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Tefal Ceramic Control Induction Collection

Tefal Ceramic Control Induction Collection

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Worst pan

Purchased this pan five months ago and after the first month al the coating came off and food was sticking. I was told it was my fault for overheating the product which I didnt do. Worst customer service. Avoid this company

Date PurchasedJun 2018

No after sales care

Despite treating my pans like they were the holy grail, the are very disappointing. On contacting tefal we were told they had been overheated. They hadn't. And a frying pan should be able to cope with high heat. Will not buy tefal again. Over rated and not good. Totally disappointed.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Worthless junk

I paid almost $100 dollars for my fry pan at Harvey Norman :I. It worked brilliantly for the first couple of times and then turned into the pan equivalent of velcro... EVERYTHING stuck to it!

Went to Costco, bought TWO pans (Starfrit The Rock for anyone looking for good reliable non sticks) for half the price I paid for one of these Tefal crappy 'induction' pans and they are seriously the BEST pans I've ever used!

I also hand wash my pans so the dishwasher couldn't be blamed.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Low quality High Price

Factual claims of frypan does not justify the actual cooking. Sticks, hard to clean, looses looks and quality after few uses.
We purchased two and we regret the money spent horrible pan for frying not recommended

Date PurchasedDec 2016

If I could give this no stars I would

This fry pan is an absolute piece of junk. I went out specifically to buy a non stick fry pan which this pan claimed to be. It was fantastic for about 2 weeks and then at about the month mark it was absolutely terrible. I contacted Tefal via facebook and they tried to claim that no where on its packaging does it say it's non stick. I threw away the packaging but I know for sure that it said non stick because I wouldn't have bought the stupid thing if it didn't. Obviously I'm not the only one who believes this given the other reviews. Just admit you changed your product description because of reviews Tefal. Terrible customer service. Never buying Tefal again.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Terrible for the price and tefal doesn't care about it

I bought 2 fry pans ceramic range from tefal.. only lasted about 2 months it's totally gone the colour faded it looks bad everything sticks totally rubbish. I've tried assistance from tefal it takes them 3 weeks to answer your email after doing that 5 times they tell me that's it's designed to stick and the descoloration is normal it's rubbish...I wouldn't buy again....

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Cooking Velcro

Worked great for the first couple uses. ThermoSpot was a novel feature and did work.

Unfortunately the pan surface suddenly transformed into the cooking equivalent of velcro! Everything sticks, no matter how low we set the cooking temperature. Liberally coating the surface with oil only works for so long. Once the surface is exposed during cooking and makes contact with food, it grips like Tarzan swinging on a vine!

We spent more time soaking and cleaning the pan, than actually cooking with it.

We would definitely NOT recommend the Tefal Ceramic Control Induction.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Terrible product, Terrible customer service

We bought 4 of these fry pans from Myers.
After a few times it started to stick very badly, so we complained to Tefal.
We were told that these products were not non-stick. We were also suggested that we were misinformed when we purchased them. However the original packages mentioned a life time guaranteed, non-stick coating.
We emailed them again with a picture of the packaging, but never received a reply.
Very disappointing with Tefal's products and service.

Date PurchasedJan 2016
Hi Pipa, Thank you for the above review. We would like to take this opportunity to apologise for the Service that you have been provided and would definitely like to assist you and find out where the communication failed. I can confirm that Ceramic is definitely not a non-stick product and you do need to use Oil or Butter whilst cooking otherwise food will stick to the base of the pan. Could you please send an email to productreview@groupeseb.com with the photograph of the package and your telephone number so one of our Customer Service Team Members can contact you. Thank You - Tefal AustraliaWe responded to Tefal's request and have heard no more. Tefal has turned the opportunity to redeem itself from a poor customer service experience into a worse one. Ohhh Tefal, poor quality products and even poorer customer serviceHi Pipa, We do apologise, it looks like your email sent to us went into a junk file folder which our IT department has now managed to retrieve. We have responded to you today. Thank You - Tefal Australia


Sick and tired of my old wok so I was pretty happy when I found this one...used it the first night and haven't looked back. It's not as heavy as a lot of woks and is so easy to clean plus food doesn't stick. I'm very happy with it!

