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Sound device....

Purchased 3 months ago and no issues, TEAC have been around quite a while but wasn't sure on quality, can now say their TV's are very good, has an in built DVD which is a bit noisy but handy, crisp screen, low power usage and easy to use, overall value very good, let's see if it goes the distance.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Single tuner ?

Can only watch channel that I am recording from ? Is this because I only have a single tuner? Would like to record a channel at the same time watch another a channel? How can I get around this problem. Should I use a USB or Video recorder ? Thanks

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Pretty Good For What It Is

Recently purchased a TEAC LEV32GD3HD from Kogan: Hey, it's a cheap TV (got it for well under $400) and, while it's true you get what you paid for, it's pretty good. While the picture quality is fair-good, the on-screen settings are easily accessed and quite intuitive … and I'm no genius! I found it easy to 'clean-up' the image to something I can live with. Sound is reasonable, if a bit 'flat' … but then I haven't 'fiddled' with the settings yet. Instructions were a little contradictory with regards to using an external DVD/VHS player (i.e. is any device that provides output through Composite Cable / RCA connectors) … you definitely can. Now to see how long it lasts … it comes with a 2 year Warranty.

- The service from both Kogan and AusPost in the purchasing (online) and delivery.
- TEAC Support - Rang … and I'm still waiting for a reply; Emailed … and had a very helpful reply within 15 mins.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Great Second TV for Bedroom

Used as second TV in a small unit, for use in a small bedroom.
Good picture, light to carry ,use it regularly to connect to a games console, no issues so far, support legs are stable is stable, sound is ok , no rattles in speakers, remote ok but like many cheaper tVs a tad slow, but that is a minor issue.
Perfect size for a small room.
Would recommend to anyone on a budget.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Nice TV

Nice TV, attractive design with a slim edge which gives an overall aesthetic appeal.
Looks really good on the tilting wall mount we purchased separately from an online retailer.
The stand is nice too but it's a knock out mounted on a big wall.
Remote is easy to use too.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

TV good

The TV works real well it has a great picture and offers many and exciting features which are useful the sound quality is quite normal however I would only recommend buying it if you cannot afford a later more upgraded model overall the TV is good for every day use.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Good, Bad and Ugly

1. I bought the TV from JBHIFI
2. It has worked perfectly since purchase June 2016,
3. Good value for money,
4. NOW:
Good points easy to setup, easy to use, with advantage of DVD player (not used so far), reasonable price and no problems to date hereof
Bad points none except the position of the infra red point positioned on the TV which is on the Right side when TV is facing you. Infrared Point should be in the middle of the screen. Bit of a nuisance.
Ugly none.
5. I can recommend this TV if you are looking for a good small HD TV.

Date PurchasedJun 2016
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The infra red point on the TV is on the left side of the TV when looking from the back of the TV. I have since posting my Review used the DVD and it works perfectly. This is great advantage to me as I love old movies like the Three Stooges..

Questions & Answers

Have a LEV32GD3HD TV. Has 3x Black & white striped horizontal boxes on screen at all times ( over picture as well)?
No answers

i cant record using a usb because the source setting is not in use help
1 answer
Hi Diane. What do you mean by "source setting", and, in what sense "not in use"?

Does the DVD player make loud or rattling noises?
1 answer
I haven't used the DVD player much, but so far it has performed perfectly well. By the way, the contact I had with TEAC Australia - I rang to check on contradictory information in the instructions, was very good. They were friendly and appreciated having the situation brought to their attention … it concerned whether or not an external, powered hard-drive could be connected to the USB port, for use as PVR (Personal Video Recorder) - it can! We have had the TEAC LEV32GD3HD set for a couple of months now. We are not big users … probably about 6 hours per week! … the picture and sound quality is quite good - certainly more than adequate for our needs. For under $400 delivered to the door, in under 1 week (from Kogan), it has proven (thus far) to be a good deal.


Price (RRP)$499
3D CapableNo
Energy Star Rating5stars
Smart TVNo

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