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Tempur Classic
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Fantastic pillow!!

I have bought and tried several pillows before deciding this is the one. This pillow is fantastic, the middle is slightly lower than to perfectly cradle your head and the sides support your neck, it still maintains a traditional pillow shape which I like. The height at 10.5cm is perfect for me both on the back and side. This is an important factor as they come if many sizes, heights and shapes, plus it is pretty firm so picking the wrong size and/or style may end in pain. Make sure to try them on for as long as you can in store to make sure it fits your needs.

The pillow does feel firmer and has a different feel to a lot of other pillows, so it may take a while to get used to it if you are not used to high density memory foam pillows. Personally I was very happy with it from the first night. It may feel firm when I first put my head down (not in an uncomfortable way though), within a minute it had softened by body heat and pressure and conforms around my head and neck very nicely. I didn't use an additional pillow case as I find the pillow doesn't conform as well with that layer of barrier, it's still fine but I preferred it without. The case already on the pillow is removable and washable.

Some people comment on the plasticky smell when it first come out of the box, just air it out for a bit and it will be gone. Mine didn't really smell at all, certainly not in a noticeable way.

It is quite expensive for a pillow but I'm expecting it to last a couple of years (comes with 3 year warranty). If you calculate the frequency you change pillows, it probably work out about the same, except this pillow is consistently comfortable and supportive.

Try wait for a sale, I got mine on sale from Domayne. I know Snooze does 15% off for RACQ members.
Comfortable, firm but soften and conforms once you lie on it for a bit, supportive, great shape and height

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This must be the best pillow material, provides great support and doesn't give you a dead arm if you like to sleep with your arm underneath the pillow. I think this brand can only be purchased from 2 large chains/stores in Australia.
So comfortable, great height of pillow, no comparison to other types of pillows! Comes with an easy zip off cover that's washable. Also comes with a great guarantee.
No other pillow will be good enough after this! And it's difficult to take with you travelling as it is quite heavy and doesn't really squash well in your luggage.

i have had 2 pillows for 3yrs. now and i can honestly say it is very uncomfortable pillow i've had. it was nothing like the one i tried at domain, very disappointed.Logan & Mason memory foam pillows are fantastic, you should try them, they're much cheaper than Tempur and so comfy you'll be delighted.

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