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T2000 and T2008
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Waste of money

What a waste of time, you can't even fit the tablet in to clean it as instructed.
It says to put 10ml of oil it is no where near enough, it's more like a quarter of the bottle to get a scent.
I wish I checked the reviews before buying this crap.

Do not buy, dangerous

Have the old style one, brillant, brought the new one, used it in my youngest room, went to check water, it was melting and burnt, could have caused a fire.

Worst vapouriser EVER!!!

I purchased this new only a few months ago. I mainly purchased because it was Australian made. It's only been used a handful of times with the taav inhalant and cleaning tablet each time as instructed. After every use black gunk stuff appears, it smells terrible in the morning and now to top it off makes such a loud noise when operating it wakes my baby! Worst purchase

Not happy with company

Bought one 2 days ago from a local chemist over the other brands because it said Australian made... A after the first use we noticed water leaking out of the motor and wires..That's a lethal combination for fire or electric shock. I called the company and they asked me to send it back for replacement and I couldn't just take it back to the chemist where I purchased it. The cost of post is $15-$20 additional to what I already paid for it... are they kidding.. what kind of service it that... I wont take the risk of even getting a replacement.... Bad service... don't buy one... I'll go and buy a Chinese made one instead...

Warning!!!! Very dangerous!! Do not buy!!!!!

Warning!!! Do not buy this vaporizer!!!
We bought this vaporizer for our 4 month old daughters room as she has a cold and the it burnt out filling her room with smoke and the very overpowering smell of burning plastic!!!!!!!!!! Should have looked at the reviews.. Apparently this has happened alot!! And as for getting a refund.. good luck >:-l

Seems to work

Had mine for a couple of years now. No issues, works well. Puts condensation on the windows but I believe most vaporises do that anyway. Don't need to clean.

Caught on fire!!! dangerous

I filled my machine to the water line at 7pm and put my baby daughter to bed. I was woken at 7am by the smell of smoke. The vaporizer was smoking! Burning plastic only a meter from my daughter's face. Called them for replacement but I have to post to them which costs more than buying a new one.....bad customer service.... did not care. Do not buy


We smelt smoke in the house today. We went into our childs bedroom and the TAAV Vaporair was burning. the machine was switched off but still connected to power. has this happened during the night or while we were away we wouldn't have a house anymore. This product should not be on the market.

It spontaneously catches fire !!! Warning !!!

Taav Vaporaire is a great humidifier

I love the way the Taav products humidify the air and I love the way the menthol clears the sinuses. There is an important improvement required as the cleaning tablets will not go into the tank properly and the water will not completely drain from the tank. The result is a build up of mould.
Inexpensive, nice smell
Very difficult to clean, can't get the tablet in properly and can't drain all the water out.

dont buy one

don't buy one ours caught on fire and burnt the rug and if it was not for the smoke alarm we would or our children would be dead caught on fire and burnt the rug and if it was not for the smoke alarm we would or our children would be dead caught on fire and burnt the rug and if it was not for the smoke alarm we would or our children would be dead
very bad
caught on fire and burnt the rug and if it was not for the smoke alarm we would or our children would be dead

Very Good

I've had two models going back to the early 90's. I still have the first one and it still works. I only bought another because the newer models have more safety features. I use it a lot during winter at home and used to take it to my office as well - it makes office air conditioning more bearable. Remember to empty and rinse after each use to keep it clean and always use the cleaner tables as directed. Definitely worth buying/can't live without.
Does exactly what it's supposed to do

Tavv T2008 vs Crane (Oscar the owl) ultrasonic humidifier (refunded after 5 days).

I have been running the Taav Vaporaire T2008 humidifier for 48 hrs now. I ran the Crane for 5 days.

The Taav works!
1. It actually humidifies the air, unlike the Crane super cute ultrasonic "humidifier." How can I prove this to you all? Over 12 hours the Taav has almost vapourised 4L of water, over the same time the Crane super cute ultrasonic humidifier only vapourised 1L of water on maximum setting. The bottom line is that there will be about 4 times more water vapour in the air than the Crane.

