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TAAV Vaporaire T2000

TAAV Vaporaire T2000

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Dangerous, do not buy.

The safety switch stopped working so the unit ran dry and there is a terrible electrical burning smell. I'm so relieved it didn't catch on fire in my baby's room. Do not buy this product.

Lasted one night

Brand new and only lasted one night. Started off really good.... lots of steam and scent.... but will not work at all after one nights use... just refilled it and nothing

Do not buy, dangerous

Have the old style one, brillant, brought the new one, used it in my youngest room, went to check water, it was melting and burnt, could have caused a fire.

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Questions & Answers

I brought a T2000 secondhand. Is there a way of making it steam more? Can I move the small arrow dial above the eucalyptus liquid section from high/light/low to change the steam intensity?
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yes you can. Soft and hard water may steam and potentially " spit" differently, so this allows you to vary the amount of steam. I use a screwdriver to move it.

I have a TAAV Vaporaire T2000 that has been in cupboard for years with no use, I pulled it out the other day as I had a bad chest infection and was coughing non stop, I found it gave me relief and let me sleep, my question is do I have to put a tablet in every night when I fill it up?
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Yes Blondie, the purpose of the tablet is to purify the water so no chlorine and other chemicals are dispursed into the air. Councils use various chemicals to "purify"our drinking water. I use filtered water in my unit. A cheaper alternative is to use 1 teaspn or less of citric acid - buy this from the supermarket, you'll find it next to BiCarb, gelatine, salt, etc. less expensive than the tablets. William


TAAV Vaporaire T2000
Release dateNov 2008
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