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Straight forward Billing

Straight forward Billing, no discount dramas cheap compare to all others
recommended to friends good one
Straight forward Billing, no discount dramas cheap compare to all others
recommended to friends good one

Concerned about company direction under new CEO.

I signed up to Tango a few months ago thanks to VIC Energy compare, got my first bill and was very happy indeed. Still waiting for my second bill to arrive after this quarter finishes. Purely from a value point of view so far so good.... BUT....

However, I read today that they recently appointed a new CEO in August 2018.
(Factual and Objective #1) This CEO has been in senior executive leadership positions of many other retail utility providers.
(Factual and Objective #2) Most of the companies in question have very poor reputations on Product Review for issues such as rate rises, bill shock and below average customer service.
(Factual and Objective #3) One company in particular with a very poor reputation was founded by this same individual.

It might be worth reading
https://www.theage.com.au/national/victoria/ian-switched-retailers-to-cut-his-power-bill-then-it-soared-55-per-cent-20181106-p50eb6.html and do your own objective research.

Im not writing off Tango yet - which is why I have given them 4 stars - but If you are an existing customer keep a very close eye on your bill and your rates and your customer service experience under this new CEOs watch..... I know I will be....

Early days but pretty happy with a little sadness thrown in

I've been a Red Energy customer since early to mid 2000's and have been very happy. After a recent forced change from gas heating to a split system I was shocked at how much my electricity account went up - far more than my gas bill went down! I'd been planning to take up the Victorian State Governments offer of reviewing my providers in return for $50 but was a bit lazy. My latest bill got me motivated because I thought with summer coming these bills are going to be massive. I went through the process of review and this time my shock was related to how much extra I've been paying. By flipping to Tango my rate has gone down by over 10c a kwh which is significant. A big thank you to the Vic State Governments initiative. I think that once word gets around and people start comparing en-mass a lot of providers are going to get a well needed wake up call. My only sadness is that this company is not Australian owned. Surely an Australian community type group can make a name and a modest profit in the energy space.

Cheapest in the market

I have a smart meter which was lucky because when we moved in we had no power, within 20 mins they had the power on! they are the cheapest in the market by far if the low rates are persistent they will keep me as a customer


Have just recently changed over to Tango and I'm very happy. Was previously with AGL who just kept increasing their prices so I decided to shop around and found Tango who are much cheaper AND they have prices locked in for 2 years so no regular price increases like the other companies seem to have! I've received two bills and both are much cheaper than I was paying previously with AGL - estimated savings are at least $200 a year so I'd rather that in my pocket!

Easy, quick and cheap! Highly recommended

Extremely excited Pacific Hydro created a retail company to sign up with, searching and getting prices on the tango website is super easy, mine was jemena. Tango is the CHEAPEST of any and all companies for my network area, even when you consider all the CONFUSING discounts other companies offer, Tango is still on top by far.

Took 8min over the phone to sign up and got my welcome pack 24hours later

Was previously with Red Energy, while a fair supplier, they were hopeless at providing bills, customer service wasn't up to scratch, plus Tango is cheaper than Red Energy, to the extra tune of $150 - $200 a year.

Good rates and prices - but customer service has dropped since recent name/takeover

I joined Pacific Hydro initially and was very happy with their service, prices and locked in rates. During my period of contract the company has been taken over by Tango and I find their customer service lacking. Just trying to find out if my concession card has been added to my account has not received confirmation by email (been waiting a few weeks now) and when I did follow up with a call the guy who answered said "he could not access my details on screen". What's the point of that?

I asked for him to have someone who could access them contact me. He did that but when the person called I missed their call and they just left a number WITH NO REFERENCE NUMBER to call Tango back. What a complete waste of time ... it would mean starting all over again wouldn't it. Useless - get some better processes in place to actually help your customers when they call in please.

Cheap and prices locked for 2 years

They are the cheapest out there and their energy prices are locked for the next 2 years. Best electricity provider out there

Simple to understand energy plans

Tango is one of the few energy retailers who don't try to confuse the consumer with huge discount offers. They just give you the actual base rate plan and its plainly explained on their website. Other companies inflate their base rates, some by an enormous amount and then offer various discount incentives .... the actual cost is not good when the real costs are worked out. I'm in the Ausnet area in Victoria and found Tango's rates to be the cheapest. I have solar and also found Tango does not penalise solar customers by charging them considerably higher rates for the energy they consume from the grid as do the other energy retailers. I was also very grateful to speak to someone in their call centre who spoke good english which I could easily understand. I found the switch very easy and my rates are locked in for a fixed term. I highly recommend this company.

