sucralose: Artificial Sweetener


I miss the green water


The new recipe does nothing, the old version was my secret weapon against hangovers (honestly worked so well) and there was certain satisfaction in drinking the almost black drink. Now its not the same,my water is clear just like my mind on the decision to swap brands

Disappointed customer


Used to religiously buy the liquid was a great product , new formula doesn't even compare no benefits at all. No longer buying... Disappointed they had to mess with such a great product... Work in a pharmacy discussed with a Swiss Rep now using different ingredients...

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Questions & Answers

Mr Smith

Mr Smithasked

Dear product review and Swisse reps - I too have been disappointed with the new(ish) Swisse Chlorophyll formula - it is nowhere near as "effective" as the old thicker formula. There are many on this site that have been saying the same but I have yet to see a reply to any of the questions. So.... perhaps we haven't been asking directly. This is a question in the box that seems to imply one will get a response - yes please - I and many others would like to know if we can get the old product back. Over......

No answers

Denise N

Denise Nasked

Has anyone found a quality liquid chlorophyll to replace the new Swiss Liquid Chlorophyll that is as good as the old Swiss Liquid Chlorophyll please

No answers



Why why why.... why change the formula when it was perfectly okay???? Lisa

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