Warm, quiet and comforting humidity.
2. As the Taav humidifies the room it also warms the air from the steam - great for winter. As the Crane "humidifies" the air it cools it (think evaporative cooler) - not so great for winter.
The Taav is overall quieter than the "whisper quiet" Crane. The crane creates a fountain of water that splashes back into the basin with an annoying constant dripping noise; fan is also quite noisy. The Taav generates a very quiet boiling noise. Can be muffles with a rag over the water inlet hole.

Simple no frills operation.
3. No vapour output setting on Taav. Not necessarily a bad thing, I had it running for 12 hrs with the door about 10cm ajar. No condensation on the windows or walls (room size 3.5 x 3.5m). Crane humidifier with the door closed running for 18hrs seemed to have no effect on humidity.

Hot steam could be dangerous if children unsupervised.
4. Hot steam from Taav which is dangerous for kids. Cool vapour from Crane which is ideal with small children. The exterior of the Taav is cool to the touch. The steam outlet is obviously very hot.

1960's ugly minimalist design.
5. Really ugly looking Taav. Super cute Oscar the owl.

6. Taav is half the cost of the Crane ($40 vs $80).

So in conclusion I really wished the Crane worked, but it didn't do anything to improve humidity. The Taav is oh so very ugly, but it works. An on/off switch and that's it. Turn it on, the air becomes humidifed, simple. It's also quiet (I am an exceptionally light sleeper - I can sleep with the Taav running).
Humidifies the air, provides some relief to stuffy noses
So very, very ugly.

Ok but no way to clean

This is an ok T2008 product considering it is the cheapest vaporizer on the market. We wanted a vaporizer for my baby runny/blocked nose, read reviews on other vaporizer before buying our first vaporizer. The reviews stated that this is the quietest compare to other brands, well I have not tried other brands so I cannot compare if this is the quietest or not however I still can hear the boiling and bubbling sound. It gives a good long running night as it stated it can hold a capacity of 4 litre (14 hours) which is good for my baby. I don't have to go inside the room and refill the water in the middle of the night and disturb my baby.

The downside I have with this product is there's no way you can clean the inside of the product. I just rinse it off with water a few times, twice a day. Each time, I always found some tiny pieces of leave-looking particles in the water (don't know where that came from or how they are form) but I have to shake it upside down hard and rinse it with water a number of times to get rid of those tiny particles. It would be good if TAAV can design the product for us to dissemble the product so that we can thorough clean and wipe the product dry.
Good steam and that it fills 4 litres which can be used for 14 hours night especially good for babies and toddlers in a long night sleep
Not possible to clean as there's no way you can open the unit to clean inside

Works Like a charm

The One shown in Pic is an older model. Mine is a T2008 and had it for 2yrs used it heaps of times. Best results is to leave window open about 2cm and leave on all night (Has cut out switch if it runs dry) Best way to keep clean is after each use rinse out with warm water 2 times and if it needs Cleaning it is very easy by just using 250ml vinegar to 4l of water and let it run for 15mins. (best to do outside as it does smell) then rinse out 3 times with warm water. When your not using it make sure it is dry inside the water unit.

Broke down today on 05 September 2016. Just did not heat up. Almost 6 YEARS i got and used alot for family of 2 as i brought it in mid to late year of 2010. For $39.00 from chemist warehouse cant go wrong. Never once brought tablets just did the vinger trick as mentioned above. Only thing I noticed with new one i brought today is the cord is longer and has clear plastic that you can see. (I think mine turned yellow from so much use) Still a fantastic product. 5 stars.
Quite, Cut out if runs dry, Easy to clean, Lights up so can be seen in dark, Removable Power cord.
The water level indicator is a sticker that came off after a few uses. (Holds 4L of water)

