Not perfect, but awesome

I love the Tefal Cook4Me, I purchased it almost three years ago, and its been an awesome appliance.

As with all cooking you have to learn how to operate it and manage the specifics of cooking what you want with it and it has an idiosyncrasy that I had to learn to get around, once you get the hang of it, happy days.

It has an ingredients function where you can select one thing to cook including rice, vegetables and grains, my experience with it is it does that beautifully in quick time (set and forget). The browning function does an awesome job, just so long as you do larger lots in batches so you don't over power the element and stew your ingredient in their own juices (just like every other electric cooking appliance including stove tops, I cook for around 6 people usually and its not a problem).

Some of the in built recipes tend to be watery, if you reduce the amount of liquid from the recipe in the book that comes with the Tefal, the cooker sometimes comes up with an error meassage (not enough liquid), I ignore that and restart the recipe, as the cooker is a pressure cooker and cooks things very fast, by the time its heated to its full temp and pressurized again its reached the required cooking time and the meal is good to go (error is irrelevant). I mostly use mine for ingredients (rice, vegies ect) or I use my own recipes and cook in the manual mode. I cook some of the inbuilt recipes thought and they can be surprisingly good straight out of the book, and even better once you teak them to your tastes.

I leave the Tefal on the bench all the time, I know longer use my rice cooker, stove top steamer or pressure cooker at all, the Tefal does those things spot on. Its easy to keep clean the removale parts fit in the dishwasher, wipe down the outside, turn it upside down in the sink and flush out the lid, so far the non-stick surface has stayed fully intact.

Its a great bit of kit, thoroughly recommend this appliance.

Purchased in May 2016 at The Good Guys for $268.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Pressurising Speed
Product is used: Several times a week
Features / Functions
Pressure Cooking
Rice Cooking

Major problems with engineering

We really tried to this cooker to work, and, objectively, it cooks very well. However, this is offset by a number of insurmountable problems, which made us return it. First a minor quibble -- the cooking temperatures are not given to the user, making it difficult to adapt to custom recipes. The more serious issue is with the design of the lid. There is a hollow area underneath the removable lid, which receives steam and potentially little bits of food, but cannot be removed or cleaned. In other words, you'll have to live with the idea of food particles permanently in the cooker, ones you can't get out. More worryingly, the metal lid presses directly on the teflon coating of the pan, causing it to rub off into your food after just a few uses. This is actually harmful to your health, and I can't understand why there isn't a rubber gasket or something to prevent the rubbing from happening.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Best appliance I’ve ever purchased

Originally bought this thinking it would be good for busy weeknights. But this machine is the best appliance I’ve ever bought. I use it for everything! Cooks risotto and pasta dishes in no time. And now that I have a baby I’m using it to steam all our veggies for her solids. I use it every other day and it is well worth the money for anyone thinking about the cost to use ratio. Built in recipes are easy and delicious too.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

My son bought one, then I did, then a friend -now my sister has one!

I made the mistake of using my son's new cook4me that he purchased as he was moving out and had never cooked. I had not heard of the Tefal Cook4Me, but he spotted it in the Good Guys while looking for a fridge. We did have a couple of errors re not enough water, but touch wood that doesn't happen as we've learnt the nature of it and what it requires.
At first we were disappointed that there was not a cookbook included - a book of recipe names, but no cookbook. But when my sister purchased hers she was told about the App. Well that has made such a difference!!! You can view the recipes and ingredients where ever your phone is. I had been looking up the recipes on the machine now I use the App - this has made it complete.
Makes a beautiful Risotto in a very short time...no stirring. Curries come out beautifully. I made a lovely baked cheesecake in it. Brisket comes out so tender and just falls apart.
Yesterday I made the Potato Bake Express...It took me 15 mins to peel, and chop potato, bacon and onions and only 8MINS to cook!!!! No more 1.5 hour potato bake in my oven! This is a great recipe for busy families or singles like my son who will eat it for a couple of days.
BUT one point no one has touched on - is how light but strong the bowl is. I have arthritis in my thumbs but I can manage lifting this bowl out very easily.
We have caned ours over the last few months and the bowl shows no signs of wear!
Nick, Robyn, Amanda and I can't live without our Cook4Me and we share our success's.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Time saver

