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3months into an ongoing claim

I am positive that all the bad reviews are honestly correct. I've been paying for terri sheer preferred insurance through my agent for the past 18 years (yes, you read that correctly, 18years) for the same property. And only recently put in one claim for my lounge room floor damage, which requires sanding and polishing. Started my claim on the 4 April, now entering the 3rd month and correspondence from them is only every 2/3weeks, which has always only been to advise me that they need more paper work to confirm that the property was indeed tenanted!!!???, and delays from their lost adjuster/contractor.
On one call, i asked for the contact details of a manager/head of department/ceo, only to be told there is none!
Not much shown for long term customer loyalty it seems!
I can definitely say that once this issue is resolved, i won't be renewing my policy with them.
I have also just found out that agents/property managers receive a bonus/commission in the form of paid holiday trips interstate or bali depending on the number of policies they sell during the year. Which also explains why most of the positive reviews I've read just happen to be from property managers.
My honest advice to anyone thinking of using this insurance company, is don't, and change agents if yours insists that you should have one.
Their laziness decision on my claim will determine my actions on whether to blog about it on social media and youtube, as companies like this need to be exposed and with todays tech, they can be.

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Thanks for reaching out to us, Jim and I'm really sorry to hear about the experience you've had with your claim. I'd like to get this followed up for you as soon as possible. Could you please email us your claim number and contact details to social@suncorp.com.au so we can get this looked into? Thanks - Stacey

This insurance company will pull all sorts of reasons to refuse your claim. warning!!! stay away!!!

We took insurance around 14 months ago because our agent recommended Terri Scheer (TS). We had damages, theft and loss of rent. The rental tribunal ACAT decision was in our favour for close to $10,000 in damages. We applied to TS to be compensated. TS pulled all the reasons in their disposal to refuse the claim- Who you were insured with before? Did you have landlord insurance from before? From who? We were sure that we did and had no idea that there was no previous landlord insurance with NRMA. Because of that TS refused the claim. Does it matter that we had landlord insurance in place with TS when the tenant left and ACAT ruled in our favour? No!
Prior to NRMA we were insured by our bank and had a landlord insurance in place, but that policy was cancelled when we took all policies with NRMA and were not aware that we did not have a landlord insurance with NRMA prior to taking the policy with TS. That was an honest mistake. And besides, TS now unearthed another clause – if the tenant was in arrears in a period of three months prior to taking the policy with them, then they will not honour the claim. That is even if the tenant fails to pay for a month or a week in the preceding three months. Our tenant was in arrears but in an email from our landlord it was confirmed that the tenant paid all rent and that was prior to taking the policy with TS. Does that matter to TS? No!
Additionally, TS claimed that if they knew that our tenant was in arrears for any amount of time in the three months prior to taking a policy with them, they would have refused to insure us. Obviously, they did not ask, and we took the policy. They also did not disclose this condition and this being a TS policy. Instead they gladly took our payment and while they were making a review as to their negative decision regarding our case, we had to renew the policy. We renewed in good faith that the outcome will be positive. The decision was negative.
We then had no choice but to ask for a refund. It took them weeks to give it. Other clients of TS reported they had similar experience… a pattern of behaviour in refusing claims by this insurer from all sorts of reasons.
We feel that we were treated unfairly by TS and will not recommend anyone who reads this to get their insurance with them. If we knew before about this amount of negative reviews, we would have stayed away. When we told our agent, they appeared shocked after an ACAT decision in our favour and TS behaviour, but we think there is collusion as other previous clients of TS also were recommended to use them by their agents…. Again, another pattern that needs top level investigation ….

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Hi theboy, we are sorry that you feel you have been treated unfairly throughout the claims process, and that you’re unhappy with the claim decision for the loss of rent and damages caused by your tenant. If you would like us to follow up on your concerns about this claim, please send us an email to social@suncorp.com.au with your claim number and contact details. – Mandy

Pricy but hopefully worth it

I have been using Terri Scheer for Landlord Insurance for a couple of years now. They are consistently more expensive than other products out there. So my only hope is that in the unfortunate instance that I might have to put a claim, TS pays it without any hangups!
Moreover, I found that at time of renewal, getting a new policy online turns out to be cheaper than renewing the previous policy! Not a fair go for customers coming back to TS in my opinion!

