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Tefal Aquaspeed Power Zone FV5355Z0

Tefal Aquaspeed Power Zone FV5355Z0

MPN: FV5350
3.6 from 34 reviews

This is so good

This product work very well , the iron Tefal heats up very quickly, this product is very gentle with my clothes , particularly with my delicates clothes . I'm really satisfied with its steaming capabilities, I really recommend that you buy this iron it's amazing and very very very beautiful

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Best iron! I’ve bought 3!

Honestly this is hands down the best iron I’ve ever used. I work in realestate this I need a crisp ironed shirt everyday. This iron does it all. It’s smooth, quick and actually makes ironing fun. The first iron I bought, my fiancé’s rabbit chewed the cord, so I’m personally on my second one. I also bought one for the mother in law and she’s loving it too. As always, make sure you use the steam function from time to time as muck can build up in the steam jets. I hear that using filtered or bottled water can overcome this.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Simple and Easy to use Iron

The Tefal iron is awesome its so smooth and gentle, I have been using it for the past 9 months and have not had any issues with it yet. It has a built stand at the back so placing it down while ironing is real easy, the only issue is you cant really fit into the "iron spot" on the ironing board, however this is not really necessary as it has it's own. Its great for ironing shirts and bed sheets.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Excellent iron

I go through irons so quickly, but this Tefal iron has lasted the distance at 14 months post purchase. I wanted to wait and see how it stood up against my other less than impressive irons and am happy to say that it is the best iron I’ve ever had!!! It also importantly has auto shut off and will begin to reheat when you pick it up again. So smooth, never catches on materials and never leaks water or over-steam as some do.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Very Good Iron

What a great iron! I was putting up with an ancient sunbeam that had a sticky plate for years before I upgraded - wow how smooth and silky to use! It is a very nice design, it looks good and holds a steady temperature but the big thing is that beautiful gliding hotplate. Its so nice to use. I am very pleased with this iron - no problems at all. I think everyone would be happy with this model.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Perfect Iron

I personally dislike ironing clothes, but when it comes to this iron i dont mind it at all ! easy to use, heats up quickly and doesn't burn clothes. Glides easily against clothes, doesn't seem to disappoint. Easy to main and clean., Have recommended family and friends to purchase this item,

Date PurchasedMar 2018

A pleasure to iron!

Tefal have produced a great iron. Having used a better version in the UK last year, I had to try one. There is ample water storage and plenty of steam. The only issue is when you leave the iron flat on the surface and then re-iron - drops of water come out. Replacing the iron in an upright position avoids this. It is light and easy to use - a good buy.

Date PurchasedJul 2017


I’ve found this to be a great iron,heats quickly, love the position of the steam button. Has an auto off for extra safety.
The sole plate of my old iron was for ever dirty from careless users, but this one does not seem to get dirty.
Like all new appliances takes a little time to get used to. A very efficient iron.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Great iron and great price

The iron heats up very fast. The temp control is good. I like the steam feature. It gets all the creases out of shirts. Great price $71 on special in Jan sales at Big W. Overall an excellent iron compared to my last Sunbeam iron which really didn’t do the job.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Very happy excep for "pinging"

This Iron does a good job, heats up quickly. Temp adjustment is good. It did take a little getting used to due to being a different shape to my old iron this one is wider & heavy cradle base. The strange thing is after about 1 month I started hearing a ping like a spring in it now and then. Had it approximately 6 months still pings but still going.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

So disappointed!

Was recommended to me but so disappointed! Started off great but for months getting progressively worse! Black sticky stuff built up on non stick plate, water now just leaking all over ironing! Have to put garments back in wash! Have get a new iron! Definitely won't be Tefal! Very disappointing!

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Don't buy

Bought on basis of high steam rate, first mistake, at best you are constantly refilling the resevoir, at worst there is so much steam you cannot see the clothing. I burnt an item I had ironed in exactly the same way three times previously, so many bits come out of the sole plate even after four goes at cleaning. Could go on but its a waste of time just like the iron

Date PurchasedJan 2017


This Tefal iron is awesome compared to other irons I always used to buy. I was continually spraying water with the other iron to get out crinkles, not realising that if it was hotter (like the Tefal is) I wouldn't have to do this! The only annoying feature is that when the auto off function is activated, it doesn't beep like my old iron used to - meaning the iron could potentially be left on at the power point all day. I am having to replace this iron as the cord is breaking where it has kinked. It is just over 2 years old, but has had a hammering from myself and 3 young adults. I'll be buying the same model again, as we have been very happy with it.

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Hello. Thank you for your great review of the Tefal Steam Iron FV5355. We are so happy to hear you have enjoyed using the iron and you are considering purchasing another Tefal model. If we can ever be of any assistance please don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you – Tefal Australia facebook.com/TefalAustralia.

did last the distance

has been a great iron to use but today it packed it in. I have had it less than 2 years and it cost $100, so i would have expected it to last a bit longer. Apart from what i consider a short life span everything else about it has been fabulous

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Hello. Thank you for your review of the Tefal Steam Iron FV5355. We are sorry to hear about the issues you are having with the iron. They are covered under a 2 year replacement warranty. As long as you have the receipt you can take it back to the place of purchase to have it swapped over. Thank you – Tefal Australia facebook.com/TefalAustralia.

I love this iron as much as you can love any home appliance.

This is a brilliant iron. This is the 2nd time I have bought one as the cat knocked over the other one quite a few times and there are only so many drops on the floor an iron can take. It heats up in seconds, the control is accurate and it is just the right weight to move and glide around. The steam is great and I think it makes ironing quicker because it is so easy to use.

