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1 bedroom set, 1tv, 1tv table, 1 3 seater lounge with ottoman, 2 side tables, 1 desk & chair, 1 bar counter with 4 chairs, 1 fridge, 1 washing machine & 1 console table. Can they fit into 1 taxibox?
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Pretty sure you'll need 2 for this! I fit the below into mine, but I think the couch and otterman may put you over the edge: - Bed frame dismantled - Mattress - 2 x large chests of drawers - Slim wardrobe - 2 x side tables - 3 x suitcases - BBQ - Rolled rug - 6 packing boxes The Taxibox is about the size of a small van but taller, probably 1.5 x 2.5m, and then tall enough to stand a mattress in.No, you will need 2 taxiboxes for all of those things.Chris, you hero! We love when TAXIBOXERS help other TAXIBOXERS. Much appreciated! Liza, we may be coming in too late for this one, based on your cracking review (thanks a million!) but we’ve this handy tool which might help - https://www.taxibox.com.au/faq/storage-calculator/ We had a play ourselves and it looks like two TAXIBOXES might have been what you needed. Chris also gets bonus points for his dimension estimation, as each TAXIBOX is 2.4m long, 1.5m wide and 2.2m high externally or 2.32m long, 1.46m wide and 1.98m high internally. Kind regards, TAXIBOX Team

How much can you fit in one taxi box and how soon can you deliver to Mornington?
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Hi Rach, Excellent question! The boring answer: They can typically fit between a room to a room and half's worth of belongings. The fun answer: Try it for yourself! Use our fancy, new Storage Calculator and see precisely how much storage you need - www.taxibox.com.au/faq/storage-calculator/ We can deliver to Mornington 6 days a week (Monday - Saturday), but we only have some many slots on so many trucks. If you're looking to get things going ASAP, we'd recommend giving us a call on 1300 87-60-87 so that we can reserve a spot for you. Kind regards, TAXIBOX Team

What is the measurement of the taxi box?
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2.4m deep x 2.2m high x 1.5m wide (from https://www.taxibox.com.au/faq/storage-calculator/). As a practical example, we fitted this in ONE taxibox: - small study desk - two 2-drawer filing cabinets - washing machine - small round dining table (upside down on top of desk, filing cabinets and washing machine) - separate fridge and freezer (upright; fairly small, but still full size) - queen mattress (on its side, but not the bed base which went in another box) - a few small things to fill the gaps We didn't have anything that wouldn't fit, though sometimes it was a bit of a jigsaw maximising the space. We used four boxes to move from one three-bedroom home to another, but in hindsight we should have used five, because the "last few things" were more than we estimated and we needed to make numerous trips with full cars as well, which we could have eliminated. We also moved stuff from our garden (plants, mower, etc.) using a trailer.

Can you move Taxiboxes from Melbourne to Perth? Cheers
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Hi Kiddon, I'm just a customer, try here www.taxibox.com.auHi Kidon, Thanks so much for reaching out. Perth is a little beyond our remit at the moment, as we operate purely within Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. As we continue to grow, Perth may become a possibility, but we imagine you're probably looking for something a little more immediate. Jax - Thanks for responding as well, we really appreciate you helping out. Kind regards, TAXIBOX Team

I have swap of wardrobes One pick up from 50 Church st Balmain. NSW 2041 3 shelves and 5 draws then going to12 Leys Ave Lilyfield NSW 2040 to drop off to 12 Leys Ave Lilyfield pick up another wardrobe ,shower screen plus wardrobe door wardrobe door panel . to drop back to Balmain . Are you available to do this next week or before .?
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Hi Julie, We can offer this service. For 1 TAXIBOX this would involve $129 for the TAXIBOX for the month. The first delivery out to Balmain will be free of charge, The delivery to Lilyfield will then be $99 and then there would be a final delivery fee of an additional $99 to get the TAXIBOX delivered back to Balmain from Lilyfield. We currently have very limited spots available before christmas, please call us on 1300 87-60-87 and we can book you in for the closest available date. Thanks!I have made a mistake ,I don't need this service I wanted a removal of furniture from deliver too then pick up furniture and return with . not what is proposed here . Thank you . julie

How long does it take from Sydney to Melbourne?
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Hi Chel, Thanks for your enquiry. We generally ask for at least 14 days notice for interstate deliveries, although we're normally pretty good at bringing these timeframes a bit earlier if need be! Please let us know if we can clarify further. If you'd like to proceed with a quote/booking, please visit our booking page at www.taxibox.com.au/booking or call 1300 87-60-87. Kind regards, TAXIBOX Team.

