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Target Australia

Target Australia

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Excellent Service

Target has an excelelnt returns policy. Customer service is very friendly and the items are all high quality and if found not to be so, you can refund or exchange with no questions asked. They also have a good supply of electronic items.

Right on! Target :)

I purchased a swimsuit and an electronic toy on behalf of my sister. The purchase arrived promptly and though the swimsuit was perfect the toy's screen was very small.
We misunderstood the images online and thought the screen was as big as the toy but it turned out to be an illusion and the screen was smaller than an iPhone. The little screen nestled within a large frame made to look like the screen.

As the Target website said that we could make a return to any store or send it to them, I chose to return it to a store nearby where I live. That there's a fantabulous French Patisserie nearby..... But I digress.

The return process was smooth as, the people who work in the Bathurst store were gracious and helpful. I was so relieved as I feared and dreaded the process.
So of course I then treated myself to a box of lemon tarts, mille feuille, japonaise......

Very disappointed

Went Into target Gateway to shop. Hadn't been there for a while. Was quite shocked of the changes. Will not shop there ever again. I came in to shop not work for free. Was led to believe that all extra shopping hours would create more jobs, but all I could see was more machines. More lies. I will never shop there again or any other stores that have self-service. There are lots of smaller shops that I can go to for service. I will not Come there to work for you for free.

Great experience with target

I have shopped at target many of times and there products have been great I have even done a click and collect purchase once and the team was really nice and helpful


I purchased Target pegs approximately 4 months ago. Most of these pegs have now snapped after being used in the sun. My original Target pegs, purchased 8-10 years ago, are brilliant. The original plastic was evidently designed to withstand the sun. I will not purchase the new product again.

No standard sizes!!

I tried on a size 16 pair of navy straight leg pants for work and they fitted comfortably. A little short in the leg but ok and not expensive. I decided to get 2 more pairs a week later and grabbed them off the rack only to find that they didn’t fit!!! Today I showed a staff member 6 pairs of size 16 pants and each one was different. She wasn’t interested, said there was nothing she could do about it. Some were like a 12, some like a 14. I pointed it out in case other customers have the same issue. You have to try every item on at Target these days in 3 different sizes before you find something that fits!

Forget Click and Collect With Target

Click and Collect is the option you choose for faster service but not with Target. Website stated item in stock, Store confirms item in stock but apparently some staff member has marked it out of stock due to slight damage to the box and they can’t change the status...4 days later still waiting. It was also suggested twice by instore staff and the target online team if I wanted the item then I could go buy it and get a reimbursement later like sorry what?! So essentially they want me to pay twice, then inconvenience me further by needing to return to store when the item I actually already paid for finally turns up.

Click and collect

Terrible click and collect service. All other click and collect orders I have placed with other retailers have taken anywhere between 30 mins and 24 hours to be ready for collection. Not Target!! 11 days and still counting. When I contact them they ask for the delivery address (even though I’ve given them the order number)
Never use this service, they are absolute amateur when it comes to online shopping.

Target is lost

I went to target to buy a pair of work pants and one pair of size 8 was too tight and the other pair of size 10 was too big. I always have issues trying to find clothes in target that fit properly. They tried to fix the fashion as they lost there way. It feels like they never found it. Kmart clothes are cheaper and fit better. I don’t have a problem in spending money on something that fits.

Click and Collect | Online Chat

I used Click and Collect for the first time, thinking it would be easier and faster than going to the store...I was wrong. It would've been faster to simply call the store and see if they had the stock and then go there myself. It's been 9 days today since I placed my order and it's still being processed. I've been emailed a survey to rate my purchase that I don't have. I also used the online chat for the first time to check on my order and was advised it's still being processed on day 9, but the more frustrating factor is when you begin the chat you must enter you first and last name and email address, however when you start chatting the person on the other end requests for your full name...? Shouldn't they already have this? What is the point of repeating yourself or entering these details in the first place. Definitely room for improvement.

Not a happy customer

I had a bad expierience at Target not happy about all the self serve registers. You have to take hangers off try find your shopping bag hold your own bag with purse etc scan your cards and when i finally went to scan my credit card it accidentally fell in a thin crack at the self serve register could not retrieve even with the assistance of staff. Tried to retrieve for 30 mins in the end was unable to make my purchase and had to cancel my credit catd now have to wait for a new card . Please less self serve more assisted registers


Went in to target to buy a new phone and they were very helpful and helping me choose the right brand and Great phone for my everyday needs. They even help me with paying with afterpay.


I wish it could be better but good value for money I still recommend K mart!
I love the cheep cloths for when We go camping or on school camps!

Not much and bad quality

Target is ok. They don’t have much. Especially the stationary. And the clothes aren’t the best quality. I wouldn’t recommend target. Kmart and big w are a better with more variety and better qualify

Shirley in Target Mudgee

I just want to say how much I enjoy shopping at Target Mudgee,especially when Shirley is there, she always greets you with a smile & she always asks if she can help you with anything, she makes shopping there fun.
I find we have time to complain, but we don't find time to give a complement.

Wanna buy a toy... But you don't actually get to choose it

If you want to buy an action figure from a set you cant pick which one you want with Target online shopping. They "randomly select" the one you get. What kind of amateur operation is this? They are just too lazy to list the individual toys, which absolutely every other online store does. As most cartons of action figure toys contain more of one type than another this means there is a good chance you will end up with two of the same toy. What a *great* system Target...

Good stuff but overpriced

I did some of my christmas shopping at target last year and I found that a lot of their stuff is quite overpriced, although I do like the quality of clothing! I think target need to review some of their prices for toys and check out the prices from other stores.

Don't bother ordering online

I ordered 5 items on 13 Jan. Today is 20 Jan and the order still isn't ready for collection. I also have had 2 emails a couple of days ago saying some stock is unavailable so those items are cancelled. So it's taken 7 days to put 3 items of baby clothing together for Collection?
This is first time ordering online with target but I'll never do it again. It's supposed to be convenient and fast.

Disgrace messy and no service at all.

Absolutely terrible walked into the Portland Target which I used to love visiting last Wednesday not one person spoke to us or asked if we needed help totally ignored ....3 seniors gossiping wouldn't even acknowledging we were in the shop

Lack of staff checkouts

Very disappointing to see all but one staff manned checkout at Highpoint West shopping centre. There were numerous customers waiting to be served when the staff member of this checkout had to leave the register to attend to her customer’s query leaving the rest of us waiting. I refuse to use a self-checkout so I just put my items downs and left the store. I will not be visiting this Target any time soon.

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How do I order and pick up at a store near me?
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Contact Target.. obviously

What has happened to boys clothing with Target? It used to be the store to go too, not anymore. The range has gotten small and good luck trying to find good quality clothing for age 10 -12 years old. The buyers for target need to be reminded that boys are just as important as girls and that boys have as much right to choice of clothing as the girls do.
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I am looking for weight scales recommended by choice last year. Target PT-705 . Can’t find them in your current range. Have they been replaced by a similar model?
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