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Thank Heavens

After having insurance with a banking organisation for 4 years and when finally needing to make a claim for malicious damage only to be told that I wasn't covered I changed to Terri Scheer, thank heavens I did. 12 months later I was saddened to hear that my new tenant had passed away and not been found in the house for 5 days. With the help of my property agent and the Terri Scheer assessors we were able to rectify all problems and have the property ready for new tenants in a matter of weeks. The process was smooth, efficient and timely. Thank heavens I changed to Terri Scheer

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Disgusting and adds misleading

After 8 months of providing receipts and photos of the damage that tenants did to our house, I'm still waiting for a payout. Their adds are misleading and not a true indication of their service. They kept contacting me and i kept up with supplying what they asked for. Would have been better to send out an assessor, which i invited them to do. They have come back with just about every excuse as to not pay out. Stating" its not covered under landlord or building" which was the cover i took. Or "that's under contents" (my contents went into storage, no need to cover them with TS) whichever suits them on the day. Why wasn't i told this in the first place??? Stay clear of them. They keep changing the rules to suit them. Off to ombudsman now! Don't waste your money or time.

Insurance claim madeYes
Hi Leelee, we're sorry to hear about how your claim has been handled. So we can follow up on your concerns, could you please send us an email to social@suncorp.com.au with your claim number and contact details. - MandyATTN MANDY The claim no. Is TSC88909. Talk to the consultants, Daniel, whom I've since been told miraculously has left the building!c My concerns are all of the above. I've been on the road in the outback for 5 years. No much mail sent,as everything was done online. Made 1 claim which was knocked back back by apia, years ago, after being a loyal customer of theirs,for many years.They wouldn't cover dishwasher (supposedly computer chips not covered)so i left them and cut my losses, bought tenants a brande new one. Because i was persuaded to by real estate even tho tenant said she didnt use it...another liar.At that stage nothing as far as I knew was wrong, or I wasn't told or as it turned out inspections were a waste of time n money.To all concerned. I'm still finding things the tenants did 9 months later.Incompetent real estate!!! We went onto Terri Sheer insurance,as we were informed they were the best for landlord. No mention of curtains and carpets not included in the beginning of policy or anytime actually. I've spoken to numerous people within that company throughout this ordeal and all I get is patronising condescending rubbish. To the point I'm almost convinced, insurances are all, a scam. Insurances are ripping us off bigtime with constant changes in clauses. Especially this one after seeing the add on telly now that I'm back in my house. You see we dont have big screen available when travelling so you cant see the small print at bottom of telly, which is what im seeing on every insurance add since.No way did i ever know that carpets n curtains are covered under contents and not building or landlord. As far as we knew they were fixtures. So were my shower heads and they were removed by them.Who takes carpets with them? Or curtains for that matter? I made my house comfortable for others to enjoy and thats the thanks we get. Ruining our silk curtains, fly screens by their cat,not covered cause cat wasn't on the lease is the latest. I stated no animals were to be here anyway. But again was bullied by real estate stating president was set cause we had a dog. What the? Im the owner. I made sure my dog didnt do any damage here, they evidently didnt.Not i,pressed atall.

From someone who works in property management. Don't use them!

I work in real estate & we recommend Terri Scheer to our landlords. I thought several years ago I would change my landlord insurance from RACV to Terri Scheer. I have several rental properties. Never had to claim until very recently still going on with personal property which is only 3 years old. They are happy to take your money each year but when it comes to claims. NEVER again will I recommend to my landlords & I am going to be changing my policies back to RACV. You include in your claim, invoices that you had to pay for out of your own pocket & they reject those too. Claiming tradesman repair costs $10,000 for damages & only getting back $6,000 where am i going to get the extra money to pay tradesman & make the property liveable to re-let now I have to cut corners. That's without cleaning, rubbish removal which I have to do myself & pay for myself out of own money not bond cause bond is all used in other expenses. As you see cleaning & rubbish removal are not covered in insurance they are claimable expenses from the bond but when bond is all used guess who ultimately pays. THE OWNER. The real estate agency it was rented through had locks changed, tradesman charged $440 this has all been paid for out of bond but guess what claim doesn't cover the total invoice cost only a small portion of it. Are you serious. Yes there are people who scam insurance companies but I am not one of them all I want to claim back is what the tradesmans costs are going to be not 1 cent more. I am so furious why even bother having insurance seriously. Not happy at all.

