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FEXIT - Generic brand, Telfast clone

Exactly the same medication and 30% cheaper.
My wife and daughters have been taking Telfast for years now, and it's been costing a fortune. Fexit is exactly the same, but without the advertising costs.

Did not take effect after 1-2hrs at all.

This product didn't help me from my allergic rhinitis. I drink at 8am before going to work because the symptoms started to appear. But my sneezing & runny nose didnt stop so I took it again at 10:30AM. Til now at 1:48 PM it dint help my allergic rhinitis at all. So frustrated. :( so the best thing that I'm doing is to keep on praying.. :)

Product works fine but the $5 cash back sucks

I just received a letter yesterday from Telfast informing me that my claim for the $5 Cash Back promotion is invalid because my purchase date was 30/10/16 and they only received my claim form and receipt on 23/11/16.

I mailed out the claim form together with my receipt a couple of days after I purchased it. So it is absolutely ridiculous that they only received it more than 2 weeks later, on 23/11/16. The only explanation I can think of is due to the delay by Auspost which has been happening a lot lately. I have experienced a dozen times when my overseas mails took more than a month to arrive (usually takes 5-10 working days). Even local & interstates mails & parcels took about 2 weeks or more to arrive.

I really don't understand why can't discount be given straight away. Maybe it is due to some laws or restrictions then that is fine. And in this modern era, why can't they do online claim since original receipt is not required. Even if they do, I am glad to send them but why is there a need to put a clause saying you need to receive the claim no more than 21 days given the fact that Auspost is the one causing the delay. It is really unfair for people not living in the Eastern states.

Auspost had increased the postage to $1 and the service provided is worse than before so even if I managed to get the cash back, I am only getting back $4 plus all the dramas of travelling to Chemist Warehouse and sending out the claim form. If they are really sincere about giving the cash back, I think it is time they change the method or requirements.

I have been taking Telfast for a long time as it works really well for me. Therefore, I am quite reluctant to change unecessarily.

Definitely not 24 hr

Pros: Provides almost instant relief , relieves most symptoms.
Cons: Worked at least 15 hours before itchiness, runny nose and sneezing begun. Tablet size is also pretty huge compared to some other brands.


I wondered were you told ti take it twice a day cause I developed dermographism as well and my allergist said twice a day and if so did you get many side effects also how long did your flare ups last ?

Thank god!

Have had dry blocked nose for years. Tried steroid sprays, netti pot, decongestant sprays, nothing worked permanently! Had one Telfast decongestant and have been clear ever since. So glad I found a product that worked!!

Is it just me ?

I gave 2 stars because my ichy eyes stopped but considering i am still sneezing and congested if not worse than before leads me to believe that 2 stars are well worth telfast.

$5 cashback disappointing

Beware the fineprint of the $5 cash back promotion!! Firstly, even if you buy one for yourself and one on behalf of elderly mother, you can still only get 1 cashback. Plus, if you don't activate it within the month of receiving the letter, - I was 1 day late, it expires!! So the discount is not really a discount. Plus, when you try and use it at Chemist Warehouse, there are all sorts of regulations regarding how you're allowed to use it. Telfast would be much better off, just giving you a $5 cash to use any way you want, at the chemist store!!

Use for eczema/hives - much neede relief

The last two years my eczema/hives on my face has been chronic and at times very distressing and debilitating. I use a number of medical and alternative remedies. I have used Telfast in the past but only one a day. This time my whole face was very swollen, burning and itchy so after two days of one tablet a day I took three as suggested by a previous reviewer. It made the difference. I should also add I used cortisone cream which I usually don't use that much on my face as per medical advice. Telfast and cortisone made the difference after about 2 days. I have used Zirtec, one tablet, made no difference but I think when your symptoms are extreme as mine were this time you need to safely increase the dosage as per your own body type and degree of affliction. Thanks for this website as it helped me make an informed decision

Fantastic tablet

I have allergies, eczema & asthma. Telfast works really well for my hay fever & also works on my skin when it gets really itchy. I used to use Phenergan but it made me really drowsy. I am so glad that my dermatologist got me on to Telfast. I have been using it for years.

it saved me!

I have had bad allergy with my eyes , nose, cheek skin for a week,

my eyes was so itchy that I thought I would be blind

I intially thought it was bacteria infection, tried all eye drops that kill bacteria, no use.

could not go to work, or do anything

finally I tried telfast at 2pm

after one 180mg tablet, all symptom gone

next morning, I thought it has not reached 24 hrs, and the tablet would still work,

no, itchy started again, until I took another tablet

this tablet saved me

pro: it saved me, only takes 20 min to take effect
cons: not 24 hrs lasting, but half day at least

ITs great product

I think its one of the best products to relief from itching allergy. i used it for two months and i forgot itching while the red areas in my skin appears and disappear without feeling it. when i skipped it the readness of the skin back with itching so i back to use it when i need it (depends)

I feel i got this allergy due to use of reccoutane (realese pumples from your body).

