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TEAC LEV32GD3HD Questions & Answers

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Have a LEV32GD3HD TV. Has 3x Black & white striped horizontal boxes on screen at all times ( over picture as well)?
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i cant record using a usb because the source setting is not in use help
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Hi Diane. What do you mean by "source setting", and, in what sense "not in use"?

Does the DVD player make loud or rattling noises?
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I haven't used the DVD player much, but so far it has performed perfectly well. By the way, the contact I had with TEAC Australia - I rang to check on contradictory information in the instructions, was very good. They were friendly and appreciated having the situation brought to their attention … it concerned whether or not an external, powered hard-drive could be connected to the USB port, for use as PVR (Personal Video Recorder) - it can! We have had the TEAC LEV32GD3HD set for a couple of months now. We are not big users … probably about 6 hours per week! … the picture and sound quality is quite good - certainly more than adequate for our needs. For under $400 delivered to the door, in under 1 week (from Kogan), it has proven (thus far) to be a good deal.

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