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A grill ideal for small space

If you are looking for a small grill that takes up minimal space look no further. This grill is ideal for those who battle space for a big size grill. Of course, functionally it's not as a big gas grill but it comes close. This grill l is ideal for someone like me who doesn't grill outdoors or have a massive grill in my alfresco. I love grilling but hate cleaning anything after which sucks the fun out of grilling or any outdoor food activity. Get outdoor grade extension cable plug this unit with few mins it's ready to grill. ** Emphasis on proper extension cable to handle 2400 Wats. I like how quickly it heats up. It comes with 2400 Watts of power it can suck up a lot of electricity if you do it daily. For those who enjoy weekend grilling, this is fantastic!. Easiest to clean and the grill pan is non-stick is fantastic. I would recommend placing some good olive oil or similar high heat oil to season the pan a few times even though the guide says it doesn't need it. Two sides flat side and grill side on the pan makes it a personal preference for meats vs. veggies Having a temperature control gives you the level of grilling if you prefer to not to burn your veggies or meats. Make sure to level to ensure all the meat drips go to the drip pan. But if you going to fry eggs I would heat up to a point where the egg white doesn't drip into the pan. Clean up the heat plate is easy. Soap and water are all you need. I would be very careful with the heat plate which is a breeze to lift to wash. Do not use abrasive products on it if you plan on using it for a few years. An excellent product from Tefel.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

The product is ok, though the unsure about the demand or value it offers.

The ProductReview.com.au Ambassador Program recently sent us a Tefal Power Grill CB651B61 to review.

Okay so when opening do you see the hot plate which is quite substantial and main body of the unit. The hotplate is not too bad it's coated in a non-stick surface . Half of the hot plate is covered in a grill and half of it is flat. The hot plate also has a hole on the edge which allows oils to accumulate and drop down into a container. In general the hot plate is not too bad really and it's nice that it's flat it looks like it's easy to wash the hot plate. It's not that heavy it's probably just right. When looking at the main body of the units which contains the temperature control, and heating elements the body. The plastic used in this is rather light now the quality of the plastic is not too bad, it just does not seem as substantial or feel as you would expect from a Tefal product. The legs look alike wood, but in actual fact adjust plastic painted with a wood grain. The heating element is exposed that is so it gets in close contact with the hot plate. The temperature control is basic , but it is sufficient. The cable is quite good in that it doesn't use a proprietary connection .

Now, for my opinion on this product as a whole. Reminds me of a gas burner would normally used for hot pot or Korean BBQ. But because there is no flame, it is just an element, in this instance it is more comparable to a Korean BBQ hot plate. For a household that does not eat a significant amount of Korean BBQ, or a significant amount of meat, there is not actually a regular or daily need for this type of appliance in this household. If you were I Korean BBQ lover maybe I could see that might be more applicable. If you think about parties for friends and family, to have a hot plate or a indoor barbecue then it is quite convenient and yes the hot plate is large enough to seat possibly up to 8 people. So overall the product does seem to cater for a specific type of cooking style, but it is not really an appliance that I couldn't live without.

Just to talk about the general use and convenience of it. The hot plate since it's all relatively flat is quite easily to clean it in both hand washing and a dishwasher.The base component is notably light , but for the purpose that it does serve I don't feel that it needs to be any more heavier than it is. I do acknowledge that when you compare this hot plate to some other products on the market other products are generally substantially more heavier design using more metal components.

Before writing this review I did a quick Google search to see how much this product is going for and discovered that it is retailing for $249. For $249 I feel that it is quite high for the applicable use cases I would be using this product for. Compare this product to some other innovative products I recently purchased, like an air fryer and they sell for anywhere from 100 to $300.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Quick to heat, can get very hot, but the size, plate design and flimsy build let it down

The ProductReview.com.au Ambassador Program recently sent us a Tefal Power Grill CB651B61 to review.

