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TAAV Vaporaire T2008

TAAV Vaporaire T2008

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walkinsteadSouth-Eastern Region, NSW

  • 6 reviews

So noisy


Bought this product for adult with sinus. So noisy, sounds like the kettle is boiling all night and won't shut off. Can't open to clean. I read a few reviews and nobody said it was noisy.

Purchased in September 2019 at Chemist Warehouse Online Store for $46.00.

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HedyGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

Unfortunately, it stopped working well after only a few uses


After working perfectly well a few times (quiet and effective), my unit began making loud, bubbling sounds. A few times later, the bubbling sounds changed to become very loud, periodic bursts at very short intervals keeping us awake. Upon further investigation, I found my carpet soaked through and hot bubbling water running down to the on/off switch. I thought the unit needed cleaning, so I bought the Taav cleaning tablets, only to find that I couldn't fit the tablets in the grill. I looked up the Taav Pro website...and found that others have had the same experience with the bubbling over and the tablets. Can't remember what I paid for it, but that's bubbled away, for sure! I will not be buying this product again.

Purchased at Chemist Warehouse.

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Chanel Forbes

Chanel ForbesGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC



I used Taav for a week with my 3mo’s first cold. We woke up with the room really hazy and a burnt electrical smell. We had really dry and sore sinuses. Dangerous, don’t buy!

Purchased in July 2019 at Chemist Warehouse.

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Jenny L

Jenny LWide Bay-Burnett, QLD

Unable to clean


I don't like this product. I crushed the cleaning tablets because they don't fit through the grill. I noticed mould on the base but because it's a sealed unit I can't get to the mould to clean it. I soaked in Hydrogen Peroxide and water but the mould is still there. Useless product!! I will throw it in the bin, not paying to send it back, especially after reading the other reviews.....fire!!

Purchased in March 2018 at Chemist Warehouse for $50.00.

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  • 10 reviews
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  • Verified purchase

Helped my newborn


We purchased this product when our 2 week old baby got a cold and had nasal congestion impacting on his ability to sleep and feed. Given he was too young to use any medications or anything else this was very helpful and has been since when he got another cold at 5-6 weeks old. It’s also helped my husband with his congestion and helped ease his snoring. A great product.


SnapSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 12 reviews

Wouldn’t recommend


Purchased this after my well used Euky Bear stopped working after many years. I liked that it was more compact & has an on/off switch on the unit. That’s where the positives stop. It’s difficult to fill without spilling & the overfill goes straight down to the electrical socket area. It doesn’t stay on all night as the cut off switch seems to come on when there is still around a quarter tank of water left. You have to cut up the cleaning tablets to get them in & there doesn’t seem to be a way to remove the lid for a proper clean. It is reasonably quiet when it operates & seems to distribute the oil smell for a while when first switched on. I’m quite disappointed & will be purchasing another brand to replace.



Ive purchased 4 vapor pros in the last 2 years...all 4 had faulty switches after a few months and left puddles of water....chemist wouldn't refund and said I had to go through warranty card..I contacted company who wouldn't cover posting to them do they could assess.I was also told they wouldn't provide a replacement while I waited for them to assess the fault and they couldn't give a timeframe when they would assess the fault on the vaporizer. They then didn't reply to any other emails I sent.



Don’t buy


It gets way too hot burnt my son hand bad, he might need skin graph. Do not buy for any use specially for children just giving everyone some advice thanks.

Spitting water


I’ve used vaporisers all my life and never had any issues. This one is so dangerous as it spits boiling water. Do not leave on overnight, very loud and dangerous.

Bruce R.

Bruce R.Newcastle NSW

A great resource for colds & congestion


We plugged in and had a great nights sleep. Easy to clean. Used with vap. fluid, such a relief. The unit did have problems however. It was the plug in lead only. This needs to be pushed in properly. I wouldn't be without this machine now- it's stable, easy to fill & clean.


ValGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

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After 2 weeks of lung congestion and asthma, medical treatments and not able to sleep lying down I bought the Vaporiser.
Had it going all day, and then all night. Totally cleared the chest constriction by second night. Had sleep of 7 hours which was a godsend. Thankyou, I feel human again.
I did find the reset switch and instructions not user friendly, but kept trying until it worked.



grateful for information on the reviews


just purchased was a bit of a struggle to get the cord in so thought to leave the plug in. Worked well day 1. Today it was a bit confusing when the signal didn't light up. Reading these reviews here has helped; I have now unplugged and switched off for a bit. Struggled again with the plug into the vaporiser but the light is working.



  • 7 reviews
  • Verified purchase

Short lifespan


After 10 days of use stopped working. When first stopped i read through the instructions that the unit need to reset after use (??) so i did wait and came on after 30 minutes. At second stop it was off for few hours and still dead. Not recommended product.

The cord brand new does not work at all


Used one daily for about two years. Brilliant for asthma control and general breathing. Unit got mouldy towards the end. Bought new one last night and the cord will not work st all. Used old cord and still works perfectly. Warning: try cord in store before purchase.



Burning electrical smell after 1 week


My 3 month old got her first cold. This product was recommended to us at chemist warehouse. The electrical burning smell started after 1 week! This product is DANGEROUS! Don't waste your money!!



I have used this product for both of my children, and was never happy and cant believe I didn't read any reviews until now.
First vaporiser was leaking dark brown fluid from the bottom that was staining our carpet. I was worried about this and blamed myself - then went to buy another of the same product!
Worked ok for a little while but then the same brown fluid again! Together with a horrible smell which I didn't recognise, but now understand it was the burning plastic. Terrible product, very disappointing. I can't believe I purchased 2 of these products and both faulty.
I can't believe such a dangerous product would be left on the market.



  • 3 reviews

very dangerous


When I first started using the taav vaporizer I thought it was great, I started to smell a very bad toxic burning wire smell and I opened the bottom to discover water had been leaking and all the wires were corroded, I contacted the company and they would take no responsibility instead telling me it was my fault for not cleaning it which was so untrue, I explained how it could of easily caught fire and they said it hasn't happened yet, well I can honestly say one day it will definitely happen, for your family's safety do not purchase this brand



  • 2 reviews

Dangerous what is going on !!!


Worked fine first few goes now finding it spitting out the water I filled it up with came into a wet floor and it spitting water. Not good at all and makes it dangerous if you get up and stand on wet floor electrocution hazard



  • Verified purchase

Found signs of burning after 2 day use.


Bought the TAAV T2008 on a Friday, and on Sunday just two days after, it already showed signs of burning. The plastic inside contained a burn spot and has an awful smell (smells like plastic burning). Already in the process of contacting the manufacturer and Chemist Warehouse for a possible refund or replacement.

This product should not be sold as it's a fire risk.

In the two days that we used it, it did its job so I guess that's the only positive thing I can say about this product.


KylieCarnarvon WA 6701



I love this product as it has a huge water capacity and I dont have to worry about it through the night. I have had mine for 3 years and we use it a lot. I am however confused about having to cut the tablets in half otherwise they dont fit.

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My TAAV 2008 is making a whistling noise, I have rinsed it out several times with no improvement. Any suggestions?

1 answer

cleaning process



My Taav Vapor Pro stops working recently. How do I claim warranty?

No answers



I just bough the TAAV T2008 model and when I turned it on, it doesn’t look like it’s doing anything. Am I meant to see the steam come out? Or is it so super quiet that you can’t even hear or see anything? I’m confused

1 answer

The water has to heat up to boil before the steam begins. Takes a while. Once at the boil I could see steam billowing out, but no sound.

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