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Tens Machine Australia

Tens Machine Australia

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Amazingly quick customer service.

Ordered it 7am on Thursday morning and it was sent from QLD express post, arriving in Melbourne Friday mid morning in time for a birthday gift that afternoon!!
Can't comment on the unit or its effectiveness as recipient is waiting to use it after physio puts in the settings for them prior to use. Purely on customer service alone these guys are awesome!

Loved it

Bought it based upon recommendation from my Physio after a grade 1 tear on my Achilles. The TENS was easily to navigate using the pre programmed setting (45 preset programs). Personally P6 was my prefer setting.

I also purchased the socks and gloves electrode and found it more to my liking.

The unit is flimsy constructed but very easy to use with minimal buttons.

The lead wires and electrodes appeared to be fragile and may require correct fitting. The unit can be run both with battery 9V or AC.


I ordered the machine from Steve Gordon, Medic 2000 in Hamilton Brisbane at about 4.00pm yesterday afternoon and received it in Sydney, near Hornsby at about 10.30am this morning. We are very impressed. Much better than waiting until next Wednesday to collect it from the local Woolworths store. It arrived pre-set and already my daughter is obtaining great benefit from the machine.

Excellent Service

I purchased my machine - MH800P from TENS Machines Australia (online) and have been very impressed with their service. Dispatch was within hours of order and per express post which was included in the purchase price.
The machine is on special and that made it affordable for me, I was guided by the many good reviews from various sources.
It is a combined TENS/EMS machine and for the purpose of pain relief it does an excellent job. I experience intermittend hip pain from having a fracture and now three pins in place. The muscles sometimes just cramp up and no medication has been giving me adequate relief. Enter TENS and the muscles relax. What a relief!
It came with an array of different pads and some alcohol wipes, battery, cables and even a free First Aid Book from the retailer.
Highly recommend.

Recommended super effective pain relief

13 years ago I was issued a tens machine by work cover so I expect it was costly. (went off work cover after 3 years).. I have used this machine ever since. nearly every night and when I drive long distances, this machine works overtime. I use it on just about every moving part from arms, shoulders, back, legs and to get pain relief after knee replacement (be careful not to put it too close to new knee replacement, just use above and below)
I highly recommend any version for pain relief. takes a little getting used to but better if you don't turn it up too far.
don't pay hundreds either. cheaper ones are just as effective
don't wait any longer...off you go
(make sure you can get replacement pads)

ALDI Tens machine

I have a Revitive machine with pads. I bought the ALDI Tens machine today from Aldi mt Barker S.A. and I have to say that in comparison to the Revitive, more convenient, flexible, more Customable and better. I paid $39.95 for it and it came with 8 pads, 2 leads, a good instruction book and lots of advice. It is not made in China at all but in Taiwan. The quality is excellent.

Happy happy

active life sportmed. fantastic product. i
can lift my arm after 6 months
awesome !
price and service
education on their website
great aussie product

works very well

it works very well only minor negative is i find it a bit big & bulky that is a personal preference though.It really does do the job and bonus of long strip for lower back.good variety of strips...it does do what it is meant to do and find t very helpful for my back pain. excellent company to deal with.

240mg Oxycontin user gets instant release

I am using 80mg of oxycontin a few times a day and my pain is my living hell even with strong opiates. I recently got introduced to this machine and can't believe I didn't hear about it over the years. Instant back pain gone. When your muscles are just in so much pain and are in complete spasm, thus device feels like a needle being stabbed I to the muscles to release the spasm and it works. Now instead of being in a holy after being on my feet for 60 seconds or bending down or sitting in a chair, iI simply put this on while I walk or do anything and the pain never appears because these don't let the muscle go into spasm or lock up.
It is not painful but you can turn it up to make it get you stronger. . I now want this put in my back permanently as it has saved my future.

Awesome Tens & ems product

Can't fault the product! Delivers great pain relief and ems generation. Purchased online and the delivery was only 2 days.

Absolutely the best thing I ever bought

I recently purchased (online) an Aus Physio Tens dual massager from AU Remedial. Great little machine. I have a lot of hip pain, and this little gadget makes it so that I can walk around easily after 20 minutes of use. The relief from the pain last for most of the day. I now don't need to take Panadol every few hours. The machine included everything you need to use it straight away. It uses 2 AAA batteries or you can use the usb cable and use it through your computer. You can even massage your feet with this little beauty. Worth every cent of the $99.95 it cost. It was well packed and delivered very quickly I ordered it on the 20 Nov and received it with 7 days which isn't bad for a country area. I couldn't fault this company, great service and product all round.

