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Texas Instruments TI-89

Texas Instruments TI-89

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It's not the calculator - it's the software running on it.

This is a very good calculator - no doubt.

The number one issue is that in it's mechanical engineering professional program, or "ME Pro", that the USA has 5% of the worlds population and the rest of the world has 95% of the worlds population who are ALL officially using metric as their standard.

Yet the manufacturer, Texas Instruments, and the software and manual developers, Da Vinci Technologies, insist on producing software and manuals that use imperial system and the improper mixing of metric standards.

"The jet engine uses X pounds of fuel per second and x pounds of air and the exhaust leaves the engine at 200 meters per second"


The flame temperature of assorted fuel gases is listed in degrees rankin (????)

When I have personally approached them over this matter, to get the software and the manuals all redone in purely metric, and to then supply me with the first copies as an act of gratitude - this is where you find out just how appallingly bad their customer service is.

Not only Great Ideas, but since 95% of the worlds population uses metric, and they export their calculators to the entire planet, they should be standardising all their software and manuals into purely metric, so as well as being a great idea, it's also a very necessary idea - simply falls into the gaping bottomless chasm of the "know it all" ignorance and stupidity that speaks volumes about the very worst of customer service.

So the people who manage Texas Instruments, and the people who manage Da Vinci Technologies - are still working with the "1788" standards and measurements of Elizabethan England - and their are producing crappy, mixed standards software and manuals - as their flag ship engineering software, in the 22nd Century - and they are exporting it to the entire globe.

Like "Hello Stupid!" No one anywhere, uses Rankin, or IMPROPER mixtures of meter/pounds, or Kilogram/feet, or mixing of imperial and metic - like liters of fuel in an engine with 200 PSI compression.

But they do.

So while the calculator is brilliant - the modern 22nd century software and manuals for it, is produced by idiots, and the customer service is so bad that they back the "company" up, instead of addressing the fact that they got it really wrong - and it has to be fixed up.

This is 2012 - 95% of the worlds entire population uses metric - with the exception of the USA who compromises only 5% of the worlds population who uses imperial and bastardised mixtures of imperial and metric - the measurements that are not recognised under the ISO system.

I have been fighting with them and taking them to task over this for the last 7 years....

Yes - the people who manage Texas Instruments, Da Vinci Technologies and their customer service - really are that stupid.

The calculator needs LED back lighting and a zoom fun function, as the text is really tiny.
Great calculator.
Absurdly backward software and manuals.


Pretty good value for money, very popular with all the school students completing their VCE, recognised by the VCAA and is enlisted as one of the calculators allowed to bring into examinations, I've had mine for nearly a year, have had no problems with it so far.
Easy to use, comes with batteries and cable.
I havnt had any so far :D

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