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Can telfast make your skin sensitive to sun light? I’m on a medication that does I don’t want to add to it
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Sorry I’m not an expert best to ask your GP .

Telfast is it good for pimples?thanks
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Hi folks, I have recently switched from Telfast to a generic Australian brand called Fexit. They seem to be doing nothing for me. Why would this be? I thought they would be the exact same thing. Thanks
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Does it work for sinus too the chemist said it does?
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I have never had any allergy tablet alone that works for sinus. You will need to buy one for that. I use Demazin Sinus Allergy Hayfever 6 hour relief.

Is there any long-term effects when taken these tablets / ie: continuing use effect are they harmful to your health??
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Apparently telfast is safe to use long term. Though some individuals adjust to their antihistamines, losing effectiveness over time

When taking telfast, can I eat straight away after taking a pill or should I wait a while?
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You can, unless it's a high fat meal. Also, ensure you take the tablet with water (do not take with apple, orange or grapefruit juice). One more thing - if you take an antacid containing aluminium or magnesium, don't have telfast within 2 hours of the antacid. All of the above lowers the efficiency by up to 50%.

My specialist told me take 3 telfast a day which I have done for 2 months my local doctor said that's bad only take one have I done any damage to my health?
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Hi Betty far as I know it’s one tellfast a day I think three is to much and I don’t think you done any damage to you’re health long as you stoped taking 3 tellfast,hope you get better.

I have been taking Telfast for the last couple of months for allergic symptoms (redness around my lips). It will normally go away after a week or two after taking Telfast, but it will recur after a couple of weeks. How long can I take Telfast consecutively? Will it be harmful or me becoming antimicrobial (resistance to antibiotic etc.)?
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Was taking nasal sprays like Nasonex every night to dry the nasal passages while sleeping, but not working so well anymore. Had taken Telfast occasionally for hayfever. Several pharmacists have told me that taking telfast every day is better for you than nasal sprays and has no long term effects. I am finding it has a better result for me.

is it ok to take together with nasonex spray?
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I take it together with rhinocort spray, as reommended by doctor, so I would think all ok with nasonex sprayNormally I take Telfast tablets in the mornings and spray Nasonex at night but now Nasonex doesn't work for me so I switched to Avamys which needs prescription from doctor. I guess if Nasonex works for you then stick to it cos you can grab that off the shelf.A doctor has told me you can take both telfast and nasonex at the same time for a few days. I am not sure if it can be done long term.

Does anyone take telfast daily to help the itch of midgies/sand flies bites?
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Not sure sorryyes, take the green packet telfast. Should help with the itch. Also try using stop itch on actual bites.

Will taking this at night keep me awake?
2 answers
I have not found Telfast or Chemist's Own Fexo 180 keeps me awake at night but I also take Blackmores Valerian to help me sleep at night since being in menopause.Not sure

Does Telfast contain Promethazine?
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No it doesn't. It contains fexofenadine hydrochloride. I hope this answers your question.Thank you , I've been taking Telfast for nearly 4 years for hives, every day . This year I have been super sensitive to the sun . I break out in a sunburn , very dry rash , from even mild sunlight.

i am taking Telfast 180 for 4 weeks one dose a day , how long I can use it ?
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Hi Arie, You should always seek medical advice from a medical practioner. I am not one but am a patient who has been assured by my medical practioner that what I am doing to MY body is ok. I have often doubled the daily dose to treat MY eczema/urticaria and don't appear at this to have suffered any side effects. I also use cortisone creams and watch my diet. Good luckI use it most days. My specialist said that it is safe to use indefinitely. I have allergies that last most of the year and I find Telfast works really well for me. If you're at all concerned check with your doctor or pharmacist. I hope this helps.

How long before telfast works for sinus?
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I've never used it for sinus. I do know others that have. Not long apparently but use regularly if it's seasonal.

I have chronic urticaria diagnosed by skin specialist. I am taking 4 tellfast 180 mg a day suggested by skin specialist. Is it normal? Usually it supposed to be taken one tablet a day. Please give me suggestion.
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I am not doctor on that area, but I stopped eating that tablet after 3 days as itchy eye is totally gone, although some symptom with nose,many sneezing is still there. I stopped taking telfast because a friend that does medicine research told me if I keep taking every day, one day it will not work again, also she suggested not taking over doze. so I think maybe you can have a try, if one 180mg tablet a day works, then take just one, not four, if you need to take 4 a day, i think that will be very serious, you might need to seek alternate treatment . some GP are useless, my opinion, they rely on medical wiki, to give prescriptionHi. 4 tablets definitely seems excessive. If a lower dose has same effect for you i would go lower. Also combination therapy of other anthisamines can wrk. Also immune supressants. Talk To Your spcialist plus Dietician can help. I now only take my antihistamines min 4 times per week. Have to go daily during chronic times. Good luck :)Hey jen 4 tablets a day is fine. I saw an allergist specialist and he said to me telfast only has 'one tablet a day' written on it so they can sell it off the shelves otherwise people take up to 8 a day for serious allergies. I'm on 2 a day right now, been that way for 7 weeks and still going, for urtecaria

Can one take Telfast whilst taking blood pressure tablets?
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Im sure it's ok. But easily ask your pharmacist. I have taken them with beta blokers. hope telfast works for you jen

Do you suffer the side effects after taking 180 g telfast ? I took this drug for about one week, But in the following days, I suffered a heart burn. Someone asks me take Zantac, does this Medicine go with telfast? If the side effect always there, should continue taking this drug? Thanks David
1 answer
Had the same experience after taking 18 tablets and I immediately stopped taking it. stomach pain and heart burn. Telfast 180 was really effective but personally prefer the old Cetirizine because of the side effects.

Can Telfast be taken indefinitely for itch, rash?
1 answer
Should be OK, because it is an antihistamine. I think the only the 180mg Telfast has this indication on the packaging.

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