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Tempur Original

Tempur Original

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UNSUITABLE MATERIAL FOR PILLOWS (or mattresses for that matter)

I purchased this pillow 8 months ago and it is ruining my life!
Having purchased cheaper pillows in the past after my beautiful latex pillow's life ended, I decided that forking out the extra money to get a 'decent' one was the only way to go.
It should have rung alarm bells when the sales assistant kept repeating at every chance she got- 'give it time, it will need to bed in'. I can only assume that other people have returned them or complained about the difference between the ones on display and using it at home.
Well, 8 months on and it's still extremely horrible! It feels nothing like the one in the showroom, and I spent a long time trialling it.
When the pillow is cold- it's like a brick. If you don't lay your head down slowly (as you would on concrete)you actually hurt yourself. I have to warm up and massage down the area where my ear goes or it starts to pound after only a couple of minutes.
When the pillow is warm- your head sinks in so far that you wake up with your head almost level with the mattress. It's not instant, it still feels firm when you lay down, but waking up after a couple of hours (especially summer or when having a hot head from illness) you will have a sore shoulder and neck from the collapsed pillow.
Once there is an indent from where your head was resting, it takes a really long time for the foam to reset.
So rolling over in the night, you need to move the pillow sideways so that you are on a different section. Even after going to the toilet and returning, it's still the same.
My brother has bought the latex mattress from Tempur and has the same issues with that- it conforms to your body so much, that rolling over is not only difficult but uncomfortable. That would be a massive issue for the elderly or someone with back issues (etc). That one is the automated mattress that is marketed as a premium and mobility friendly one?!

If you only roll over a couple of times a night, that's when you will get neck pain from your head sinking to the mattress- so not as bad if you are restless and frequently changing positions.
It's now 11am and I am still massaging my neck to try and relieve the tension and headache- YET AGAIN!
I saw a reply from Tempur (to a previous pillow hater) that stated that they had the wrong size pillow and that's why they are having problems- when the pillow size changes to such a degree, there is no way that it can be sized correctly.
No way in hell can this memory foam work properly with the products they are making.
I stole my wife's pillow one night and she had exactly the same issues with mine- she refuses to ever let me do that again- EVER!

Purchased in October 2018 at Harvey Norman for $134.50.

Value for Money
Pre-existing Neck / Back IssuesNo

Worst pillow ever! Neck pain

Worst pillow ever. Every time I use it I develop severe neck pain and headaches. I'm convinced it is the pillow since my old one doesn't cause me any grief.

Date PurchasedApr 2017


Developed huge neck pain in just one week. Not pillow for me it seems. Maybe needs to be tested longer time before use, which is impossible obviously. Bad choice for me.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018
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Hi, Pajtas. It's certainly a shame that your pillow isn't right for you. We have thousands of customers in Australia & millions around the world who are incredibly happy with their pillow. It seems that you are just on the wrong TEMPUR pillow for you, we have an extensive range of pillows and there is bound to be one for you! I recommend going back to the store and trying them all out for around 5 minutes each, this will give you the best idea of what the pillow will feel like when you get it home. If you would like to discuss your experience further, please contact our customer service team on 1300 306 062 or via info@tempur.com.au, they will more than happy to help. Hope this helps. - LC

Worst pillow ever

Extremely hard pillow and does not soften with body heat as told to me by the sales assistant. I developed neck and shoulder pain and also woke up with headaches every day that I used it. I used it for a week then used another pillow for two weeks then went back to it for another two days but the neck and shoulder pain returned. I paid $195 at Forty Winks, don't waste your money, more expensive does not mean better. It may work for NASA in space but it doesn't work here on earth.

