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Swisse Ultiboost Magnesium

Swisse Ultiboost Magnesium

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Big tablets do the job


Taken for sleep. I take one magnesium 15 mins before bed and it brings on a minor sense of sleepiness for about half an hour. It works, but no better than other brands. As the tablets are uncomfortably big and hard to swallow, I will switch to another brand for magnesium as these do not work any better or worse than other brands, which id hoped they would. Causes minor sleepiness.

Purchased in March 2019 at Coles Supermarkets.

Effective Within One day



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Complete waste of money!


I bought the Swisse Magnesium tablets for leg cramps, the cramps don't seem to have lessened but I have had adverse reactions to them as the tablets are making me feel very lethargic and I want to sleep all day. The tablets do NOT assist my energy production as claimed! ...
I also have Diabetes 2 and have medication that keeps it under control.
I am not going to take these tablets anymore. The remaining Swisse Magnesium tablets are going to be flushed down the toilet. Complete waste of money!

So gritty I felt like I'd been to the beach


I've never come across a product designed for ingestion with such poor quality as this. When prepared, the glass bottom is covered with sand-like grit which didn't dissolve. The grit gets in your teeth and you feel like you've had sand kicked in your face. Should it be like this? It doesn't feel like it should as all other powdered preparations I've had have never had this.



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Worst magnesium I have ever purchased


I wish I had read the other reviews prior to purchasing this product. According to the container it is " a premium quality powder formula"? This powder does not dissolve and leaves a heavy sand-like sediment in the bottom of the glass. You end up with a mouthful of grit, very unpleasant feeling. I contacted Swiss but have not heard back yet. Maybe it is a bad batch ? This product is so bad/misleading that I think the customers should get a refund.


RickBusselton WA

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Too big


Swisse Magnesium tablets too big to easily swallow.
If broken in half, there is a very rough edge which could damage the throat.
I will buy a different brand in future.

Worst magnesium I’ve ever purchased


I have tried many brands of magnesium powder in the past, however Swisse Magnesium powder is by far the worst I have ever had. It does not dissolve in water at all and leaves a heavy sand-like sediment at the bottom of the glass that’s impossible to drink. Very disappointed with this product.



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Is this powder really meant to be taken orally?


This powder does not dissolve, even in hot water.
Most of it remains at the bottom of the cup and is like ingesting glass or sand.
I would like a comment from the suppliers.

Feeling weak


Have been taking swisse ultiboost for 4 weeks and from 3 week started feeling weakness in my muscles something I never had before I felt lethargic I now realise it'sthe tablets that are making me sick I also have underective thyroid but with medication had no problem. Helps with pain but makes you weak and sick .I don't recommend this product should take off market.

Swisse Magnesium + Ultraboost


The mixture produced is indeed very grainy. It's also fizzy and tastes unpleasant. It is totally unacceptable. Shall I return it and get my money back? I always have confidence in Australian products but might change my mind now.

Loz C

Loz CGympie

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Not Impressed


Product is grainy doesn't mix well. Directions say mix 2 teaspoons in water etc once mixed you are left with about 2 teaspoons of grains in the bottom of the glass. I have felt no benefits from this product, I do get benefits from BioCeuticals Magnesium powder. Also a rip-off a large container 180 grams you expect it to be reasonably full nope only 1/4 full. Will never buy Swisse products again.


ZoidiePerth, WA

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Misleading information on the label


I completely agree with the review posted by annie13. Magnesium citrate is better used as a laxative! It is not ideal for muscle function support. I think the labeling of this needs to be changed as it is misleading. This made me very nauseous. I did not feel better on Swisse.

Size Of The Magnesium Tablet Is Enormous, More For A Horse Than A Normal Human Being.


I will never ever buy Swisse Magnesium Tablets again. Thy are so huge, even when breaking them in halve, they get stuck in my throat. Absolutely horrible. I bought Blooms Magnesium capsules and they are far superior to the Swisse brand.


mahisiangurlWA, Western Australia

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This definately works, love this product!


I recently turned 40 and decided that I'd be healthier, adjust diet, work out more etc
And added the swisse magnesium vitamin supplement as well, as I had read that magnesium helps with muscle recovery, stress, assist with general well being and bones etc and I can definately say that this product is wonderful and works, I have had more energy, and taking this supplement helps with my pms symptoms too!

Complete Ripoff


Careful, this 180gm container of 11 cm x 8cm diameter you find only 4 cm of magnesium powder.
This is misleading packaging, Swisse,
Will never purchase any of your products again!



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They work!


I took magnesium tablets some years ago, they worked but I stopped taking them because of concern about kidney stones.
Some months ago I started to have bad panic attacks, felt I could not breath, they were horrible, scary.Started taking Swisse magnesium half a tablet a day I am so thankful they work.



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Not working. (One star for clean bowels)

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I just picked them up today as I normally take natures own, which I found worked a treat for me. Hopefully I don't have similar experiences to you! I was a bit anxious buying the swisse products.....

Questions & Answers



I have cramps a lot have diabetes 2. Heart prob three yrs ago and lot of other problems at67 I have abused the body somewhat over the yrs and paying the price I've taken your vitamin supplements and I'd just like to know if the magnesium tabs have an advantage to at least the above I've read what they can relieve and like to think they at least will help?

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Irmgard Kovac
Irmgard Kovac

I also have Diabetes 2 and have heart problems since i had a hip replacement and had problems with it,so that gangrene set in and i spend 4,5 month in hospital.I had been getting a lot of muscle spasms,and i take Magnesium Capsules,Tri-Magnesium Citrate 900mg from Blooms, another company Australian made,as i find the Swisse tablets far toooooo big,more suitable for a horse.I take the Vitamin D from Swisse also on my Heart Specialist order.

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