Hives , food allergies

After 12months on phernergan and topical pinetarsal. For chronic hives. Pharmacist suggested telfast. Within 3days i was off everthing. Telfast gives me constant relief from urticaria. I take it daily, i have less problems and no flare ups!
Also gives me a little more time and tolerance to food intolerance.
its worth a 10 pack to try.
Ease and consant relief
Tablet size

This works - and no side-effects!

After trying several different brands for hayfever relief I have found this one to be the most effective with no side-effects. I have a tablet in the morning & then off to work & forget that it's hayfever season...it works so well that when I ran out (after 2 weeks of using this) I thought I'd be fine during hayfever season - but after a day of itchy, watery eyes, sneezing & runny nose it's back to the chemist to purchase another pack. I have used other brands/types of hayfever tablets but usually they make me feel tired/drowsy, or don't fully reliever all the hayfever symptons. I would highly recommend this brand!!!
Reliable (actually works for 24 hours relief) and reasonable price, easily available at most/all chemists, ticks all the boxes!

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What is the antihistamine constituent?

Fast relief

I suffer allergy often and find the 180 the best at reducing the symptoms fast. I sometimes take it if I feel the weather is going to be pollen positive and it reduces chances of feeling lazy. I have tried a number of products and none have been as effective as Telfast

Good product for a chronic condition

I have used telfast 180 everyday for the past 4 years since i developed dermographism (chronic hives) it is the only antihistamine that gives me relief, i have tried claratyne and zyrtec but they have different ingredients and the fexofenadine in the telfast is the one that works the best, and now that chemist warehouse sells a 70pk for $30 it is quite affordable.
Reliable, cheap enough to buy in bulk pack

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Have you tried the generic fexofenadine? I was wondering if it works just as well?

A really fantastic antihistamine!

I have suffered severe allergies and atypical dermatitis for most of my life. When I sit on grass or eat some types of seafood, my ezcema is triggered and my skin itches like crazy. I used to take another type of antihistamine until one day my pharmacist recommended the Telfast antihistamines in a dose that is recommended for people with itchy skin and allergies. I thought it was a god send and am now able to roll around on the grass, provided I take one of these first! The tablets are fast acting and do not cause me drowsiness. They also come in a huge packet of 60 tablets so it's affordable and I can have some in my bag, at work and at home.
Very effective at relieving my itchiness and skin rash that are caused by hayfever and allergies. Affordable in larger packs (30 or 60 tablets).


I am not completely satisfied with how this works for me because I still end up having continuous sneezes and coughing. I have heard that with these hayfever pills, you have to keep switching the pills, example, take 1 brand one year and next year, use another brand. Thats what a pharmacist told me because apparently your body gets used to the same pill, so if you use the same brand of pill every year, it stops working for you. This has happened to me, so I try to change mine around every year and that seems to help. Overall, I dont mind using this pill, but nothing really has helped me too much.
I have horrible hayfever which just attacks me and I have tried a number of over the counter pills. I tried this one, which sort of works for me. I have to use eye drops along with this to stop the itchy eyes and sore eyes problem.
Just using this on its own is not enough for me, I have to use eye drops as well and I have to make sure I take it every day.

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Only lasts about 6 hours for me. Therefore go for 18 hours without relief. Not much good.


I found these tablets to be very effective for hayfever. i take 1 a day and unless there is a severe outbreak Im all good. I like that the tablets come in different strengths and box sizes allowing me to decide what I need and what cost I am willing to outlay at the time.
Packet sizes, comes in different strengths


telfast and claratyne are my medications of choice for hay fever, and telfast comes in cheaper than claratyne ven with having more in the box aswell. telfast also have a good range of different strengths to choose from which is good because if you have a mild case you can take lower dose and if you have a severe case you can take a higher dose. the tablets work well and you only need to take one each day, because i am hopeless at taking more than one.
cost effective, good number of tablets, only need to take one a day
none at all

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Can telfast make your skin sensitive to sun light? I’m on a medication that does I don’t want to add to it
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Sorry I’m not an expert best to ask your GP .

Telfast is it good for pimples?thanks
No answers

Hi folks, I have recently switched from Telfast to a generic Australian brand called Fexit. They seem to be doing nothing for me. Why would this be? I thought they would be the exact same thing. Thanks
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