Can I put the taxi box I hire in a place o my choosing”?
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Hi BIllyzane, Our unique delivery method means that as long as the access to your property meets some really basic requirements we should be able to place your TAXIBOX in the perfect spot for you! If access to your property is an issue, we also have the ability to deliver TAXIBOXES into on-street parking and options available for apartment buildings and those tricky inner suburbs! You can check out the full details on our website at https://www.taxibox.com.au/delivery/. Hope this helps! Kind regards, TAXIBOX Team.

Hi and thanks if you can respond to the following questions please? 1. What materials the taxi boxes made from? 2. Are they waterproof in case it rains before I have packed it up and it is collected from my home? 3. How long can I take to pack up my taxi box once it is delivered to my home and before it is collected at your facility? 4. Can I get a discount if I pay in advance for 6 months storage at your facility? 5. Can I access the taxi box once it is being held in your storage facility? 6. Is there a weight for each taxi box? For example it it contains furniture? 7. Can you tell me which items that cannot be stored (besides the obvious items such as food, explosives etc, perishables?) 8. Do I provide my own lock? 9. Is there a cost for the taxi box to be delivered? 10. Is there another cost when the taxi box collected and; 11. Is there another cost if the delivery address is different to that of the collection address? Thanks, Sandra Angus.
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Hi Sandra, Some great questions you’ve raised! *rubbing hands together*, let’s give it a go. 1. The TAXIBOXES are made from a breathable wood composite that allows the contents inside to breath while safely indoors at our facility and avoids mould and mildew. 2. They certainly are! TAXIBOXES are delivered with a weatherproof cover which protects them from the elements, including rain. In fact, we have some TAXIBOXES that are left on-site for many months at a time. 3. If delivered into a private space (driveway, garage, front yard etc), you can have as long as you like to load your TAXIBOX! Under some circumstances (ie deliveries on the street or tricky inner city locations) there may be restrictions on times – see www.taxibox.com.au/delivery for further info. 4. 6+ month discounts are automatically applied whether a prepayment takes place or not. These discounts apply to waiving or reducing the final re-delivery fees. If storing for 12+ months and prepaying, we can look to apply even more discounts to the monthly storage rates. 5. You most certainly can access your TAXIBOX at our facility once in storage. This is free of charge. All that’s required for access is to provide us with at least 24 hours notice. 6. Each TAXIBOX can hold up to 1000kg of weight. This is normally far in excess of what most household items would weigh. 7. The vast majority of household items can be stored in a TAXIBOX. For a list of prohibited items, please see question 18 on our FAQ page at www.taxibox.com.au/faq. 8. You can provide your own lock, although most customers simply purchase our TAXIBOX locks at a cost of $10.90. This is completely optional. 9. Delivery of your TAXIBOX is free. 10. For mobile self-storage, there is no pick-up fee. If storing your TAXIBOX at your place, a pick-up fee may apply depending on the length of storage. See www.taxibox.com.au/booking for an instant quote. 11. Re-delivery fees at the end of the storage term are dependent on the suburb we are re-delivering to and the length of storage. See www.taxibox.com.au/booking for an instant quote where you can experiment with different suburbs and time frames. Hope the above helps! Feel free to call us on 1300 87-60-87 to find out more or you can also respond here. Finally – you can also view our FAQ page which has plenty of information – www.taxibox.com.au/faq. Kind regards, TAXIBOX Team

What is the price for hiring a Taxi box ?
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Hi Cindy, Thanks very much for your question! There are a few factors that can influence your pricing with TAXIBOX such as whether you're moving home or storing, the number of TAXIBOXES you require, and the travel locations. It can be tricky to give you the lowest possible price without this basic info. That being said, we like to be really upfront and transparent about our pricing so please feel free to visit www.taxibox.com.au/booking for an instant online quote, tailored to your needs, or give us a call on 1300 87-60-67!

We hired two taxi boxes to relocate from Brisbane to Melbourne and stored for a month and paid 2000$ in total. Initial delivery charges were calculated to Dandenong and was free of charge. Do we have to pay extra 300$ for moving boxes from Dandenong to Berwick, To our new address.?its just 25km difference.
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Wow - we're terribly sorry for the delay in answering this! We've only recently seen these reviews on productreview.com.au and only came across this question now. I trust it's been sorted by now? If not, can you please give us a call on 1300 87-60-87, asking to speak with Kate? Please mention this website when calling. Kind regards - TAXIBOX Team.All good!

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