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Swisse Women's Ultivite

Swisse Women's Ultivite

2.6 from 56 reviews

Miracle !

I cannot believe how good these are I have been suffering with hair loss / thinning hair for many years I’ve tried numerous products and supplements nothing worked but within 2 month of taking these vitamins it started to come back and my over all health has greatly improved my fatigue has lifted yes I have the bright coloured urine but that is such a small price to pay for the benefits these vitamins have turned my life around will never take another supplement only these.Thank you Swisse

Purchased in November 2018.

Effective Within More than a month

Tablets are too large, dissatisfied

These tablets are very hard to swallow, took one this morning and feels like it’s still stuck in my throat, terrible after taste. Swiss should make the tablets smaller, I would rather take 2 smaller ones than 1 huge one. I’ve been on them for 3 weeks, but I had a week’s break, now back on them but because of the large size tablet, not sure I want to continue taking them. Also, I didn’t notice an improvement of my tiredness in the 2 weeks I was on them. I won’t be buying them again, dissatisfied

Purchased in February 2019 for $20.00.


I decided to take multivitamins to relieve my stress and get some energy but on the first day I found myself feeling extremely exhausted and nauseous. Yellow wee too. Just found out its not just me with the bad experience

Purchased in January 2019 at Coles Supermarkets.

Effective Within Did not work

Terrible experience

After one hour I felt sick in my stomach. I was nauseous and exhausted for the whole day - my urine was horribly horribly yellow. I will not take another tablet.

Purchased in February 2019 for $14.00.

Make me feel very ill

I had vet terrible time after taking one tablet, lasting for many days. Bad headaches and
Uncomfortable stomach. Very bad product, waste of money.

New life for me

I have suffered with really bad skin condition when I go out in the sun big nasty blisters , couldn't believe it totally disappeared when I started taking these vitamins, amazing I'm so happy my skin has never been so good

Swisse multi vitamins

I started taking this due to constantly feeling flat but since starting taking this product my energy levels have increased by a great amount I don't feel as tired or flat I am glad I found such a quality product I would recommend this product to any potential buyer.

Not good

When I went to write this review I was kind of thinking ‘oh I just be the only one’ but reading reviews I was surprised to see similar experiences.

I started taking these before having IVF egg collection just to make sure I was in A+ condition but found after a few days I was feeling really crook in the guts and really nauseous so I had to stop taking (I did take them with food ect as directed). My wee was also yellow.

Waste of money because 6 months later they are still sitting in the cardboard collecting dust.

Mood and Energy Lift

Was suffering from chronic fatigue & low mood, these have helped me to some degree, maybe the vitamin D in them is helping. First time I have ever taken multi vitamin before, so it is a nice surprise to be feeling better.

terrible vitamin

After taking this one feeling terrible. urine was very yellow..dizzy i was almost fallen in shopping center. was bed all day couldn't go to work either..terrible decision to buy..just wastage of money..

Never felt so tired

I decided to take these vitamins as I was a little tired. Big big mistake , I was feeling so very tired on these tablets, didn't want to do house work , felt so sick and had heart palpitations , also felt dizzy and had indigestion . My wee was a bright yellow. I stopped takeing them and within two days felt a lot better, more energy. I asked my daughter what vitamins was she on , she was on the same, and believe it or not she felt the same as I did , we have now put them in the bin.

Neon yellow urine

Only been taking for two days when I got the shock of my life. My urine had turned bright neon yellow. Think the colour of the "mountain dew" fizzy drink bottle. Very scary to see.


Seen this on tv and thought cool might give it a go. Everyday since been feeling weary and nauseous. So I've done a Google search and found there's people like me.

Bad reaction

Only took 3 doses - taken with breakfast - suffered diarrhoea and vomiting - first time in years I have thrown up. Will not be using the rest - an expensive mistake - should have researched more instead of believing the ads !!
However have spoken to others who use the product and they have had no problems!!

Nauseous and feeling flat

These tablets have made me nauseous. I Stopped taking them and felt better. Started taking them again and felt nauseous again. I will not be taking any more of these tablets.

Swisse Ultivite Multivitamin

3 days in, take them in the morning after breakfast, within the hour have very strange heart palpitations which last a good couple of hours, I have to associate it with taking the vitimins as I've never experienced this before.

I feel better on swisse

I'm only 2 months in but honestly I do feel better, I feel the difference in the way I feel and how much more energy I have! So far I love the difference it's made even on my day to day stress.

Cons, the tablets smell terrible.

Haven't felt sick

I have only been taking for 2 weeks. They are a bit big to swallow but i haven't felt sick at all. Maybe too early to say if any effects working.


I rely on this product. Even though you try to have a healthy lifestyle stress such as shift work wears you down. Why not supplement a healthy diet with Swiss to make sure you are the best you can be?

Wow I can't believe all the bad reviews!

I've been taking this product on and off for about 20 years. If I go off it for a few months I become irritable, fatigued and can't sleep, so I go back on it. Not sure what I'd do without it. It doesn't surprise me that they make some people nauseous - taking just B vitamins with no fillers can do that so any multi which actually packs a punch is likely to. I always take it during a meal to avoid feeling nauseous afterwards.

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Questions & Answers

How to recover from bad stomach after having swiss multivitamin for women?
1 answer
Stop taking it and should get better.

I have just purchased the swisse multi vitamin for women. What health benefit shall i get with taking these?
3 answers
You could be ok taking these tablets, they made me and my daughter quite ill, I would not take them againNo side effects for me but I take them after eating. I have noticed I have slightly more energy & my mood seems a little better. I will continue taking themi wont be buying the product again

Is there any side effect taking swiss womens ultivite multivitamins & cipramil?
1 answer
I only took the women's multi vits don't know about any other tablet, because I was so ill on the multi vits wouldn't try anything else.

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