After so many issues with Sunbeam irons this is great !!

After 3 leaking Sunbeam irons I checked reviews for Tefal irons. Checked out the range (dismissed the Tefal irons made in China) and went for this model made in France. Couldn't be happier with it !! Heats up quickly, doesn't leak, self cleaning and is a pleasure to use each day.

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Hi Graton,, Thank you for taking the time to review the Tefal Aquaspeed FV5355 Iron. We are glad to hear that you are very happy with your product and you are finding it pleasurable to use on a daily basis! If we can ever be of any assistance please don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you – Tefal Australia facebook.com/TefalAustralia

Took the first one back and the second one does the same thing!

I have always used Tefal irons and only replace them when they are well-used. Less than a year ago I purchased this iron and from the minute I turned it on it dribbled brown water and spat white minerals onto everything. I gathered that it was a faulty unit and I returned it and took another home. This one has now started to do the same thing! So badly that I have taken photos. And now the machine is tripping our safety switch every time we turn it on. Luckily I retained my receipt and the box (sad that one has to do that "just in case" when purchasing an expensive product). I just found this site and wished I had done so before purchase. We can not rely on the reputation of a brand and its products these days! I am so disappointed.

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Hello. Thank you for your review of the Tefal iron. We are very sorry to hear about the experience you've had with your iron. Were you able to take the machine back to the place of purchase under the warranty? If you have any further questions or need any further assistance in this matter please email productreview@groupeseb.com Thank you – Tefal Australia facebook.com/TefalAustralia.

Not hot enough & drips on everything

I have had this for a year or so so maybe a slightly older version. Looks the same. I am replacing it with a different brand as this one has definitely not lived up to my expectations. It isn't hot enough! and dribbles on everything! It has been like this from the start. Found this site when reviewing other options.

Hi Jane. Thank you for your review of the Tefal steam iron FV5355. We are sorry to hear about the experience you've had with this iron. So we can help you further, can you please forward on your contact details and a copy of your purchase receipt to productreview@groupeseb.com? One of our customer service team members will be able to try and sort this issue out for you. Thank you – Tefal Australia facebook.com/TefalAustralia.Thank you. I appreciate your response. I no longer have a receipt, however I think I bought it on 25/01/13 from Harvey Norman so they should have a record of it. The other problem is, I am a Kiwi (NZ) so I doubt your office would offer support. I tried to contact Tefal in NZ but there are no phone numbers available. I am very pleased to hear though that this is not how irons are meant to perform. Hopefully my next is better...Hello! Thanks for your reply. Our Australia customer service team covers both Australia and New Zealand for customer support. Please still send through your receipt if you're able to get it from the store. Thank you - Tefal Australia.

Excellent Quality Iron

After steam issues with previous reputable branded steam irons, decided to try the TEFAL FV5355. This would be the best steam iron my wife and I have ever used. Can't find a thing to complain about. So easy to use and an excellent purchase price made moving to TEFAL a better option. So sad to see the reputable brands now falling behind but their loss is TEFAL's gain.

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Hi Dave. Thank you so much for your great review of the Tefal steam iron FV5355. We are so happy to hear you and your wife have had no issues with the iron and love using it! If we can ever be of any assistance please don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you – Tefal Australia facebook.com/TefalAustralia.

No steam

Please could someone tell me if they have had a proble with no steam at all well this is the only question i have do i have to righr 59 words to find out maybe why my iors has just stopped steaming well i love my iorn but dont wantto but a new one as i dont use it tjat much n if i cant work out why it jas just stopped steaming i will ho back to tje $50 iorn if i jave to pirchase a new one ever 12 mths to 2 yrs thank you for any information

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Hi Darkie, Thank you for the review of the Tefal FV5355. So we can understand the issue you are experiencing with a little more detail can you please email us your contact details to productreview@groupeseb.com and one of our Customer Service Team Members will be in touch to assist you. Thank you. – Tefal Australia facebook.com/TefalAustralia

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Questions & Answers

Hello I am trying to buy a Tefal Iron Aquaspeed 5355. On the reviews there seem to be people in Sydney and Melbourne. I have tried online - Appliance online/Harvey Norman/Good Guys are none of them have that model. We live in Perth and so far not having any luck. Can you please help at all. I have had one for years and just love it, going to give to my daughter and want to buy the same model again for myself. Thank You Trish
2 answers
Hi Tish, I bought mine about 2 years ago from appliances online but doesn’t look like they stock it any longer. I have searched for it and seems like good guys have it, you may be able to find in a store near you or perhaps order it online. Otherwise If you use the name and model number on google and hit “shopping” there is a few eBay stores that have it, you can try one of those. Good luck!Ohh I just saw you have tried good guys! Try eBay!

Why does water poor out of the bottom of the iron when put on synth?
1 answer
Because it is a cr#•p iron!

Hi is the Tefal ultimate steam power meant to come with a water jug to fill the iron? I purchased one and it seems to be missing if it is meant to be there (for $150 iron I kind of expected one)
1 answer
Hi Emily, Thank you for your question regarding the Tefal Aquaspeed FV5355. Just to let you know none of the Tefal Linen Care Range (Steam Irons/Steam Generators) are sold with water jugs for filling. All Tefal Irons have large openings for water to be placed into them therefore the use of a water jug is not necessary. If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact us. Thank you – Tefal Australia facebook.com/TefalAustralia.


Tefal Aquaspeed Power Zone FV5355Z0
CategoryIrons & Steam Generators
Price (RRP) $148
Water Tank Capacity300ml
Release dateOct 2011

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  • GTIN13: 3121040054956
  • MPN: FV5350

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