Date PurchasedJun 2017
Hi, Patricia. It's such a huge shame that you're not enjoying your TEMPUR product, we genuinely believe they are the best in the world. The TEMPUR material does respond to both heat & weight, as explained by the sales consultant. I don't know which sales person you spoke to on the day of purchase, but I hope they got you to lay on a mattress to properly try out the pillow before you made any kind of purchase. The TEMPUR range is extensive and contains products tailored for everyone, meaning that we ask all our customers to actually try the range before they make a purchase. This way they find their fit and have a better and more fulfilling nights sleep. As a fix I would suggest kneeling on the pillow to open up the TEMPUR cells, thus making it feel slightly softer and closer to how the showroom model felt. If this still isn't how you'd expect it, please contact customer service on 1300 306 062 or email info@tempur.com.au, to discuss your experience with TEMPUR and some suggested remedies. Hope this helped, Patricia. - LCThank you, I emailed yesterday after going back to Forty Winks

Designed for side sleeper

I would say the pillow is designed for side sleepers, very firm and high. The shape is great to support neck and shoulder, my partner loved it.
Not the best choice if you move around and sleeping on back and side. It is a little pricy as well, why not buy a latex one?

Waste of money

We bought two of these pillows from Harvey Norman for $170 each. Both my partner and I developed neck pain within the first week, however we decided it might be we just needed to get used to them and kept using them. My partner stopped using his a month and went back to his old pillows, I'm still using mine. They are the worst pillows ever. I wake up everyday sore, l have had to have massage to elevate my neck pain. I did not have this problem before purchasing this pillow.

Amazing pillow!

I have two Tempur pillows for about 10 years now, they are simply the best pillow ever. They mound to your head and gave such a restful sleep with no neck pain whatsoever. Prior to these, we had pricey latex pillows and we thought they were wonderful so much better than the polyester one. Then we purchased the Tempur mattress and was given special price for the pillows and that was the most expensive but so worth it purchased we have ever made. We purchased a display so there was no smell issues for us and on the first night sleep, we feel like we were in heaven and had the most comfortable, restful and deep sleep ever. So for us the memory of the first week of sleeping in the bed and pillow was unforgettable. We now taken this for granted but whenever we went away on holiday we notice the different straight away. We recently purchased an Aldi memory foam pillow just to try out but it was very different to the Tempur. You pay for what you get. After 10 years of use, they are still amazing. The best pillow in our opinion and so well worth it.

Love this pillow!

I bought the Tempur pillow from Snooze (15% discount with NRMA membership) and love it. Neck stiffness and pain is gone and I'm sure my sleep is more restful - much less tossing and turning. I was hesitant because of the price and no guarantee it'd work for me, but I'm really pleased with the investment.
Neck stiffness and pain gone, comfortable, much better night's sleep overall


Temper have an excellent product however if you wish to see the product in under 20 week i would be careful. Temper said it would take 4 weeks including delivery. 12 weeks in we received the wrong bed, 6 weeks later we received another wrong bed and we have now have both of them sitting in our lounge waiting for collection. Temper have taken no responsibility and saw no need to compensate us what so ever, just saying sorry and this has never happen to us before. Who cares just make me the bed we paid for 18 weeks ago. We are still waiting for this problem to be rectified.
Comfortable, just takes forever to get it.... we are still waiting for the furniture
Peopel working at Temper can not read an invoice and make the corresponding bed

Neck pain

I tested the pillow at a shop before I purchased one. It seemed good. However I used it at home several days and I felt severe nect pain. I stopped using it. Depending on your neck structure, you feel comfortable or get pain. My neck is shorter and this pillow made me so painful in the neck. Better buy a typical shape of tempur pillow. My wife chose the typical shape one and we love it.
Design and memory form
Can cause nect pain

Best contoured pillow that money can buy and is comfortable... for some; but

I'm presently into my second year of ownership of this pillow since acquiring it due to some problems I have been having with several cheaper and not-so-good latex and memory foam pillows in the past. All of which were either too soft, too hard, didn't live up to its claims and just a waste of time and money in the end.

Tempur makes really comfortable pillows, however comfort depends on the eye of the beholder and this is relative to those who have shoulder, upper back and neck issues; should at least try one before they decide to commit to it; as Tempur is a brand not to be reckoned with. Build quality and reliability is a very big plus, but price is not so great, for some people it might be quite extreme, since most people won't be adamant in spending more than three hundred dollars for a pillow whereas for some might be willing to spend up to fifty dollars. Tempur comes in all shapes and sizes and of course is dependent on the pricing variations.