Great product, saves hips of time for cooking, total blessing when you have little kids. Best for cooking risotto (within 20 mins) and curries. For example, the Massaman curry takes just under 40 mins to cook. Lots of built in recipes. Almost stopped cooking on cooktop. Handy application. The multi cooker doesn't retain smells or flavours after use.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Pressure cooking for LIFE!

I used to be all about the slow cooker, then one day my mum sent me a gift and it was this weird looking robot. I couldn't be bothered reading the instructions, nor did I want to change how I cooked, so I left it sitting there for months.
Fast forward to a day when I had time on my hands, I opened up the box, threw (gently) a leg roast of lamb, a can of tomatoes and a heap of rosemary and garlic, set it for 40 minutes manual... And I've never looked back.
It's more or less a fast slow cooker? I have used a few of the recipes in there, but it's not really my thing. I use it to do my weekly meal prep for my very fit, and always hungry boyfriend and I. I can have 1kg of chicken breast cooked to perfection in less than 20 mins by throwing (gently) the chicken in the steaming basket, adding 20ml of water and pressing a few buttons.
I've got my girlfriend's on to pressure cooking. I managed to cook a meal for my MIL's 60th birthday in about 3 hours. This fed 20 people and there were left overs. (4 roasts, vegetables, roast potatoes that I put in oven to crisp up etc).
Soups are great to make in it too. Just put some water and veges in after you've cooked some meat (roast lamb is the best,), put on for 40 mins and viola.
You could probably get away with the cheaper brands too, I read a bunch of reviews on this site that led me to one that was $100 with great review.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Great Pressure Cooker

It’s a good pressure cooker with built in recipes, but I would hardly call it a multi cooker. It’s great for all in one bowl means and does a good job as a faster slow cooker, with similar results. The slow cook function is pretty average and hard to use. The manual says you can slow cook with the lid down, but the appliance itself won’t let you.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

More than happy with this excellent pressure cooker...

I purchased this pressure cooker and I more than happy. Quick and excellent food cooker, in fact I am looking to purchase another one. I have made chicken soup, casseroles, spaghetti bolognaise and stir fries with ease and it cooks in a matter of minutes. The bread and butter pudding recipe is the only one I am happy with in the recipe book but I mainly use my own recipes. Would highly recommend this pressure for ease and quickness and well cooked food.
Unhappy people need to experiment to get the good results.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Typical Stuff up by Tefal

I bought this because I thought it might be good but anything but. I used to cook lamb curry in a Tefal pressure cooker and in 15 minutes it was so soft it melted in your mouth but this pressure cooker doesn’t do that. It’s just bells and whistles and fancy menus for everything I don’t eat. The pressure cooker cooks far longer and meat doesn’t turn out really soft like it used to in my old pressure cooker in only 15 minutes. So us this a real pressure cooker I ask? Is this a bona fide pressure cooker?

I want to cook a cake mix but there’s no setting for it and any other settings I choose say there is not enough liquid in the bowl. And you ring up Tefal and the guy doesn’t have any idea about the product. He didn’t even seem to understand English well so where do I get support for this overpriced, overhyped junk that cost me a small fortune and doesn’t cook for me what I want. Tefal typically release a product, hype it up and then abandon its customers.

with support so bad next time I’ll go with another brand that values it’s customers because Tefal don’t.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

The results blew my mind!

For the last five years or so...working long hours and being time poor destroyed all my desire and motivation to cook healthy meals. We have survived on snacky type foods for dinner, such as toasted sandwiches, bacon and eggs, crackers with avocado and baked beans...to name a few. In comes the Tefal Cook 4 Me plus, recommended by my daughter. Well...OMG...butter me on both sides!...

