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Amazing service

Super impressed with the service I received - I enquired via Facebook message and was promptly followed up with a phone call from Adam. He gave me a great deal and kept in touch through the whole process, letting me know tracking numbers etc. Will definitely be back!

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Very bad service

Brought from this place and was sent broken item and when contacted them was spoken to like rubbish and sworn at by them and finally told i would not get a refund as they don’t do refunds avoid this place they just rip you off.

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Avoid buying from this online company

My husband ordered a product weeks ago they took the money out quick smart weeks past still no delivery....contacted on 3 occasions saying we dont know whats happened.....rang today still no one knows whats happened ...... Oh but we are so good we will offer you a refund like you are doing us a favour. Going to report to ACCC ....... Not sure if we will see our money again but I repeat DO NOT order from this company just go to a shop and purchase at least you will get your product ...customer service terrible then the woman says to me is there anything else I can help you with....dont know how companys like this stay around.

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Worst Customer Service!

I have purchased an item on the 5th of September and it said i will receive it within 2-5 business days and it’s the 19th of September and i have not received anything. Everyday I call them to see what is going on and i get a different person every day saying they don’t know whats going on. Worst customer service ever and i will not be using Sydney Tools ever again. Unreliable & clueless.
It shouldn’t be called Sydney tools it should be called Sydney’s idiots.
The workers are the real tools.

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Shipping of items at Sydney Tools

I purchased an in stock item on the 7th September.
I have received invoices and tax receipts in hours of purchase.
Also an email telling me I will receive shipping information within the next day or so. As yet still no shipping information, I have made contact and all I got was you should have information in the next day or so, we are sorry we have had a sale on !!!!!!!! REALLY.. maybe try employing some more staff and run a business efficiently.

Not good enough if your not ready to ship maybe you shouldn’t take the payment until you are. Over $1000 and not even a shipping number after 5 days.

Very poor service Sydney tools

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Run around!

Don't order on-line from Sydney Tools!!!!!!!!! They take your money when they don't have the stock, they have given me the run around for 6 WEEKS!!!!!!! I've been lied to over and over again!!!! I'm fed up, had enough!!!!!

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Hi Tony, We apologise sincerely for the issues you have experienced with this transaction. To assist me in looking into this further, it would be appreciated if you could please provide me with your invoice number or order number. I await your response.

Pleasantly Surprised

After shopping around I found a petrol lawnmower for my Husband on their site, as I am in Perth and was worried after reading reviews that It might be a while before it arrived, well it arrived in less than a week and exactly as described, Excellent value for money, highly recommend

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online experience quite poor and lies from staff

ordered angle grinder online but they failed to notify me that the item is indeed obsolete. I called instore to get an eta and from 3 different staff members each told me they will reorder one from Sydney to get sent down to Melbourne. Lies or lack of care from staff is never a good sign for a good business. Called up for a 4th time only to be told they can no longer get those and with their refund policies i will probably wait forever to get one i decided to go in store and just pick a different brand that they have on the shelf and paid the difference. the only saving grace for me was that once instore most of the staff are fairly attentive.

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All the negative reviews are right

I placed an order 12 days ago and I have not received anything so far. My four emails requesting for an eta have not been responded to. A call with the customer service and was told there would be a tracking number provided in a couple of days, which never happens. I think Sydney Tools should make it clear at checkout that delivery date will be unknown so customers can make an informed decision. Right now, I don't know if I will be receiving my goods in a week or three months. I have done hundreds of online transactions both locally and overseas and I have never seen anything like this before.

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Update: 19 days, five emails and one phone call later, I still have no tools. I received an email 13 days after ordering saying the order has been shipped. 6 days later, Australia Post delivered the Air Blow Gun but not the Air Compressor and Air Hose Kit. I have sent an email to Sydney Tools requesting them to clarify what have been sent. I suspect I won't be getting a response any time soon and there will be a lot of stressful time ahead arguing about what has been sent and who is responsible for the missing items.

Online unresponsive and unreliable

Placed a special order 3 weeks ago with Sydney Tools but never heard anything from them since. Sending them emails is pointless. It certainly wasted my time and only adds to the frustration. As didn't get a response to any of my 3 emails over last 4 days requesting an update I tried calling their sales line. Expect to wait 10 min or more. After eventually getting through I was promised an email with delivery details. That email unsurprisingly never eventuated. Stay away form their online sales. Its not working. I will soon need to see about a chargeback via my credit card to recover funds. What a waste of time and effort, for nothing.

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Hi, Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to learn of your experience and that you are less than satisfied with the service. To assist us in having this resolved/addressed, we would appreciate if you could reply with an invoice number and any additional information. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience/frustration this may have caused. We look forward to having this resolved. Kind Regards Jacinta

Great in store but terrible online

Delivery from online orders are slow. Communication is poor with regards to tracking delivery and customer service keeps you waiting on the phone for a very long time and never got back to me with tracking info. Clearly they are under staffed.
Advice- shop in store only as the service is far superior.

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Now up to 6 business days and haven't been sent any tracking details. Called customer service and they couldn't even tell me if the order had been sent yet but they did say that there was a 5 day processing time. Not whats advertised on website for 2 items supposedly in stock.

