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Tefal RK900

Tefal RK900

4.2 from 6 reviews

Brilliant Rice Cooker

This is a brilliant rice cooker. It replaced a 20+ year old Panasonic that was well overdue. The Tefal has a ceramic bowl which I really wanted as most of the others are coated with Teflon which usually flakes of. I can completely control the moisture level in the rice for PERFECT results, no matter what the variety. I am more than chuffed with this machine, I love it.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Great Machine. Great Functionality

After using this machine for two months I am quite impressed. It does a great job of cooking rice and grains - the best bit is the lack of "scum" when doing beans and legumes. It is also good at making cakes and risottos and curries. The only thing that I had a concern about was with proving bread. The proving temp of 40 degrees seems to be too high as it cooks the dough on the bottom. When I changed it to 30 degrees there was no problem at all. It is very easy to clean and lightweight so it is easy to move around. I really liked this machine but I also have the Tefal 45 in 1 and if I had to choose between the two I would choose the 45 in 1. This is a great machine for a very small price.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Versatile for a good price

The best thing about this machine for me, is it does so much. Cooks all types of rice just how you like (I did tend to add more water than the program suggests, but the book says that's fine), it cooks all the more unusual grains and pulses, doing all the soaking and cooking in the one place saves washing up. As well as this you can fry and slow cook lovely main meals. The yoghurt setting that allows you to carefully manage the long and accurate temperature is wonderful. I think this is a lot of stuff for its small price tag.

The reason it doesn't get 5 stars is because it's not up to Tefal usual high usability standard. The buttons are a bit hard to press and are not always responsive. The buttons are on the lid and given some of the programs need you to cook with the lid open I'd rather they were on the base like their 45-in-1 machine. the instructions are also in very small font and the cookbook is in two languages. I found the second language very distracting as they are on the same page and not in a different section.

Overall I would recommend this machine,

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Love this machine! So easy to cook legumes and grains!

I initially found the manual hard to read (size of print) but after experimenting cooking with the Multicook & Grains it was very intuitive and easy to use. I previously used to soak chickpeas, lentils and other legumes on a regular basis and then cook, however, there was always a lot of preplanning so for my Winter curries I ended up with a lot of tinned chickpeas in them because i ran out of time. I was conscious of using so many tins and whilst they were relatively cheap to buy, they didn't have the same taste as freshly soaked and cooked legumes (not to mention the environment with what I was adding to my weekly garbage waste). The RK900 model really is a magic bean fairy on my kitchen bench! I've been making bulk lots of chickpeas in under 2 hours (no pre-soaking routine required), and using them for curries and making fresh hommus.

My family could always taste the difference between when I used tinned or fresh chickpeas, and have commented on how the new 'fresh' chickpeas taste even better! I made a lentil salad to take to a family function on the weekend and everyone was commenting on how good the lentils were. It was so easy and economical to make a giant salad to feed a large group. I'll be experimenting all Summer with new legume salad recipes! The Multicooker is super easy to clean too because it's one non-stick bowl. I've also made the citrus & cereal cake from the recipe book and it was delicious with ice-cream (more like a pudding than a cake). I'm a fan of the Multicooker! Although I do wish there were more online recipes to try. I searched and couldn't find much on this machine.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Tefal multicook and grains

This new multicooker from tefal is a great ally in the kitchen. You no longer have to plan ahead should you want to cook lentils or beans. The multicook has an integrated soaking system which drastically reduces the usually required overnight soaking time. With different cooking functions, you can cook lentils and beans according to your preferred texture. This also applies to white & brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat and mainy more grains. This multicook can also do cakes, dessert, jams, yoghurt, and so on. It is also a slow cooker! Made a 6-hour indian pale ale turkey chilli the other day, delicious!
What's great also is that when cooking rice, the non-stick surface of the bowl means super easy washing!
A really good product overall!

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Tefal Multicooker and Grains

Over the few weeks I have tried a number of things in the Multicooker. Rice is really good, the minestrone is great but I did change the recipe a little to make it simpler. I added much less oil and I used tinned tomatoes instead of the recommended fresh peeled tomatoes. The instructions were initially a bit tricky to follow, but once used to it it's fine. I love that you can prepare fresh legumes, like chickpeas and have them ready to use in under two hours. They're much more flavoursome and the texture is great - I won't be using the tinned kind anymore for my hummus. As it is an all in one appliance, the washing up is minimal, a plus in my book. With a little more practice I think I'll be more comfortable with the various settings and I can see myself using this machine much more. I would love to see a much wider range of recipes to try as the recipe book it comes with is a little bit limited. Overall, it's a great appliance that I would recommend if you are particularly interested in preparing grains and pulses.

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How many cups and how much?
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Does the product has removable lid panel for easy cleaning and how long take to cook white rice?
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Whats is the Tefal like just as a rice cooker - good as the Japanese and Korean ones?
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Yes its absolutely great - you can control the cooking perfectly. End up with perfect moisture levben AND it has a ceramic not a Teflon bowl


Tefal RK900
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