Date PurchasedAug 2018

I love this Product although I did have issues but I sorted it out see below (Error Code 21) how to

My first Cook4Me worked wonders but after 2 weeks it started displaying error Code 21 (not enough water) I was being left with uncooked meals. Took it back and it was replaced. New one did the same thing after 1 week. I finally had a thought, this happened as soon as I took the inside top out to clean and I was tightening the screw really tight. As soon as I loosened the screw off, it started cooking perfectly and I have been using it continuously without any hiccups ever since. It is amazing and I love the Recipes. I have found some errors in some recipes though but I would not be without this cooker now. Its Brilliant.

Date PurchasedJul 2018
Well I recently left a comment on here regarding my Tefal Cook4Me. I bought one and after 2 weeks it kept showing Error Code 21 not enough water although I followed the recipe. This happened as soon as I removed the inside section for cleaning. It would not cook after the cleaning and replacing, kept the Error code 21 and I was left with uncooked food. The Shop replaced the Tefal Cook4Me for another one. Had it 4 weeks and the same thing is happening. I thought I had fixed the issued by not tightening the inside screw so tight, but yesterday it did the same thing and will only show Error Code 21 not enough water. There is obviously a huge issue with these Cook4Me appliances. I am taking this one back AGAIN tomorrow. I do not want another one. I want my money back or another product. These are brilliant when they work, but they don't work for long.Well, these would be brilliant if they worked longer than a couple of weeks. After having two and having to return both back to Joyce Mayne, who I might add bent over backwards to help me with the returns and refunds. I decided never to buy another one of these again. I purchased with the refund money a Breville ordinary Pressure Cooker. Have not had one problem with it. It does not have the recipes built in, but cannot help that I guess. I jsut use my own recipes.

Good for Pressure Cooking, But Presets Don't Do Much

1. Easy to use and understand
2. Browning function terrific
3. Easy to clean
4. Love the big handles
5. Once figure out the time, most food comes out beautifully
6. Delayed start function is great

1. "Recipes" come out watery and aren't much use for me
2. No app available in AU
3. No Slow Cooker function!?
4. No conversion from slowcook/high pressure cook to this particular pressure cook, so now most of my recipes I am having to test again

Overall I wouldn't buy this. It's not that "smart" of an appliance, even though it's got potential. I'd stick to an easier to use traditional pressure cooker. I did not love it as much as I thought I would

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Leaks water when using pressure cooking function

At first it was great, but after using it for a few months, it started to leak out water from the steam nozzle on top when pressure mode is used. I always made sure water level was way below the max line. It happened even when I cooked 1 serve of risotto which required very little water wayyyy below the max line. I am very disappointed with this product. I also have the older model which I think is called minute cool pressure cooker or multi cook, the one which looks bulkier, and I never have problem with leakage when using the pressure mode.
I will take a photo of the leakage to show you guys. Not only did it leave an absolute mess on my kitchen bench but also made me nervous that the leak was sooo close to the electric plug on the machine. If you only use it for sauté or browning then that’s fine but as soon as the lid is closed - bang - leakage!!

I don’t know who I can contact and whether Tefal is aware of this, it’s not an acceptable product.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Bought at half price and its OK but definitely not great.