Good service thank you tony

Tony was helpful and quick to get back to me with the answers I was chasing cheers tony talk soon

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No such thing as free shipping

Free shipping only applies to capital cities, no indication of clause upon purchase. They took my money, and waited 10 days to tell me they don't do free freight even tho it's advertised on their website as free freight over $99.

When I asked why it had taken so long to contact me regarding this, I was lied to and told they had been trying to contact myself for a week. A quick check of the call log on my phone confirmed the unacceptable lies.

Offered me a refund, except refunds are only done on Wednesday so will have to wait another week to see if I will get a refund, even though it's their stuff up for false advertising on their website.

Even with their free freight to capital cities, it can be cancelled at any time, according to the clause in the fine print. They should change the website banner from saying free freight to "freight calculated 10 days after checkout and payment"

Some of the worst service I have ever received, even without the lies. Will not be dealing with again, that's for sure.

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Reneged On Free Freight Offer

I purchased a compressor online which included free freight as per their ad, the order was accepted after I entered a WA address. One week later Sydney tools rang to inform me they would not honour the advertised free freight.
Guess its time to shop elsewhere

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Worst ever company !! Terrible !!

Sydney Tools is the worst ever company I have dealt in my life, for these following reasons:-

1. Placed the order to reserve an item, despite I requested then to pay a partial deposit they insisted full amount, which was paid straight away.
2. On the date of delivery- it was not delivered and there were no updates from them.
3. Chased several people and on several times, I was informed that the stock was not available, no one even confirmed the date when the item would be available.
4. Placed the same item from USA and within a week it was delivered, so requested Sydney Tools for a full refund as I bought the item elsewhere and was not happy with the lack of communication and Poor Customer Services from Sydney Tools.
5. Kept on chasing for the refund and spoke to various staffs/ department several times but till date (over 9 months) I have not yet receive the refund.
6. Spoke to my bank, they even confirmed that Sydney Tools needs to put my card number to process a refund, informed that to Sydney Tools.
7. Paid bank charges as the money was not received in my account as promised by Sydney Tools.
8. Been chasing for my money for 9 months via email and phone calls to various people and departments.
9. Wasted over 50 hours of my time, for what ??? Just to simply place an order to purchase an item from Sydney Tools? Was that my mistake??

The whole experience has been very stressful and I will find it very difficult to trust Sydney Tools to purchase and items in the future as they kept on failing to provide a basic customer service.
I am shocked and saddened with such a poor customer service.

Sydney Tools has damaged their reputation but also for other companies who genuinely operate from Australia as I do not have confidence buying any items from Australia anymore.

I have requested several times about their official complaints procedure but no one has provided that information either.

I am really concerned that Sydney Tools is a genuine company!!

It’s not about the money, which won’t matter even if I don’t receive it from Sydney Tools but it’s about the principle and customer service which your company kept on failing to provide.

It’s better to buy a product from Asia, Africa or even from the Poorest nation in the world because somehow they provide Customer Services and care for their customers unlike Sydney Tools who are not even Competent enough to be in Business.

Your company is a Disgrace and damaging the Reputation of Australia!!!

Yogesh (London UK)

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Good prices, worst customer service i have ever had

Good prices, worst customer service i have ever had. had a problem with a tool 4 days after it arrived and they told me it wasnt their problem and sent me on my way

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Brandnew Lawnmower

Excellent price and service. Will use again. Have a big variety of stuff for sale and at good prices and value.

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Introduction of new online verification system slows order delivery

Place recent online order only to discover introduction of new transaction verification system for credit card payments - mine was for only $45 AUD, with is split into 2x unequal parts, the amount of each must be entered to complete the purchase immediately. Only problem is that my credit card provider didn't display transactions until the next day, by then I was unable to reopen online order to update with it with required details. Phoned advertised number on web page only to be given another number for online sales, after a couple of tries got through & supplied necessary information. Order updated as "verified" but also still shown as credit card processing - so monies cleared & approved but order stalled in limbo still no movement after 3 days, with no response to my email enquiry.
Update order finally arrived almost 2x weeks after buying & 1x week after processing, still no reply to my complaint - so rating remains at 2x stars!

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So bad ---


So slow Orders take weeks. .... without hearing anything

Have to chase yourself

Bad quality products


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Poor Service

I Ordered a Dewalt combo kit online. It took them 10 days to tell me its out of stock. But the truth is they are selling the drill and drive separately and at a higher price.Shame on them. Will never shop there again.

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Hi there, I placed order in store pick up one month ago but didn't receive any notification for picking up. Order no ST304551. Could you please track it?
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Why is Sydney tools customer service so poor, they are misleading claiming to have sent items purchased at a particular time when its blatantly obvious they have not. It should not take just on 2weeks to receive your in stock item, that's appalling, what's more who wants to be told it has been sent more than once when clearly it has not, and why does it take a phone call 5 days post purchase to remind you to send the item in the first place. It's pathetic! I buy on the net regularly 3 days from Sydney if it's sent promptly not 11 or 12.
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