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Hi there, I placed order in store pick up one month ago but didn't receive any notification for picking up. Order no ST304551. Could you please track it?
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Why is Sydney tools customer service so poor, they are misleading claiming to have sent items purchased at a particular time when its blatantly obvious they have not. It should not take just on 2weeks to receive your in stock item, that's appalling, what's more who wants to be told it has been sent more than once when clearly it has not, and why does it take a phone call 5 days post purchase to remind you to send the item in the first place. It's pathetic! I buy on the net regularly 3 days from Sydney if it's sent promptly not 11 or 12.
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Can I Pay Chueque in sydney tools?
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We accept cheque but goods won't be released until funds have cleared into our account.

I placed order ST289863 on boxing day and was meant to receive bonus store credit as part of the boxing Day specials. However I have received no bonus credit and the sale will end soon so I will miss out on the discounts I currently have sitting in my cart. I have tried to email several times but no replies. Any help? Regards Troy
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Hi Tory, Thank you for the message, we apologies for the delayed reply we are dealing with a huge number of inquires during this busy Christmas period. We apologies for any inconvenience this may have occurred, were you able to place your order in the end? We are more than happy to honour your online credit from the Boxing Day sale! Sydney Tools Team!

Hi there, I have just received my order ST284792. You have sent wrong items unfortunately, Items I received are 2X : https://sydneytools.com.au/product/xtorque-xt001-85mm-deep-storage-organiser-box-with-adjustable-compartments but I ordered this items 2X : https://sydneytools.com.au/product/xtorque-xfra3-3-drawer-frame-with-work-top-to-suit-xtorque-organiser-boxes Can you please send right items as soon as possible as they where Christmas Present, I am willing to purchase wrong items as well. I can provide pictures of the wrong items I have received if needed. Kind Regards Dejan
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Hi Dejan, We apologies for this inconvenience! Please ensure that we will have this sorted for yourself right way, please call our customer service team on (02) 8199 9440 tween 8:30 am - 5:30 pm. Kind regards, Sydney Tools Team

What is full address for Total Tools Taren Point please, as I want to buy from Total in person?
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Sorry I don’t know ive never beennto a physical store169-171 Taren Point rd is where you will get premium services with best prices

Hi SydneyTools, I've purchased an item online 2-weeks ago for store pickup at Silverwater. Order No: ST278698. Invoice indicated dispatched. No one has contacted me since. Can you please help me track the status of this order? Many thanks, Rudi
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Hi Rudi, Thank you for your message, I can confirm my colleague has been in contact with you and advised the product is on order. Once the item arrives into stock we will be in contact with you to arrange collection.

Hi sydneytools, i have order in store pickup at Alexandria store but i not yet receive notification for picking up my order, can you track my order? ST278613
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Hi I placed an order around a week or 2 ago have not revived order number or arrival date was just wondering if you could help cause customer service haven't returned emails. Any ideas?
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Hi Corey, Can you please send through your order number or invoice number to assist me in locating your order.

Hi iv just ordered a cordless kit and wanted to know if it’s possible to swap one of the cordless skins? Even if I have to pay the difference that’s fine. My order No. is STO100260407
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Hi Padraig, Thank you for contacting us. I can confirm a sales representative will be in touch with you shortly to assist.

Hi, I have ordered and paid for some tools online the order number being STO100256132 on the 6th of this month which was last Thursday. I have been trying to find out when I can expect to receive this but no one seems to be able to answer this. Was promised a tracking number by close of business today but nothing forthcoming. When I said I was happy to pick up the order from Castle hill I was advised that they didn’t have all the tools. Could someone please get back to me asap?
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Hi Kumsy, We apologise sincerely for the issues you have experienced with this transaction. I have looked into the whereabouts of your order and can confirm it has been dispatched. I have sent you your tracking details to your email address. We apologise once again for any delays or inconvenience you have experienced.Thank you for your prompt response. Received the tools this afternoon. Very happy with them.

hello sydneytools, i have order in store pickup at dulwich hill but i not yet receive notification for picking up my order, can you track my order? STO100250634
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Hi Henry, Thank you for contacting us. We have tried to reach you over the phone but have been unsuccessful. I can confirm your order is ready for collection.Many thanks, i've received email from the store that one of my item is waiting delivery from other store, i've contacted sydneytools facebook account and ask about delegate person which her name is [name removed] to pickup my order in dulwich store, but it cant be possible they said as they affraid of fraud and identity theft, so i ask for solution and they said that her can visit the store and buy exact item cash as my old online pickup order, after that they can help me fully refund my previous online order? Can it possible you help her (my friend) through refund process?

Do you ship to nz ??
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No we don't ship to New Zealand. Customers who have purchased from NZ have organised their own freight.

I want to buy this Milwaukee M12FPP2A-421B 12V Li-Ion Cordless Fuel 2pce Combo Kit BUT can i replace the 2.0, 4.0 battery and blutooth speacker with 3x 3.0 12v battery?
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Hi Romel, Please PM us contact number in order for us to reach you to discuss further.

Where is my order? Ifs been more that a week since i placed my order but I didnt received any email on where my item is?
2 answers
Hi Charmaine, Thank you for your enquiry. We are sorry to learn you are yet receive an update regarding your order. Are you able to confirm an order number as this will further help us to assist you with an update on your order. We look forward to your reply. Kind RegardsAfter I emailed sydney tools, i received the tracking number and the item is scheduled to be delivered on that day. Please do inform your customers the tracking number once you already have it so that they will arrange someone to receive the item

Hi, I placed an order 3 months ago and have only ever received emails from you. Will you ever send my order or do I have to take you to vcat?
1 answer
Hi Robert, Thank you for your patience, I can see my colleague contacted you on the 10th of May to advise of the back order and you confirmed you were happy to wait. The item has now been restocked and your order is expected to be dispatched this afternoon. A tracking number will be sent through to you shortly. If I can be of any further assistance, please let me know.

Hi Sydney Tools Please advise cost of replacement locks with keys for 1700x450x550 flat lid Aluminium tool box? Regards, Bruce bgolferk@gmail.com
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Hi Bruce Please confirm the code on the lock in order for us to provide the correct keys.The whole new tool box is only 299.00. It is not economical to pay so much for locks only that do not fit .. Plus keys. Regards, Bruce

Where is my order? 3rd time unlucky with your deliveries, it's nearly 2 weeks waiting. I had enough of this guys.
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Good Morning, I am sorry to learn of your disappointment. It would be appreciated if you could please email me your order details to rachel@sydneytools.com.au, which will allow me to track the where bouts of your order. I thank you in advance.

Hi Sydney tools, are u open on the long weekend? Also, do you have any deals on water pressures?
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Hi Bigben, I can confirm we are open on most long weekends, and we are always running specials on water pressures. Please check the operating hours on our website for further details.Please ignore their pulished opening times and dont bother calling them to confirm it because they dont keep to their published times or keep to the times they tell you on the phone.Yuri, I can't help but think you are a competitor? I have used these guys for years, and they have very simple opening hours?

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