Now in terms of comfort, the Tempur Original really took some time to get use to, how much time... between a few weeks to a month for me. Others might take longer or shorter, it just depends on their own physiology.

During warmer seasons, such as spring and summer; I would personally go with a secondary pillow; a different kind of Tempur or not a tempur at all; as I have noticed on several occasions; when having an afternoon nap or sleeping in general in the above average temperature in a bedroom; the pillow hardens and is almost as though you're literally sleeping on something between cardboard, a backpack or a rock. As a result, the user may sweat more than usual as a result of this; to combat that, you would probably have to use air conditioning to cool the room down. Opening a window has not worked either.

The memory foam feature on Tempur products in general as I have noticed works very very well, so any indentations made to it; it will revert back to its original form without fail... so far any way.

My partner and I are relatively tall people, so we would naturally have a higher degree of back pain more so than others who are shorter; therefore, we tend to share the pillow. Though, my partner does have a similar pillow of its stature with similar features; however she uses several pillows to get by; whereas for myself I only need one.

In conclusion, this is a very very well made and comfortable(*) pillow; those who are wanting to go buy one; make sure you try it out at a shop that sells it before you commit to it; although not necessarily this model, as Tempur has a huge range as well. The manufacturing warranty on this pillow is 5 years, well for my purchase that is; and its still working flawlessly.
Build Quality, Reliability, Memory Foam really works, Can get a very good night's sleep (personal experience), Gets rid of the aches and pain from the upper back and neck region. Accommodates for sleeping side and face down positions
Price (Very expensive for some), Comfort (not for every one... but takes a while to get use to); Useless in hot weather without A/C (feels harsh like cardboard)

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In addition to the above mentioned, if you are going to buy one; might I also suggest that you buy a pillow protector just as you might have for a mattress. Something that costs this much, you might want to protect your investment for years to come. Thanks.

Can't sleep without it

I used to have really bad neck and shoulder pain, had to see chiropractor 3 times a week, but didn't help much. I could not even sleep with the pain, then the doctor recommended this pillow. I could sleep peacefully immediately with this pillow, now I bring it with me everywhere I go.
Good quality. Very good support.
Expensive. Don't last very long, my first one only last 3 years.


UIf you like a really firm pillow this might be the one for you. I had this pillow for 3 months before I threw it in the bin forever.
The price. It is cheap - I bought it for $35 on sale at Kmart a few years ago. Not sure how much they cost now but that's not too bad.
The shape looked appealing when I bought it but when I got it home and used it, sorry, but it just wasn't comfy at all. The foam is "springy" and is too firm for my liking. Covers look funny on it too.

Sweet Dreams!

I have suffered from increasing upper shoulder/neck pain over the years - esp working in an office job. I seek regular massage, acupuncture, physio and try and work out to relieve the pain. I have also searched for 'the perfect pillow' over the years and finally I have found it! Ever since I started using the Tempur pillow I have been able to sleep much better and wake up without the sore neck/shoulders. Almost immediately I could feel the pillow correcting positioning and muscle tension melt away. You can sleep on your back and side comfortably with perfect support for your neck and back. Once your head hits the soft, squishy surface.. you know you're in for some sweet dreamin' :)
Quality of material (inside & out), sturdy (moulds quickly back into original position), soft, unique.
Pricey, specific shape (cant use normal pillow covers), colours are limited, range of pillows also limited.

The original and the best!

I have had my Tempur original pillow for at least 8 years now and it is still as good as the day I purchased it. I have tried other cheaper knock-offs, and none come close to the amazing "nasa" pillow.

I have suffered from neck and shoulder pain for many years and once sleeping on the Tempur pillow, it immediately helped. Mind you, it didn't get rid of the pains completely, but sure did help and made for a good night's rest.

It's suitable for sleeping on either my back or side, which is great as some pillows are only good for one or the other.

The material has lasted all these years and there's definitely life still left in it. I always wash the case it came with and regularly air it out. Because it's mouldable, it's good to travel with if like me, you miss home comforts of your own pillow.