Insurance claim madeYes
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We're really sorry to hear about your experience. We'd like to look into this further. Please feel free to email us your policy and claim details to social@suncorp.com.au. Thanks! - Stacey

Still Not Looking Good.....

Up date to our December review. Surprise surprise we are still waiting. We are now waiting for this claim to be escalated for the third time. Terri Scheer now state they are asking their under writers Suncorp Insurance for advice (best excuse so far yet , the list is endless). They state malicious damage by tenants is not covered unless you can prove it. Pretty sure it is illegal to film tenants actions. All the advice we are now getting is to take it up with the ombudsman. This company is telling us to take it up with the building insurer and they are saying that it should be covered by Terri Scheer. (tenant related) We are now at a complete stale mate and we are taking big losses. Steer clear of Terri Scheer at all costs...

February 28th 2018 Update: Nice adds on television....Come in suckers!!

TERRI SCHEER (SUNCORP) most trusted crap insurance. We will look after you. I am writing this from my nursing home because that's how long I've had the claim... seriously still waiting some 4 months and only been paid 1/4 of what they approved. So i payed all repairs myself (some 20 thousand) so tenants could move in. They threatened us not to pay loss of rent as we must move fast to repair damage. That's my saved funeral money which by the time it settles I'll need. Seriously do not trust them they have dodged more bullets than Ned Kelly. Talk about stepping the claim, list is endless. I am more than happy to talk to anyone who would like to know more . I am at I Havebeenretirement home. Ps I've been with them 11 years . Have luck if your newbies. Steve..Claim; TSC91325.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Micky, we are sorry that there are delays with escalating your claim. So we can follow this up with our claims team, can you please send us an email to social@suncorp.com.au with your claim number and contact details. - Mandy

Best insurance company

Ive been a real estate agent for 7+ years and have done many claims with different companies and have found Terri Scheer by far to be the best! Never had a claim refusal and always had money back within 10 days unless they needed more documentation from me. Excellent company highly recommend!

Insurance claim madeYes

Run! Stay Clear, They Don't Care. Pure Torture.

I've had alot of trouble with this insurer.

A simple claim took 2 years to resolve and over a year of torture for every inch of the legitimate claim resulting in heavy losses.

Even if you're desperate please stay clear from these people.

Go elsewhere. It is nothing like their tv ad where the pan is on fire, bathroom overflows ad to make it appear easy. 100% FAKE.

Insurance claim madeYes
Hi J D, we’re sorry you’re leaving us due to the handling of your recent claim. If you would like us to check your claim or provided detailed feedback about the process, please send us an email to social@suncorp.com.au with your contact details. - MandyI doubt I'm going to remove this post with 33 others also voting terrible. You guys put me through scheer HELL. Scheer's miscalculated the power of the internet and review forums a few years back ...treating people poorly like they are criminals trying to scam insurers, when in fact landlords just need to get properties fixed quickly. Now it has come home to roost enjoy the feedback on THIS FORUM.

Don't bother with these liars

After constant emails and telephone calls, they refused to pay for repairing damage caused by my Tennant. Their television ad is a complete lie. Advise anyone considering landlord insurance to avoid TS.

Insurance claim madeYes

Terri Scheer will not pay you full compensation

What a shame Terri Scheer Insurance take your money for LandLord Insurance, but when it comes to the crunch of claiming, ours was for a tenant absconding with weeks owing and leaving a mess with cat urine and scratching all over the walls they won't properly pay up!!! If the cat was on the lease it would have been covered. What The!!! The tenant had the cat without our knowledge.... Terri Scheer, What do we pay Land Lord insurance for if its not for when a tenant does the wrong thing, isn't that why we pay this insurance. The Unit was a disgrace and needed painting, and its NOT just wear and tear!!! Do the moral and right thing and pay us for the repairs... Our real estate agent has tried to talk sense with you also and she is very dissatisfied with your service. So she along with us will be letting others know how you really work!!! Will also be leaving bad experience feed back with whoever I can, to warn others. Shame shame shame Terri Scheer Insurance.

Insurance claim madeYes

Nothing is covered!!!

