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Swisse Ultiboost Sleep

Swisse Ultiboost Sleep

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NelFar North Queensland, QLD

  • 2 reviews

Not sure yet


I took 2 an hour ago and expected to feel like going to bed but so far not yet. They might not be a strong enough dose for some people or perhaps our expectations of our are higher than the results. The smell is surprising at first but its not so horrid that you can not take it, it is a smell that resembles grass and strong Chinese herbs. The tablets are long but kind of flat, ie large for some people to swallow. I will review my results again if they improve.

Purchased in October 2019 at Chemist Warehouse for $15.00.

Effective Within Did not work


glenzGoulburn Valley, VIC

  • 2 reviews

Swisse Powder


I have purchase the powder for relaxation of a night time its orange flavour sure did relax me I had a great sleep, only thing is I took it too late and did not want to get out of bed..

Purchased in May 2019 at Chemist Warehouse for $18.99.

Effective Within One day

BrookeSydney, NSW

  • 4 reviews

Didn’t work.


Didn’t work for me. I didn’t feel tired. I’ve always had sleeping problems and thought to give these a try. Really wanted them to have a good effect but I guess everyone is different

Purchased in February 2019 at Woolworths.

Effective Within Did not work
Kels J.

Kels J.South East Queensland, QLD

Helps me fall asleep!


I typically have trouble feeling tired or getting to the actual point of sleeping. If I take two of these they give me nice heavy eyes and send me straight to sleep! The smell is honestly not that bad - just pop them straight in a take them.

Purchased in February 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for $15.00.

Effective Within A week

Vin R.

Vin R.Metropolitan Adelaide, SA

If you could smell a sample of these, you will not be buying it!


I purchased these knowing Swiss’s brand’s high quality. Once opening seal, lid I was repulsed by odour!. If you could smell the tablets beforehand you wouldn’t buy!

Night one (Vick’s Vaporub on nose) took 2 of them to see if they worked. No effect ... just my pee next morning smelled like tablets! Repeated night two, night three ... same result no effect on sleep ... same “embarrassing” pee smell.

Everyone has differing tolerances ... it’s three strikes and you’re out for me!,
No way giving this smell experience to any friend/family. I cannot get my money back on opened products ... I will squash tablets and bin them.

Purchased in January 2019.



  • 7 reviews
  • Verified purchase

Works almost every time


I'm a chronic nightowl and suffer terribly from sleep deprivation so thought I'd give these a try. Yes they do smell awful, but I find they almost always send me into a sound sleeping state and don't make me feel groggy the next morning. I haven't found a problem with feeling dehydrated afterwards as some have. I think these are cost effective and worth every cent having a 90% success rate personally.

Stinky but effective


I have a horrible time falling and staying asleep. With these pills i take two and if i put down all distractions and try to sleep i have an actual chance of that happening, but the biggest change is the fact that i do not wake until morning and if i have to for baby i am able to settle almost immediately back to sleep. This has been such a change after suffering insomnia on and off for years and having a broken sleep due to childen from the last four years its so good to find something that works and doesn't leave you groggy or emotionally drained the next day.

Jo M S

Jo M SPerth, WA

  • 2 reviews

Don’t work


Tried and did absolutely nothing. Kept me more awake. Don’t waste your money, they don’t work, for a couple of dollars more, get a script for melotonin from your doctor....

Works the best!!


As some of the comments I've read, I'm very much in agreeance about the smell! Almost turned me off taking the tablets! If it helps me get a better sleep, which it does then I 100% will work past the smell, and even got my best friend onto them! What an amazing tablet though, relaxed me so much and helped me fall asleep earlier which is what I wanted, and felt very refreshed in the morning too. I love these tablets, I don't take them every night but most nights and they work a charm! I only bought the small container but will definitely be buying more!

Works, albeit hard to get past the nose


As said in previous comments this stuff stinks.
However, found I it about 10x easier to fall asleep after popping 2.

I usually have disjointed sleeps and these didn't change that, but instead of having to wait until I was exhausted to pass out, these put me to sleep within 5-10 minutes of having my eyes closed.

Haven't faced the dehydration problem but I usually have a fair bit of water before bed.

Terrible smell like wet garbage and made my insomnia worse


If it works I wouldn’t complain about the bad smell but I normally fall asleep faster when I don’t take them, took me hours after taking the tablets before I could fall asleep. What a waste of money! I wish I’ve read the reviews before buying this product!

Best Thing Since Sliced Bread!


I love this product and take it when I'm wound up with either worries or just can't settle to sleep maybe in a strange house. I have just bought a big container to have them when I need them. I have no side effects at all otherwise I wouldn't be giving the product full marks. I don't have any long term health conditions just anxiety sometimes, who doesn't? As long as I don't eat anything just before bed or have my computer on an hour or less before this product works great. My mother has tried them but since she has been on prescribed drugs for sleep for so long she didn't notice any sleep change and this is possibly why this product may not have on any effect on those who have had to rely on chemicals.

Terrible smell


Not enough sleep effect to warrant having to put up with that unbelievably bad smell. I have no words to describe why these smell so so terribly. I would seek alternative products

No effect at all.Waste money


I took this for a week and stopped. The relax effect is less than a herb tea and no help sleep at all. I plan to buy swisse sleep For my mum but stopped. Maybe it is advertisement makes it sounds good.

Hard to get this past my nose


These things smell like crap... no headaches to speak of as yet... Will update - after a couple of weeks. Hard to believe these things passed quality control though - they reek - really... Didn't someone smell them???

Slept but woke up dehydrated.


Slept well and didn’t yawn all through out the day as I usually would. Woke up very thirsty.
Had one big sleep and once I woke up I was awake . Preparing my self for early mornings and not looking at the clock every hour. Can’t say I was more motivated to go to work though.

Works Well




  • 3 reviews

Great product


I was skeptical at first about these tablets but after trying them I am definitely sold. They help me drift into a much more relaxing and deeper sleep and have stopped the late night tossing and turning.

Waste of money


Took these in the hopes that I wouldn’t wake up tossing and turning again. Well, surprise, I did. Like 6 times. My body was super duper relaxed, that’s for sure, and I noticed how slow my breathing was but I couldn’t achieve sleep. Tonnes of yawning. Usually I fall to sleep within 5 minutes of any video I’m watching but couldn’t even achieve that because I could only yawn. Please do not waste your money thinking these will help you sleep.



  • 5 reviews



I dont have an issue sleeping well that be said the one laying next to me keeps me up... So Swisse to the rescue!
Persevere past the aromatic smell on opening the container but y husband has been taking these for just over a week now. Usually he falls asleep on his chair goes to bed and wakes after an hour!
Thanks to these little miracles he has been getting at least 4 - 6 hours sleep a night THANK YOU means i can get my 8 hours

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I took one and fell asleep quickly but woke up during the night with a headache. Gave it a break for 1 night and tried again, this time I slept until the alarm woke me up, but woke with a headache again. Do you possible think I am allergic to one of the ingredients. Would be interested in knowing if someone else has the same problem.

No answers

Leigh P.

Leigh P.asked

I fall asleep ok..but then wake up 2 hours or so later,and struggle to get back to sleep.
I've just taken a 'Swisse sleep 'tablet ..hoping it will help.
Does anyone know if its ok to take it, if also taking anti-depressant medication (which I take earlier in the day )
Im so sick of being awake in the middle of the night (like now )
Thanks in advance ..

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Can this blend of relax and sleep have the opposite effect in some people.

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