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can I use Swisse chlorophyll liquid mixed berry flavour - expiry dated August 2017 Or should I throw it out.

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Mr Smith
Mr Smithasked

Dear product review and Swisse reps - I too have been disappointed with the new(ish) Swisse Chlorophyll formula - it is nowhere near as "effective" as the old thicker formula. There are many on this site that have been saying the same but I have yet to see a reply to any of the questions. So.... perhaps we haven't been asking directly. This is a question in the box that seems to imply one will get a response - yes please - I and many others would like to know if we can get the old product back. Over......

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Denise N
Denise Nasked

Has anyone found a quality liquid chlorophyll to replace the new Swiss Liquid Chlorophyll that is as good as the old Swiss Liquid Chlorophyll please

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Why why why.... why change the formula when it was perfectly okay???? Lisa

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Julie D
Julie Dasked

Has anyone noticed that it's changed? It's nowhere near as good as the old one, not potent enough. I have to take three or four times asmuch to get anywhere near the benefit I used to...

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Yes it's totally diluted now. Certainly not a improvement on the old product which I loved. Sad that a good brand like Swisse can damage their credibility overnight. What other "improvements" have they made to the rest of their products? Hope that they see "short term" economical gains will undermine the "long term" trust in their brand. Praying they will bring back the old formula...

Julie D
Julie D

I'm terribly disappointed as I'd been taking the strong stuff for years!! I'm strongly thinking of starting an online petition to get them to change it back.

Joesphine T
Joesphine Tasked

I just bought it June/2017,but the botol label use by July/2017,mean expired date on July/2017????

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If you haven't opened the product and have your receipt, take it back to where you bought it and exchange it. Always check the "use by" dates on products before purchasing them. If you bought it online, I would take a photo of the bottle showing the use by date, as well as proof of purchase, and email it to the Customer Service Department, requesting a replacement.

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