So we bought the Tefal Cook4Me Plus from Amazon (AU) when it was half the normal price and I am certainly glad I never paid full price. Overall its OK but when things go wrong the lack of ability to return to the point where things did go wrong and continue cooking is flawed design in my opinion.
The recipes when they work are quite nice.
It is so easy to clean.
(very minor) The control uses a dial to select the option you want which is a bit of a pain when you want a recipe staring with say "m" or "n". Confirming that yes you do want to turn it off seems an unnecessary extra step as well. Maybe old "Windows" programmers were involved?
(minor) Recipes involving chicken use different terms ("Drumstick", "Chicken Leg", and "Chicken Leg with Thigh"). So is a "Chicken Leg" with or without the thigh? Recipes need a review for consistency.
(major) Quick Moussaka recipe that we tried said to brown then remove meat. It never told us to put the meat back, and never told us to brown (or cook) the onion. We then had to guess how to solve the issue and cook the meal using its manual feature. I did download a pdf of the recipes from Tefal's website but there is no "Quick Moussaka" recipe in the pdf even though our device has that recipe in its menu - go figure? Quality control is either lacking or there are different recipes for different regions?
(mid) You can download a list of recipes with the ingredients but they don't have the steps. The trouble is you really want to know what the upcoming steps are before you start cooking, especially when things go wrong. Please provide a pdf of the steps for each recipe for download as it is needed to fix issues when things go wrong.
(major) So we tried the "Quick Moussaka" recipe a second time and sure enough it skipped putting the meat back in or adding the onions at any stage, but this time it complained there was not enough liquid - why? The trouble is given its a set and forget device I have no idea how far into the process it had the lack of liquid issue so I have no idea how to fix it when adding more liquid and cooking manually. We then tried a fettuccine recipe and same error "not enough water" was raised even though we followed the instructions precisely. If there was some way to know when the problem occurs you might have half a chance to recover.
(mid) So I sent an email regarding the not enough liquid errors and the "Quick Moussaka" issues but it took 11 days (not 2 as they state) to get back to me and said I needed to take it to a service centre. They didn't offer some steps to try which would have been nice. So in the mean time we continued to use the device and I think I solved the not enough liquid issue when I fiddled with the lid part that sits under the ball steam thing-a-me-jig (using technical terms here) as the error has not occurred again. Does seem fiddly though and leaves you with no confidence it is going to work.
(mid) When it says 10 minutes preparation time it assumes you have the knife skills of Jamie Oliver and does not allow for heating oil, browning meat/onion/etc. How people can say its a real time saver I can only think of compared to a slow cooker on the oven. I can cook a meal in 30 minutes after work without this device and using this device it still takes 30 minutes (or more).
I do like it I guess but if I had paid full price I would have hated it. The repeated lack of enough liquid error which is possibly due to how you put the lid together and may be intermittent is the major killer. I simply don't trust it to work and when the error is raised you have to think for yourself how you are going to solve it as it doesn't indicate when in the process the error occurred. I will continue to use it to try and get value from it but wish I had never purchased the thing.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Worst appliance I have ever bought

I bought this because of all the good reviews, and have been extremely disappointed.
This unit is quite good when it works. However, since we have twice had to pour its contents into our trusty stove top pressure cooker to continue cooking, we can no longer trust it, so it sits in our cupboard unused. The problem is that, when it tries to get up to pressure, it displays error 24 and advises that more water is needed - which is absolute nonsense. Even waiting for it to cool down, and then adding water does not help.
My advise to anyone thinking of buying this is to not waste your money, but to get a normal pressure cooker that will simply work without flashing stupid error messages.
Don’t even try to get any help from Tefal, because they don’t respond. I have always regarded their products to be quite good, but I won’t be buying any more.

The best thing that can happen is to get a refund.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Dinner sorted in record time!!