It really works

The tens machine that Tens Machine Australia posted so promptly, has given great results. We also purchased extra pads on the same order. Great little machine. Thanks.

Tens machine ALDI

I bought a TENS machine from Aldi for $ 50.00. I have rheumatoid arthritis for about 30 years. It slowly gets worse to a stage that starting walking after a rest was very painful. I am using this device now for 3 weeks and the pain is gone !!! Ankle is still stiff, but no pain. This machine is worth it weight in platinum. There are more expensive machines on the market, ones which also with a low frequency affect the muscles as a sort of massage which are available for about $170.00. But as pain relief the Aldi one is fantastic. Only the manual is not very helpfull but trough google one can get a lot of info how to use this device.
Gave instant pain relief
Aldi does give very litle as far as a manual is concerned.

Awesome little device!

I only discovered this device when a physio used it to treat me during one of my rehab sessions. I had badly torn a ligament in my ankle and my ankle would pulsate with pain for most of the day, even though I kept it elevated. When I attached the tens to my ankle, the feeling of pulsating pain turned into a soothing feeling, which is quite relaxing.
I also used this for a stiff neck which helps relax my shoulder muscles, etc
Instant pain relief, portable, relaxing to use. Small enough that it's not noticed when I use it at work
The pads can be a bit awkward to put on and off on the shoulders, but once it's there, it's good

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It's called "Comfitt tens Machine" that I purchased from www.tensmachine.com.au After over a year of use this is still my go to machine. I have even loaned it to my father to use for a while, but ended up buying one for him instead.

Longer lasting relief....more people should know about this product

I have had neck and shoulder issues since a car accident more than 2 decades ago. Not a day would pass when I didn’t feel discomfort on my neck & shoulders. It is exacerbated even simply by cold weather.

I’ve spent money on remedial massage, physio, back, neck & shiatsu chair massage machines. Whilst these give relief from the pain, along with taking panadol (paracetamol), it isn’t long after that the pain resurfaces.

I have the ActivBody. Like with everything at first try, I was skeptical. First time I used it was during one of my more intense neck pain days. You feel gentle tingling sensation and at first you wonder how it's going to be effective but you soon realize that the throbbing, stiffness & pain had minimized considerably. The relief came gradually so don’t expect it to be immediate. The great and more important thing for me is that the relief it gave was longer lasting. No panadol after treatment. No pain resurfacing after a couple of hours. It was longer lasting relief. I no longer have to "sleep-off" the pain. It was an aaaah moment. Hello world, I'm back!

I have since tried it on other pains including my legs (like restless leg syndrome) & works wonders! The Tens machine alleviates the discomfort allowing me to sleep right through the night.

My mom, who has had knee surgery, also uses Tens Machine!

Knowledge of this product has to be shared..more people should know about it.
Nice & compact. Easy to take anywhere. Can leave on while doing day to day stuff NB. of course common sense prevails i.e. don't use while driving or in shower..see User Guide for details. Battery lasts a while too but this may depend on the mode & intensity used.
Slightly awkward to put electrodes on your mid-back but not complaining as it's a very small inconvenience for the job it does.

Years of pain - instant relief.

This simple little electronic pain relief gadget was purchased as a last resort to hopefully releive painful aching muscles and joints in my hands, shoulders, back and legs. I have been using it for two months now and not as frequently over the last couple of weeks. It is compact (fits in any pocket), rechargeable (via charger or computer port) and extremely effective. I don't live in constant pain anymore and consider this to be one of the best buys of my life (I'm 60). Larger units are used by health professionals in doctors' surgeries, chiropractic and physio practices and sports medicine centres. Ten out of ten for this TENS machine.
It is seriously effective in muscle and joint pain control. Compact. Reliable. It offers a range of pulse modes. Modes are variable and graded from gentle to industrial strength.

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A winner.

Questions & Answers

Does anyone know if a tens machine can assist with post hepatic neuralgia ( shingles nerve pain)?
No answers

Hi Guys, i am looking for a bigger unit like the one used by physio. Me and my husband both have shoulder pain and want to get away from tens units run by 9v battery. Does anyone have any suggestions? Regards Abi
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Hi. For two years or so i used a Revitive machine with the pads and initially thought it was good. But honestly i think benefits are mostly psychological and very temporary. After half an hour the discomfort returned. Yes it was good while it was running, and better when it stopped but i put that down to the "Banging your head on the wall effect" , it is nice when you stop! I use a 9 volt tens device from Aldi which is better, convenient, simple, portable and reasonably powerful. But again, its very temporary relief. I think much the same about physio machines too. I hope you find something to give relief. Maybe massage and gentle exercise?

latest tens machine 2018?
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no .. at lest 10 years old

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