Thumbs Up - TAAV Model T2008

We have had this vaporiser for at least two years now and have been using it regularly as our daughter constantly has the sniffles. We love the product, our daughter sleeps very well when the vaporiser is turned on vs not. It's not noisy & easy to use. Manual says no maintenance required which is great. Friend who recommended this product to us says it's very quiet compared to the Vicks product. We also love the TAAV menthol oil for the machine. Bought EukyBear's oil once as it was very much cheaper but we it doesn't have the same menthol effect as the TAAV oil. Will revert to TAAV's oil. Love that it has a 14 hour capacity which is very practical for young kids. One complaint that we have is that the vaporiser does not have a handle. It's really hard to hold it over a running tap due to the smooth surface & lack of handle(s).
No maintenance required, 14-hour capacity, simple design, quiet.
No handles & smooth surface (no grip) makes it difficult to fill the unit under running water. Complete water emptying can only be done at an angle.

owned two, and both broke

I owned two of these and they both broke after about a year or two. They require TAAV cleaning tablets which are expensive and there is no timer on the machine. The steam is hot and was at risk of burning our kids, and mildew and mould accumulated on the ceiling of the bedroom, despite opening windows during the day. The steam is good for heating the room up on a cold night, though, but not too good during summer illnesses. The steam evaporates rather quickly so need to refill every day, and at risk of burning out with no water left in it. A bit of a waste of money since they both eventually broke anyway.
warmed room during winter, and did work for humidifying room well.
broke after a year or so, very hot steam, causes mould/mildew on ceiling, a bit unsafe with kids (too hot)

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The Taav cleaning tablets contain 500g citric acid, much cheaper to just buy citric acid. Steam is hot! That's what the machine is for, steam. It can't make cold steam. Steam is wet, it's water vapour, which will cool and become water again, hence the mould. But that's not the machine's fault. You need to refill it because it turns the water into steam. They have an automatic cut-off switch when the water runs out. I've had mine since my kids were little, and I'm now a grandmother.

not good

bought one in 2010, used it no problem, had it on last night turned it off before it was empty, no worries. this morning it must have burnt itself out (while turned off) because smoke was poring out the bottom of it, thankfully my daughter was not asleep in her room at the time because the smell was awful. had i not been home, it could have burnt my house down.. not happy dont buy one!!

it fried itself, a total fire hazard

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The smoke is most likely because it needs a clean - lime scale builds up & gets cooked in the element. Soak it in vinegar for a couple of hours (turned off) & make sure you use the citric acid tablets in the water as in the instructions.

Biased reviewing for the TAAV!

I want to point out that this thread cannot possibly be taken seriously for those considering purchasing a Taav vaporiser because the model shown is not the current available model - why is there not a seperate listing for the new version of the vaporiser?

I borrowed the new model from a friend and thinking we would use it maybe a few times max ended up using it for one family member after another as all 6 of us came down with one of the worst head colds ever. My daughter ended up with a chest infection and my husband with a sinus infection and without the steam vaporiser on there was no chance of a good night's sleep, one night my daughter decided she didn't need it and woke in the morning in tears because of the pain and pressure in her head, with the vaporiser on, the pressure didn't build up.

I was so pleasantly surprised at how effective the vaporiser was I immediately decided to get one, then I looked here at the reviews and though "Oh no, I'd better not, they sound like electrical fires waiting to happen" it wasn't until I read someone saying "..the new model." that I realised the picture is of the old one and the reviews are obviously applicable to that machine unless stated otherwise - like this review.

I love teh TAAV Vaporiser! :)

The menthol/eucalyptus blend is quite nice, I thought it might irritate me but on the contrary if you are blocked up it really clears your head.

The new model is big, it lasts 14hrs which is great for toddlers on 12+hr nights and great not to have to reload between baby getting up and going back to bed for a morning sleep. I wasn't bothered that I couldn't get it in the sink to fill it, it says fill slowly and so I preferred to sit it on the kitchen bench and fill it with a jug - it's not so big that you can't walk around with it once filled, a 3lt milk is just as difficult to lug around!?!?