The grill appears to be marketed as an indoor barbeque replacement and has the following features:

* Adjustable Thermostat to adjust temperature depending on the food
* 2-in-1 plate: 50% Grill plate and 50% Flat plate
* Easy to clean with its removable and dishwasher safe non-stick plates and juice tray
* Powerful Grill, 2400W
* Tefal's famout[sic] Thermo-Spot technology

(from: https://www.tefal.com.au/Cooking-appliances/Grills-%26-Sandwich-Presses/POWER-GRILL-/p/2100107110)

According to their website "the Tefal Power Grill takes pride of place in the centre of the table while everyone gathers around to get involved with the cooking. The cooking itself becomes a communal affair and an enjoyable process."

Hmmmm... no.

First Impressions:

Unpacking the grill I was surprised (and disappointed) by the apparently flimsy build quality. The base is a simple plastic shell with four wood look-alike (why?) feet, the heating element and thermostat - it just doesn't convey solidity or robustness at all. Additionally, the feet skitter across any smooth surface as they have no rubber at the bottom and the entire base weighs little more than 1100gms. The idea of this thing being the centre of attention on the table is further scuppered by the very short (1.1m) electrical cable - at least it uses an industry standard plug so can be replaced by a sensible 3m one, otherwise your table setting will have to include an extension cord too.

Fast Heatup:

The website suggests the unit be pre-heated for ten minutes(!) but I found it was hot enough to hide the Thermo-Spot in just two, with the temperature reaching 2 on the dial in just under three minutes. With the thermostat set to 5 (max) it did take quite a while to reach full temperature but was then far too hot to get close to - to be honest I could only have seared vegetables at that heat and only with tongs and an oven mitt. For us oldies, at 2400 watts it's like cooking on a two and a half bar electric fire, with your hand just inches away!

Using the grill:

The cooking plate weighs in at slightly more than the base and does feature Tefal's excellent non-stick surface, however I could not describe it as large. The box suggests that this is a product for 6-8 people which I find quite ridiculous - at 23 x 39cm max. cooking surface I found it only suitable for about eight sausages, a few mushrooms and two eggs, then it was full. What eight people might cook on this would take a while as they would have to take turns.

Unfortunately, the built in slope of the plate cannot be adjusted. While this is not a bad thing perhaps where you want the juices to drain off, it is a pain in the neck for... eggs. Unless you have VERY fresh eggs there is always a runny part of the white when you break them and this would immediately run to the edge and cook in the gully around the edge or run off into the drip tray! The same applied to anything which had a liquid component which you didn't want to waste, I ended up putting thin coasters under the front two feet to stop this. Additionally, because of the gully, using a spatula to turn things became quite comical as they would slide all the way to the edge (and into the gully) before I could get the spatula under them, both comical (for the family) and frustrating.

Finally, the heat. This unit comes with no lid so a large amount of the vast heat is wasted, unlike choosing the right pan and cooker ring. To maximise the modest cooking area it was necessary to try to anticipate the best heat for the entire surface, then cook things "backwards" to ensure they were all done at once. I cooked frozen sausages, burgers, tomatoes and egg (just for one!) on a couple of occasions and although the sausages/burgers (veggie fortunately or I could have been ill) were just cooked and just warm in the middle, the egg was almost seared and the mushrooms were dry because all the juice ran off - it was most inconvenient.


So would I buy one of these? No. It is too small, the design is poor and apparently flimsy (in my opinion), the heat control/levels poor and the plate design/slope creates problems of its own. If I were just wanting a quick but small "fry up" or saute I'd get far better results on the cooker with a couple of pans, and for the larger meal I'd simply fire up the barbeque.

True, some people may not have room for a barbeque and this might suit them if they just want small quick barbeque style meals, but I feel they will be in the minority. This is a product I think people would buy on the marketing promise but put in the garage sale within six months - a solution in search of a problem.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

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Power Grill CB651B61
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