Bought this fantastic pressure cooker late last year. OMG! I wish I had bought it sooner. It is extremely user friendly, every inbuilt recipe is spelt out for you, just click ok and scroll through the ingredients, press ok and start cooking. I've made several of the inbuilt recipes now and even just cooked a few specific ingredients, ie brown rice and quinoa, and I have to say every recipe thus far is terrific. All time favourite is Chicken Paella which cooks in just 6 minutes!! People don't believe me when I tell them I can cook it in such a short time, but it's true. The 6 minutes doesn't include the prep time, but the actual cooking time. I invited a friend over to show her and she was blown away by how quickly we were able to sit down and have dinner sorted. Cleaning up is a breeze because of the non-stick surface of the bowl - nothing sticks to it. The bowl itself is huge and can easily hold a whole chicken - which I've cooked - chicken and vegetables, and it turned out brilliant. The meat was just falling off the bones and very tasty. One comment, it would have been good to have included with the manual the listing of liquid required for each ingredient - that is say for 200g of brown rice you need 350ml of water. This info is not included anywhere but I found it via a lovely Facebook group where someone provided the link to down load the info sheet. If you're busy, short on time to cook meals, I can thoroughly recommend this unit. The hardest part is deciding what to have!

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Best solution for people who do not like to cook.

After looking at the reviews in Product review, we bought the Cook4Me from JB Hi-Fi. Where as this cooker does not produce the best taste, it works very well for people like me who do not love to cook but sometimes need to cook as a back up. Also, cleaning is very easy. I have not tried out of set menu yet but will soon try that.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Excellent - Could Not Live Without It (well I could, but you get my drift)

I purchased it two years ago. I use it virtually every day. It is easy to use, easy to clean and you can make so many foods with it; even desserts! My favourites are: risotto, stew, curries, bone broth and sticky date pudding. Great easy and quick perfect rice every time too. I sometimes use the set recipes with my own spin on them, or I just use it on manual. It also makes professional cafe style poached eggs really easily (normally a disaster for me on the stove top). And it is big enough to cook for prepping and meals for several days if required. Apart from one of the rubber seals falling off the leg, I have never had a problem with it. Yesterday I even stumbled across a Facebook page dedicated to recipes from fanatical lovers of the C4M. I am not quite at that stage, but I truly do love how easy meal times have now become.

Date PurchasedApr 2016

I use it all the time.

Right from the start I found the Cook4Me easy to use. I use it for cooking rice, steaming vegetables and making curries, stews and vegetarian casseroles. I don't use the onboard recipes that much except for the timing steamed veges, rice etc. I usually make up my own ingredients, brown onions etc. then add vegetables and use the Manual "Quick cook" which is 10 minutes and the mean is ready. The recipes supplied was a good start for me, but once you become more confident with this wonderful machine you can adapt many pressure cooker recipes. I actually have two in case one stops working as I couldn't live without it. Saves on power too no having a slow cooker on for 8 hours.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Love it... My life saver

It is super easy to use with clear instructions. Even hubby can use it.
There are so much variety of options that this machine have helped me with. From pasta, to lamb shank to plain rice cooking. The possible is endless at the moment. My favourite is the risotto. It cooks PERFECT risotto.

The cleaning is simple but I just dont know how to remove the very top bit to clean (not in book) so i am not sure how much grime is under there. Fingerscrossed.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

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Why in AppStore Cook4me app says it is not available on my location? Does that mean I can’t use the appliance? No cooking at all?
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I have a cook4me+and would like make the Beef Bolognaise Sauce. Can I double the 4 people amount to serve 8. Using 100g of the beef mince. Thanks. Jacqui
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How do I open it? I’ve read the instructions but I can turn the handle so both locked icons are visible but I can’t get it to where both unlocked icons are visible. Am I the proud owner of a red ornament?
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Price (RRP) $399.00$399.00$399.00
Dishwasher Safe PartsYesYesYes
Keep Warm SettingYesYesYes
Removable CordYesYesYes
Colour / Finish BlackRedWhite
Dimensions 310 x 370 x 350 mm310 x 370 x 350 mm310 x 370 x 350 mm
Power1,200 W1,200 W1,200 W
Weight6.2 kg6.2 kg6.2 kg
Manufacturer Warranty1 year(s)1 year(s)1 year(s)
Release dateMar 2013Mar 2013Mar 2013
Replaced byTefal Cook4Me+Tefal Cook4Me+Tefal Cook4Me+

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