After using an almost full 100ml bottle over about 12 uses, you use 5-10ml per use, we are convinced that one for our family is the go - or even two, just in case more than two of us are sick at the same time :)

highly recommended!
Works efficiently! No hot spots on exterior when in use. Smells nice. User friendly, instructions on unit and bottle in case box or leaflet are lost.
I don't have my own yet!

Thanks - I got this today so I'm so glad you posted this - otherwise would have given it a miss! The model on mine says T2008our one did not cut off and wole to the smoke alarm the model on ours was the T2008 the plug has fused to the unit and when called [name removed] did not get we are so sorry she just said is it theT2008 we need to it to be returned to us,what about the burn mark on the rug what about if it cought on fire and killed all of us or just our 2 year old not even a sorry but she was very happy to tell me it was under warranty and thay had 2 models and if i like i can have the other one.I took it back to where i got it thay swaped it for a vicks one. if thay have a problem with this unit recall all of them one life is one life. Please I beg you do not buy this one..and as of 19/06/2012 the old T2008 are still being sold in the chemists why have thay not been recalled ?

Please don't purchase this product

I purchased the TAAV T2008 Vaporaire (the most recent model) just the other day as I have had trouble sleeping through the night due to respiratory problems. I remember my mum using a TAAV brand vaporiser for me when I was a kid and suffered with the same kinds of problems. We had it for ages and ages so, I assumed TAAV was a reliable brand so went ahead and brought one... Well, when we went to use it that night, not only was it pretty noisy (don't think I could have slept with it on), it short-circuited, sparked everywhere and blew the power fuse in our house - having an old house, poor hubby spent a great deal of time out in the cold at night trying to re-wire the fuse! All-in-all, not the best nights sleep.

Took it back the next day and was given a refund from our wonderful local pharmacy. Brought the Euky Bear brand vaporiser after reading the other reviews of it, and I concur - it's great. Quiet, easy to use, and also cheap. Only cost us $45.

Also - I went to the manufacturers website before returning it - not only is it super old and super hard to navigate - once I found the troubleshooting section, the documents wouldn't download.

Overall Opinion: Fail!

I wouldn't recommend the TAAV Vaporaire to anyone. Please don't buy it - especially if its to be used in a child's room - the last thing you want is a sparking / steaming device in your little one's room.
Cheap, Easy-to-use, 5 Year Warranty (you'll need it!)
Noisy and simply doesn't work

I replaced it because it was too hard to fill, empty and clean

It works well, gives off good steam and is insulated. I used it for a couple of years until someone recommended a different one that is easier to fill, empty and clean.

The shape makes fitting in the sink or under the bath tap difficult. Then because of it's shape and the double layer construction it is almost impossible to empty it! I was never satisfied that it was clean.

I also found it annoying that I needed to purchase the cleaning tablets for every use, a hidden cost.

I used mine on a melamine tray to prevent spills and damage.
Good steam, easy to store when not in use, can use any brand inhalent.
Hard to fill, empty and clean. Need to keep purchasing cleaning tablets, still never felt it was clean.

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Questions & Answers

Bought the TAAV Vaporaire a few weeks ago and went to use it and the light to show its on, isnt working. What can ido?
1 answer
Take it back. I really wouldn’t know what it means. But for safety I would be returning it.

I bought the TAAV Pro a couple of days ago but um unsure where to put the eucalyptus? Do I put it in the bigger hole at the back or the one at the front where the steam comes from? I like to be able to smell it at night and cannot at the moment. Also can it be run just using water? Have noticed I’m not as stuffy in the morning.
1 answer
The big hole at the back.

How do I use tablets to clean vaperiser
1 answer
You put a tablet in every time you use it. I think it tells you this on the tablet bottle.


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