Don't bother signing if on Mornington Peninsula

Would leave a minus rating if I could.
Have tried 3 times to sign up. Once when we had the old meter. No go
Changed over to Smart Meter, no go, new meter was not registered.
Tried today, NO AGAIN because our meter is programmed with the wrong feed in tariff for them, and they won't change it. Told us to go to our current provider to change, but United Energy who is the Major Supplier said the new provider can change the tariff settings when we installed the smart meter.
Advised by Sharma they can change the tariff when we are a customer???? But won't sign us up until we get it changed by our current provider. Double dutch speaking.

Hard to sign up but 100% worth it

So annoying to sign up, has to be done over the phone and often their callback takes a long time. BUT their rates are simply unbeatable. I've been with them 18 months and regularly comparison shop, but nothing can beat the price. Have never had bill shock and their rates don't sneak up over time.

Best deal very simple pricing

The call centre is in Melbourne, best price. I have been with TANGO three months, certainly the best deal, very simple pricing.

Great customer service

Just recently signed up with Tango - spoke to a lovely lady who was excellent from start to finish and connected up my smart meter for our move in to our new home. She went above and beyond to make sure everything was connected remotely with my smart meter

They do smart meters

I called Tango as i read a review about them not taking on smart meters, I spoke to their sales team who confirmed this is incorrect-smart meters yes are fine they just can’t bill a specific tariff. I signed up today, very easy process as they take care of everything and their rates are the lowest with no hidden fees, definitely recommending.

Don’t bother if you have a Smart Meter

After signing up with Tango over the phone, I waited 6 days for confirmation and their Welcome Pack. When nothing arrived I contacted them again to be told it was coming but they needed more time. Today, 2 weeks later, I was told they can’t provide my electricity because of the type of meter I have. I have a Smart meter like many other households. I can't believe that a smart meter prevents them from supplying electricity. I also can’t believe they didn’t say so in the first place or pay me the courtesy of letting me know.
Unimpressed is an understatement.

Tango Energy is worth moving to !

I simply don't worry about checking every year: I know I'm not being ripped off.
Tango's rates are very keen indeed; and I'm taking them with me when I move suburbs - even though it means having to do a lot of mucking about trying to get gas alone (as I don't have it where I am now).
Very highly recommended..

Tango, [formerly known as Pacific Hydro.]

If you need to get a better idea about this electricity supplier, do a search for reviews on Pacific Hydro.
Same company, but they've changed their name recently. [Personally, I preferred the old name and logo, but the service is still the best.]
They are the BEST and CHEAPEST provider of ALL bar none.
Read the reviews, and do the change. You'll be so happy you did.
They make living, most affordable, especially if you're on a pension and poor like me.
.... and "no", I don't work for them or have any connection with them except for my electricity.
It should be noted, I don't think they do Gas, YET, but it's coming soon, if not already.

Still the best .. Previously called Pacific Hydro.

I joined Pacific Hydro in April 2017 .. based on comparisons on the government comparison site..https://compare.switchon.vic.gov.au/
I am on a two year fixed price agreement .. no exit fee. I am paying just 72 cents/day plus GST and 14.9c/Kwh plus gst. Fantastic.
Joining Pacific Hydro was super easy over the phone and have not had one single problem or issue since then.
If you use the government comparison website it will tell you how to transfer you smart meter data to be used for the comparison. This is 12 months of meter data .. great.
The Pacific HYdro reviews say it all.. a great supplier with no bull...
If you use the comparison website make sure you check reviews for the site that comes up cheapest.. the one I saw today is really bad based on many reviews.

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Had never had problem with Tango for 2 years.
No answers

Hi there Tango Energy users. I am just about to switch from Origin Energy for gas and electricity supply. Can anyone please give me a reason why I shouldn't use Tango E. as my new supplier. Thanks; Joe Pape
2 answers
Nope - not from me. I've found them efficient, reliable and punctual.Yep. Why not support Australian companies like Momentum. I was shocked when I found out this is a Chinese company. Yes it is the cheapest but not by that much. Wouldn’t you rather put down an extra $50 a year and know you are supporting an Australian company employing Australians. We don’t need to support China they are going just fine.

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