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T2000 and T2008
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Found signs of burning after 2 day use.

Bought the TAAV T2008 on a Friday, and on Sunday just two days after, it already showed signs of burning. The plastic inside contained a burn spot and has an awful smell (smells like plastic burning). Already in the process of contacting the manufacturer and Chemist Warehouse for a possible refund or replacement.

This product should not be sold as it's a fire risk.

In the two days that we used it, it did its job so I guess that's the only positive thing I can say about this product.


I love this product as it has a huge water capacity and I dont have to worry about it through the night. I have had mine for 3 years and we use it a lot. I am however confused about having to cut the tablets in half otherwise they dont fit.


I have had it bubbling, over heating this is the worse unsafe product I have ever brought. It is meant to have a safety switch I have woken to it completely empty and still running. Now the water doesn't even evaporate and no steam comes out.

horrible product.

I brought two of these products this year for my both of my children's rooms. And they both leak from the bottom when you pick them up and move them to re fill leak badly...

Ok so far

I have read a few bad reviews on this product but so far so good. I mean I have not used this product to its maximum ability (ie have not gone to the maximum water level but a bit lower) and also kept turning it off say after 5-7 hours of operation and so far it has not given me any hints that it will burn itself as some others in here mention in their reviews. Time will tell

Do not recommend TAAV compact vaporizer

I have just bought the squat "compact" model - I don't know what the actual model number is. Have used it four times. It says that it has water capacity to run for 8 hours before empty and it will auto cut off. So, I filled it up half way. (there is no water level indicator). I ran it for 8 hours, and it used half of that water - so I am thinking it is not producing the steam it should. Last night, it used less than a quarter of the tank - and the unit was HOT (and the table underneath the unit was very hot too. When I pulled the blue part out of the tank, brown stuff came out into the water. We have good quality town water here - so that can't be the problem. Definitely taking it back today for a refund. I am very disappointed, as the first two nights I got good relief for my sinuses. Batch number 040114 C106 if anybody wants to know. (you can find this on a sticker underneath the blue part).

I do not recommend

Absolute rubbish, received this as a gift, only had this less than a year and used only when my Bub was sick with blocked/runny nose. At the beginning it worked fine, but after several uses it stopped working, I would walk into my bubs room after 5hrs of use and cannot smell anything. Useless product !!

In constant use

In Oct 2013, having removed massive nasal polyps, my ENT specialist said to use the big TAAV vaporizer every night as part of ongoing ‘nasal health’ to keep nasal passages moist. He was adamant to use this brand & size. Well, sometimes I forget to turn it on (or get lazy) and I do not take it when flying on holiday (because of size); nevertheless I've used the item constantly, leaving on all night. It is only now, 2 ½ years later that I noticed a leak. I’ve never used additives. Even while going all night, if filled to capacity level, it never boiled dry. Having detected a leak, I contacted the company and was promptly issued a replacement unit which I’ve used the last couple of nights (with same good steam result). So I cannot complain about the big TAAV because of the amount of weekly use I gave it and of course that’s with ordinary tap water, and we all know what that does to steam irons and electric kettles, over time. So I am a satisfied customer and will continue to use this make.

Dangerous... Should Be Off The Market!

I've had my vaporizer for 3 years. Recently I walked into my daughter's bedroom only to find the unit hadn't shut off & her room was filled with smoke & a terrible electrical smell...
Deeply concerned, I contacted the manufacturer only to be told they would replace it!
I will NEVER use this brand again.

Dangerous. Do not buy.

Usually I read reviews on everything I purchase, but I bought this on a whim -- I was in Chemist Warehouse and I saw these for about $40, and the oils were on special, and I'd been thinking about buying a vaporiser because our house is so dry. It was fine to begin with, and then one day, the room filled with grey smoke. Nearly gave me a heart attack -- I had a newborn baby in the house and I thought there was a house fire. THEN I read the reviews and saw this has been happening lots, and that the company doesn't give a damn. I threw the vaporiser in the bin.

Waste of money

Would not recommend this to anyone and wish I'd checked the reviews before purchasing. Bought this as it is Australian made, so glad I did a test run before placing it in my 5 month olds room. This product leaked everywhere and a lot. It's extremely dangerous and when I tried to return the product was told I would need to return it to the manufacturer before getting my money back. Do not waste your money and time on this.

Dangerous! Do not purchase!

last night I heard my daughter coughing in her room, she is unwell and has been coughing through the night so I didn't think anything of it. I went in a checked on her and her room was filled with toxic plastic chemical burning smoke! It smelt like melted plastic/eucalyptus. It was horrible, I instantly felt sick and for my daughter out of there and aired her room out. Looking at the reviews I'm kicking myself for buying it as I've not seen any good reviews about the newer model. the vaporiser failed to switch itself off. Please do not buy this product it shouldn't be sold anymore it should be recalled.

Dangerous product

Bought this product and was so glad we tried it prior to putting in our grandson's bedroom. Followed instructions and let it work for 2hrs when cut out and leaked everywhere. Found it almost impossible to return to the point of sale. Was treated like I'd broken it! Finally exchanged it for the more conventional and more expensive model. Read the reviews after that and can't believe there hasn't been a product recall on this.

Waste of money

We have 2 of these and they both leak, a lot. You pick them up and water pours out the bottom of both machines. So much so, they have to be permanently sat in another container to catch all the water run off. One even leak water out the power connector. This is really dangerous. I wouldn't recommend this brand to anyone! Absolutely not worth the money you pay for them.


Nearly set our home on fire!!! Do not buy. Worst product ever!!!! We could have lost our baby!!! I'm so disgusted that an Australian made company is still supplying it all over Australia.

Leaked everywhere

Returned this the very next day as it leaked like crazy. The staff at the pharmacy told me they had all been coming back. Do not recommend.

so Dangerous

Started smelling bad. Curiosity got the better of me and ive had to unscrew to open and found all the cables corroded and melted away in a pool of rust.
Im so angry as I'd used it fine for the last few nights and had it set up ready to go to bed (I sit it a metre away from my babies cot) and now I read all these review about them catching on fire! Close call!

don't buy it

Bought mine a few years back with no problems till now put it on wed night no problem put it on thurs night then in the morning it smelled like it was burning and found it failed to shut off.

Waste of money

What a waste of time, you can't even fit the tablet in to clean it as instructed.
It says to put 10ml of oil it is no where near enough, it's more like a quarter of the bottle to get a scent.
I wish I checked the reviews before buying this crap.

Do not buy, dangerous

Have the old style one, brillant, brought the new one, used it in my youngest room, went to check water, it was melting and burnt, could have caused a fire.

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How do I use tablets to clean vaperiser
1 answer
You put a tablet in every time you use it. I think it tells you this on the tablet bottle.

My TAAV 2008 is making a whistling noise, I have rinsed it out several times with no improvement. Any suggestions?
1 answer
cleaning process

I have a taav vaporizer pro can i get the top off to clean it? Also it keeps starting then turning off why is this
No answers


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