Couldn't recommend a Tempur pillow high enough! I know they're expensive, but for something that you use nightly and that lasts, it is well worth it! We are now considering purchasing a Tempur mattress as well because we have been so happy with this brand.
So comfortable and designed to last. Don't buy the imitations, get the original!!


Overall, this pillow is fantastic. I had tried many many pillows, and had suffered many many migranes, someone suggested one of these pillows, and although at first I queried the shape of the pillow, and given it doesn't look great as your "show" pillow it worked wonders for my migranes, I really hardly ever suffer from migranes since using this pillow. I have found that it supports my neck and back as it should be, helping me to wake up fresh and relaxed every morning having had a great sleep. I would definately use these again!!
Excellent for Migrane suffers!
Nothing - I love mine, still use it every night!


i have recently replaced my old 5 year old tempur pillow because it was starting to sag so i bought a new tempur pillow and i had forgotten how good a new tempur pillow feels. even though it's expensive, it's a great investment. lasts a long time and it's still the best memory foam pillow. the other cheaper memory foam pillows don't "remember" the shape for more than 1 second, tempur "remembers" for more than 5 seconds. that to me equates to higher quality materials used by tempur.
best pillow i've ever bought!
a little bit pricey.

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5 years, that's great!

Best there is

People who've reviewed this TEMPUR pillow & said it was cheap & stinks obviously didn't buy real Tempur branded ones..My new tempur original is awesome, the memory foam remembers for ages & its a nice firm (but soft) pillow which I love. Well worth the $140 we paid..& cause its dust mite proof its even better!
Great shape, no smell once aired after purchase
Expensivr, but considering how long u have a pillow/use it its worth it!


I bought one of these pillows 10 years ago before they were so expensive. You are meant to change them every couple of years and yet i still have my original one. Before this pillow i'd tried a few chiropractic pillows and found that they didn't support my neck enough. But then i found this pillow and absolutely love it. I feel like it supports my neck and yet it's not so firm that it causes any pain or problems. I have been away a few times without and could hardly sleep! Although they are expensive, i do think they are worth it.


I was not happy with this product i used it for one week before i had to give it away. There was a weird smell that seemed to seep from it when i layed on it which was unbareable and was the main reason why i gave it away.
The second thing was i tend to sleep on my side a lot and place my arm under the pillow and whith this pillow it is very hard and nexst to impossible to do so, however it was fine when laying on my back but again the smell was the straw that broke the camels back.
cheap, memory foam is good does what it says it will
a weird smell which gave me head aches, not good for those who like to sleep on side

Questions & Answers

I'm contemplating buying one but I've read that you should change your pillow every few months for hygienic reasons and given the price that definitely puts me off paying so much money! so how long can i use a Tempur pillow for?
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Hi, The warranty for Tempur pillows, the majority that I am aware of is between 3 and 5 years. I think if you wash them and follow the intended maintenance guide, you shouldn't have any problems. Granted, it is expensive, but Tempur have a good customer service as far as I've experienced.

how i can get this product in Egypt?
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May be eBay? Or some sort of eCommerce online shopping website. Thanks.

Hi. I'm a typical side slipper. And I wanna know which one btween original and millennium might suit for me?
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Hi Jong-ho, I (still) have the original and am very happy with it. I'm also a side sleeper. I'm sorry I haven't used the millenium. Cheers, LisaHi Jong-ho, Its difficult to answer this question, because every one's physiology is different. Looking at Tempur's website to locate a retailer closest to you might give you the opportunity to test the pillows that are suited best for you. The problem as you might imagine is that it is difficult to say which is better without trying them for yourself. As I recall, when I contacted Tempur Australia, they sent out a few snippet portions of their products to give customers like us a feel of what they're like; but obviously not to the point that you can rest your head and shoulders upon. My original Tempur is now getting on a bit and I've been very use to it as it relieves neck and shoulder pain as well as some lower back issues. Again, every one has different sleeping positions as well. These pillows are expensive, but at the end of the day; it is not about the money; it is about your overall wellbeing and comfort that is more important. Overall, the best advice that I can give you, is to try out the pillow yourself and see which one is best for you. Thanks.


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