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Synergy Natural Super Greens Premium

Synergy Natural Super Greens Premium

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This causes Acne !!!! Worse product ever !!!


I bought this to increase my green intake and within 3 days it gave me cystic acne on my face and I never ever get acne. This product is obviously not as pure as specified. I don't recommend this super green powder, I believe it has too many fillers, binders and other additives which makes it impure and toxic to our bodies. Don't waste your money on this.

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Bozena Masliczek

Bozena Masliczekasked

I have cervical spinal stenosis. Would Supergreen powder help me with my crams, numbing legs and hands also swelling at neck. Thank you every much.

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Craig B
Craig B

Hi Bozena Masliczek,
From my personal experience and what I've read about your condition, Supergreen powder might assist you with some of the symptoms of Cervical Spinal Stenosis (such as pain and swelling), however, I have Ankylosing Spondylitis which is a degenerative bone disease that mainly affects the vertebrate in the upper section of my spine; my symptoms include fusing of the vertebrate. I take Supergreen powder blended with fruit juice every second day and have found that, when included with my daily exercises, it helps to promote muscle development including my neck muscles which in-turn support my neck and this alleviates the symptoms associated with my condition. Hope this info helps.
Kind regards,



How much dietary fibre is in the super greens?

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Lynne R

Lynne Rasked

How does this product compare to Elle Macphersons super green elixir??

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Craig B
Craig B

Hi Lynne,
Well having read a lot about Elle's product I went in search of a similar product that is more readily available (in store as opposed to mail order) and I originally settled on the Synergy Natural Super Greens Premium. Based on what I've read about both products, they're similar but Elle's product has some additional ingredients such as Shitake Mushrooms and Tumeric. Since I wrote this review I've continued to look at other similar products and have found one that I think is better than both the Synergy product and Elle's product; this other product has far more wholefood components and consequently far more nutrients and I think it tastes better than the Synergy product; it's available from Chemist Warehouse and is called Healthy Care Super Greens and it's much better value (200g Synergy for $25 compared to 150g (refill) of Elle's Super Elixir Greens for $85.00 compared to '600g' Healthy Care Super Greens for about $45.00). I compared the contents of Elle's Super Elixir Greens and Healthy Care Super Greens and I honestly think that the Healthy Care product is better; it has far more wholefood ingredients than Elle's product but it doesn't have Tumeric (which Elle's powder does); I just bought a 140g container of Tumeric Powder from Coles for about $5 and add a heaped teaspoon (apparently you can't overdose on it) of that when I make my smoothie using the Healthy Care product. So in conclusion to my answer (lol), rather than endorsing the Synergy product, I'd now recommend the Healthy Care Super Greens powder from Chemist Warehouse (with the addition of Tumeric powder to assist with reducing inflammation and boosting our immune systems). Just go to Chemist Warehouse and take a look at the nutritional table on the container of Healthy Care Super Greens; it's immediately impressive and if you buy it and compare it online to the nutritional content of Elle's Super Elixir Greens you'll probably see what I see. ;-)

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