Just read Page 41 of the PDS!!!!! Nothing, yes nothing is covered. This must be a Nigerian company!
Say the building is struck by lightning and your carpet catches fire!-sorry not covered! P41 says lightning strike is not covered!

Insurance claim madeYes

Worst customer care

I took out a landlord's policy with Terri Scheer and received correspondence with my name completely wrong. I wrote to their online customer care, which indicates a 24 response - and have heard nothing since. I eventually had to call them to get them to correct my name, and they did not even care. As a customer I was most put off by the lack of customer care. Terri Scheer are disgraceful

Insurance claim madeNo

Very small claim, waiting MONTHS for a outcome

Had storm damage on part of our investment property. Had our property manager put in a claim, which realistically should be processed in a few days. But With Terri Scheer it has been almost half a year of going back and forwards and having their people try to determine the cause of the damage, which happened during a huge sydney storm. I thought these guys were good, but they are terrible. Avoid like the plague... no on second thoughts the plague is too good for them, avoid like something much much worse than the plague. Thankyou.

Insurance claim madeYes

Don't trust them they don't cover you

We have six investment properties, we thought their premiums were competitive so have been slowly changing our landlord insurance over to Terri Scheer. We have had 4 properties covered by them for the last 2 years. We attempted to make a small claim due to tenant damage. They do EVERYTHING to avoid paying until you simply give up. Don't trust them STAY AWAY

Insurance claim madeYes

Does everything to avoid paying a claim

Like everyone else has said, they come up with any excuse to avoid paying the insurance claim. Don't believe the advertising, I have been paying for 2 years and never made a claim.

I make a claim for a vanity unit replacement and they said they can't pay as the tenant didn't cause the damage.

Insurance claim madeNo

Terrible experience

I needed to make a claim however they never sent me the renewal policy for one of my properties and I end up doing a renewal online. When I needed to make a claim they said I couldn't do it because I cancelled my previous policy. I explain what happened and they didn't care and I couldn't make a claim. Well, I'm moving my properties away from these guys... I pay insurance for reason.. not just to throw money away. Terri Scheer - you guys are so unprofessional and customer service is terrible. Hope your clients realize it before they need to make any claim.

Insurance claim madeNo

Money munger

As a renter thank you for pigeonholing us all, we rent because we can't afford to buy, (full time single carer for disabled son) and now your driving up the prices with your tacky remodelling.
You are not giving good advice, really a grey house with neon yellow door WILL DATE fast!! Costing the landlord more money and making it harder for or us to fit our furniture that travels with us from house to house impossible to fit in with your colour schemes. Keep it NAUETRAL, seriously not rocket science!!!

Insurance claim madeNo

FULL OF Promises

Fake advertising find anything to reject your claim. Will never insure with them again. All the advertisements you are covered for accidental and malicious damage is just not true. I had tenants damage my property and Terri Scheer will not reimburse me for my costs.

Insurance claim madeYes

Terri Scheer- Don't Bother

Appalling customer service. My first claim ever & Terri Sheer insurance has been a complete debacle from start to now. I'm still awaiting a result since beginning of January this year.
They are making a laughing stock out of the legislation.
Do not insure with this company...you'll get nothing but delay after delay & no result for your hard work & no protection for your asset.

Insurance claim madeYes

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Questions & Answers

Could I insure my house furniture while it is stored in a shipping container at a secured premise? Cheers
1 answer
Hi John, Thanks for your question. It would depend on several factors if this would be covered by any of our landlord policies. To discuss your needs please give us on 1800 804 016. We're available from 8:30am - 5pm Monday to Friday. - Mandy

I am wondering why landlords are not using the rental tribunal to make a claim? Then they could obtain an enforcement notice. Could it be that this system also does not work? Talk to your local member if this is the case and send an email to complaints at the tribunal.
1 answer
My understanding is that claims that owners try to put through to RTA are directed to QCAT (if it’s in Qld). You have to pay a fee to them and it can take sometime plus you have to appear at the hearing. An Enforcement Order can be achieved if the Claim via QCAT has not been adhered to. It’s all very long winded, time consuming and a lot of paperwork. Renters insurance is far better option; j have gone down both roads. When QCAT allowed the tenants leniency, Terri Scheer paid it instead. You can’t ask for better than that!!!

Why would any one use Terry Scheer ????
1 answer
Very good question not sure why

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