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Target 1000 Thread Count Cotton Sheet Set

Target 1000 Thread Count Cotton Sheet Set

2.4 from 8 reviews

These are awesome!

These are loveliest sheets I’ve ever slept in. They have a great weight and quality feel yet are so soft.
I’ve washed mine twice and the sheets fit my double sided pillow top mattress well. No shrinkage that I’ve noticed and definitely no pilling.
I got these for way under $100 so the value is amazing!
I am really sad to read that these have been discontinued :( I would have bought more if I had known!

Date PurchasedMar 2018

1000TC sheets

I purchased a set of these sheets a few weeks ago. They've been on the bed for a week & after the first wash they have pilled all over. They crease something awful & look like they are years old. They might be 1000TC but the quality is absolute rubbish. I will be returning them to get my money back. I purchased a set 5 years ago & they are still like new. Clearly a problem with their supplier

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Started out alright.

Started out alright but shrank to the point that the flat sheet just doesn't fit on my mattress at all, no pilling problems so far.No more target sheets for me.

Very bad quality

Had 1000 thread Target sheets for 8 years and they were great, until husband put his foot through them. We got a new set from Target $160.00 , have had them on the bed for 5 days and they are already pilling. Rang the store, there is nothing they can do as they changed suppliers and the product is not the same . She said they get a complaint nearly every week about the sheets! So why doesn't Target do something about it. I will never be buying Target sheets again, I wish I had read this sight before I bought my Set.

Started off OK but didn't last long

We bought two sets of these online and absolutely loved them. After about 4 weeks, we ordered more online. They were super soft and very comfortable. It reminded us of staying in a luxurious hotel. We sang their praises to friends and they bought sets too.

We always wash our sheets weekly and our washing machine doesn't have an agitator so there's no issue with abrasion. However, after about 12 weeks we noticed that the sheets started to pill.

Now, Target used to sell 1200 TC sheets, I still have three sets in Queen Sized and they are 4 years old and still AWESOME! I just wished they continued with them. Instead they seem to have gone to the 1000TC but it is obviously a shorter staple than the 1200 sheets. We have the latter sheets on our Queen Sized guest bed and everybody raves about them, such a pity.

I took all three sets of the 1000TC sheets back to Target and they refunded the cost without an issue. We explained the difference and the staff noted that it had been happening with these sets.

The only comparable sheets I've found to the 1200TC since is the cotton club sheets which I luckily got at half price at DJ's for $249. Still a good investment.

I just wish that Target brings back the 1200TC sheet because they are brilliant!

Not so good...

Just bought these last week, and perhaps if I didn't have the high quality ones I purchased last year, maybe I would be satisfied..The fitted sheet alone weighed 400g less than my old ones..The finish on the seams, nowhere near..The last set was made in India and these in China...If I'd paid full price I would be extremely unhappy...


I own two sets of these in queen size, purchased on sale (50% off woo!) the quality is amazing, have used them in both summer and winter. They fit perfectly on our mattress and have a really nice feel. So happy I got them! Have had no issues so far and it's been 8+ months and look like they will last us years :)
affordable, great quality, nice feel

Quality gone down hill

These sheet sets are not the same quality as my previous target 1000tc purchases. The sheets and pillowcases are a baggy fitting, the fabric is thinner, they crease up and also pilled after 1 week. Very disappointing and I will be returning these to the store for a full refund

Pilling, baggy fit and thin

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