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Tempur Millennium

Tempur Millennium

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Perfect for side sleepers!

Bought on sales, but it is still pricey even after discount. Worth every penny spent considering the better quality of sleep and reduced pressure and pain on my shoulder joints, shoulder blades and neck. No more locked shoulders from being a 100% side sleeper.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Perfect for me...hard to sleep without it.

I'm trying to remember how long I've had this pillow for....I believe it's been going strong for 10 years now. To cut a long story short, I used to get sore necks on a regular basis and since I've been using the Millenium pillow, they're a thing of the past.

It takes a while to get used to the size (looks a bit under-sized in a 6ft-wide bed and a standard-size pillowcase), the shape and the firmness, so you need to give it a week or two. After the first couple of nights I remember thinking I'd made a terrible, and terribly expensive, mistake. The pillow is so dense that it you sleep on your side, it blocks out your hearing in one ear, which is disconcerting and I remember my neck pain wasn't alleviated immediately.

Fast-forward two weeks though and the pain had gone, never to return. I'd grown used to the firmness and density of my new pillow and my skeptical husband had become intrigued. He'd been outraged by the price when I'd bought it and, despite experiencing neck pain himself, was adamant that he didn't want or need one himself. As it happened, though I was loth to admit it, I felt my Millenium Queen XL was a little on the large size for me, so I (generously) suggested MOH try it out for a night or two. My cunning plan worked and he took to it like a duck to water, thereby allowing me to buy the next size down (Millenium Queen L) for myself which, like me, is slightly shallower, ha. I shopped around for ages until I was satisfied I'd found the best price for either pillow...but it was still high enough to induce mild myocardial infarction both times. I do wonder why these pillows are so expensive - they should be available on prescription for people with chronic neck pain who can't afford to purchase one.

I can't comment on the other Tempur pillow models, I just know this particular one seems to work for both of us. We both struggle to get a good night's sleep on other makes of pillow which contain other fillings. Fibre, feather, wool, latex, nothing works as well for us. I don't always wake up with neck pain when I use other pillows but it does seem harder to get comfortable and to fall asleep.

The only other thing to note is that we are both predominantly side sleepers - I can't speak for back sleepers but I personally don't find the Millenium to be as comfortable or conducive to sleep in this position.

Date PurchasedAug 2008

Fantastic pillow

Wasn't sleeping all that good until we spent a lot of money on one of these awesome head supports.
It's firm, just the way I like it and the little indent does a wonderful job to allow enough room for my shoulders.
I guess each pillow is to an individual's taste, but I quite like this one

Date PurchasedJun 2013
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Fantastic to hear Sue. Great to know you're liking your pillow. - Lewis

no good if you roll over in your sleep .

im very disappionted, have tred a number of pillows and was told you get what you pay for so save up and ,paid high price end up more expence then paying for the pillow have been suffering with a stiff next neck for the past 3 days.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

The best thing that I ever did

I bought my pillow over a year ago and even though it took quite sometime to get used to it I cannot live without it. I had quite a bad neck problem where the Physio just did not help within a week I had an accident where I blacked out and went through the shower door and ended up in hospital. My boss suggested the millennium pillow and I thought what have I got to loose. I used to struggle with a stiff neck every now and then and I used to wake up with a sore neck constantly and now a year later and no stiff neck or headaches. It feels so good to wake up with no pain. The best 200.00 ever spent. Worth every cent

Date PurchasedNov 2015

Very disappointed.

I was very excited to use my new tempur millennium pillow especially when I spent so much money on it. The first night was good however after that the pillow formed a permanent indentation where my head was. It wasn't even in the middle of the pillow it was to the side. I took it back to harvey norman within a week but they didn't have any stock left so i waited 2 weeks for another small pillow to arrive. After 2 nights of using it I started getting really sore neck and then noticed that the pillow was indented again and didn't form back it's shape after 12 hrs. I'm only 50kgs so my head can't be that heavy to collapse the foam again! Going to get a refund this time.

Won't use any other!

I've had my Millennium for about 7 years and absolutely need a new one, but I love it! Hard as a rock in winter and a bit squishy in summer (without climate control) but has been fantastic support for my mostly side sleeping. Highly recommend!


Ive never in my life spent so much money on a pillow, but I had heard good things about Tempur pillows so my partner and myself thought to give it a try and prayed to the Gods that it wasn't going to be a regrettable purchase. I have to say the first night it was ho hum, and the next 2 nights I thought I was going to donate it to the family dog. But I refused to give up as for the past couple of years I had been having bad sleep and waking up with a sore back, and my partner was in pillow heaven with his.
So I kept going and by the fourth night or so I too was in love with it. I have no idea how Im going to go sleeping somewhere else unless I take my pillow with me. If baggage limits allow it I will be taking it with me on flights.
Warning, don't use them during pillow fights as they will likely knock you unconscious.
The shape and density of the pillow
Expensive is an understatement. Not a very attractive pillow to look at on your bed, and pillow cases are always twisting around and need to be re straightened every morning.


i had trrible pains in my neck and shoulders the pain disappeared after using the pillow for five months but i am very worried i will not find the model millennium if my pillow wares out .I live in Egypt but i travell alot to Lebanon . You should have a shop or an outlet in Egypt pls let me know if you plan to sell your products in Egypt i have lots of my freinds that are willng to be your clients once you are a client to tempur you can never switch
the support for my neck and the softness . very comfortable for back or side sleeping
what i dislike about it is that you cannot find it in all retaillers or shops like Lebanon all other models are available except the millennium


I have used Dentons pillows for years, and just happened to try a Tempur Millennium pillow at the store as I purchased a new mattress, and I couldn't believe the instant support. It was like it was made just for me! You can tell instantly if it suits you, so give one a try.
The very BEST pillow I have ever slept on.
The price

I just bought this pillow, the first night I was completely sold on it but after 3 nights I started to get headache in the back of my head & neck. gone back to my usual pillow & no headache . Will try it again just to make sure , I hope it was just a coincidence because it was so comfortable.Hi, I was the same as you, but you have to keep using it to get past the initial aches. Its just your body/neck getting used to a whole knew way of sleeping. I could never go back to a standard pillow.

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The dimensions are 64 x 32 x 11cm.


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