It doesn't come with a lid but I purchased a Tefal multi size lid with a glass window which can be used for saucepans and woks between 24-30cm. This cost $15.

I've used both products several times and totally enjoy cooking with them.

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Hi Gilly, Thank you for such a fantastic review of the Tefal Ceramic Control Cookware. We are so happy that you haven't looked back and have found a suitable lid to use with this wok. We hope you continue enjoying cooking with this fabulous cookware. Thank You - Tefal Australia


I brought one of these ceramic induction pans from Farmers during the christmas special. Initially when i first started to use it it was great. I need to use less oil for cooking and the surface felt really smooth, better than the normal teflon pan. However after only 3 month of usage, the nightmare begins. I think Tefal must have sprayed some sort of coating on the pan to make it really slick and after 3 month of usage this layer must have wore off. Now whatever I cooked using the pan, the food sticks on it like crazy except if i used a lot of oil. It is to the point that Icant even fried an egg without half of it being glued to the pan. I felt kind of ripped off having paid $100 for this pan and for it to last for only 3 months.

Hidden Treasure!

I decided to ditch Teflon fry pans so I did some research to find out the safer type of fry pans. I found Tefal Color Ceramic fry pans in Harvey Norman. The internal surface is white ceramic coating. According to the label on this fry pan, it is PFOA free, lead free and cadmium free. I bought one to try and was very pleased with the non-stick property and it is super easy to clean. It is more non-stick than the many expensive Teflon non-stick fry pans. Previously my Teflon non-stick surfaces were destroyed after boiling water using the pans, but this pan has no such problem. I enjoy using this pan so much that I bought another 2 more from Harvey Norman. I treasure them so much as there is no other place selling this product except Harvey Norman. Looks like Harvey Norman may not bring in new stocks once they are sold out. Just wondering why not many people notice such a beautiful product. A similar one in the market is Tefal Ceramic Control which I have not tried. The only con is that it is not oven safe due to its handle. It is really a fantastic healthy non-stick cookware.

Questions & Answers

Can i get a refund? I have the same issue as all the above people - i was told it was non stick - SAFE non stick - and it was on the packaging which i didn't keep believing what i read. It now sticks with everything and I am a very careful cook....is a refund possible? I paid $100 roughly - and am VERY disappointed
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No. They totally get out of it. I think the salt cooking thing does more harm than good, further exonerating the warranty. Angry face emoji.thanks Justine - disappointing they don't even bother to answer either!

There appears to be diametrically opposed views on the white Tefal Ceramic Control Induction frying pan; particularly regarding its non-stick qualities after a reasonably short time of use. Can anyone shed light on what is the truth about this product? Robin
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Hi Robin, Thank you for your question regarding Ceramic Control Cookware. We can confirm that Ceramic cookware is not non-stick and does not contain any non- stick qualities. You definitely will need to use oil or butter when cooking with Ceramic Cookware as Food will stick if you don't. The major benefit of using Ceramic Cookware is that it produces a perfectly seared result & a crisper result on your food after cooking. We hope this clarifies your question Thank You - Tefal AustraliaTefal Australia, the guarantee printed on the underside of the packaging states that "The non-stick coating is guaranteed for the life of the pan ..." Also beware, they responded to our complaint on Product Review advising they they would contact us directly. We provided our details a few weeks ago and have not heard anything since. Shame on Tefal for its deceitful customer serviceI'm another very disappointed owner. We use an induction cooktop and were very careful to follow the instructions regarding "Before First Use", use, and cleaning. Our frypan was fantastic for the first couple uses. After which it suddenly became the cooking version of velcro! It literally was a day to night transformation from a great non stick pan, to worse than useless. We spent more time soaking and cleaning the pan than cooking with it. This pan is destined for the recycle bin... Our Tefal experience matches those posted prior.

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