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It was OK for a cheap business trip

I went to London from Sydney with Thai Airways in July 2017. Whilst the prestige airlines would charge $11,000 for a business seat, Thai Airways charged $3,700. The business seat is not fully flat but it reclines and it is OK for sleeping. The food is AWESOME!

The plane that goes from Sydney to Bangkok is a very old Boeing 747. From Bangkok to London it goes with an A380 but it just is A380 outside! Inside everything is made of cheap material and upon take off the plan shakes so bad so you think it is gonna crash.

Just a couple of days ago I checked their website to see if I could book a cheap biz flight to Europe again but surprisingly their prices have gone up so much. They beat Etihad and Emirates in high flight fares! They have to focus on improving their flight quality not the price.

Friendly service will fly again

Brisbane to Bangkok and return was great can't fault them! friendly service will fly again actually I trust them that much I'm going to Cambodia but have decided to fly with Thai to Bangkok and drive by bus to Cambodia because I don't trust air asia.

So bad. No safety for children

Did not give seatbelt for child. Said that they do not offer. When child upset and hungry did not give milk. Said have to save milk for next flight. Disgusting service.

Good service, Nice food and Good entertainment

Booking with flight centre from Melbourne to Bangkok then caught a connecting flight to Vientiane, Laos, we were able to book promptly with confirmation and our tickets the next day. we were able to book our seats and order our meals on their online website conveniently as well for free. Check in took a long time because of lots of passengers but the check-in staff were friendly and lead us the way to the boarding area. The seats are a little small but for me good enough, they offer you refresh towels at the beginning of the flight. the air hoster and hostess are very nice and pretty as well. they attended to every request. The food was delicious as well. I had satay chicken for dinner, and English breakfast. the aircraft was clean and the entertainment screen were new, had the latest movies and songs and games too. overall very nice experience


Agreed. Economy food was bad - the worst I have experienced in 25 years. Qantas was much better as even was Jetstar. Breakfast was like factory food and lunch was two stale rolls. Nothing to eat for 8 hours.

Outstanding staff

Flew for the first time with Thai airways. I was amazed by how genuinely warm and helpful they were. They treated every passenger with a great deal of respect and were sincerely keen to help people. It was a pleasure to fly with them.

Great service and staff

I have flown all over the world with many many different airlines and thaiair have always been the best to fly with, the friendly smiles from staff to making sure my partner and myself are comfortable and always providing A+ customer service. I would highly recommend "THAI AIRWAYS" to anyone.

Service has gone downhills

We have been flying with Thai Airways since 2001. We flew with Thai Airways quite often, direct to Thailand or to Vietnam stop over Thailand. Trips were always on time and we were quite satisfied with on-board service, we used to trust and recommend friends. relatives to fly with Thai Airways, But for the last 2 years, we have got more and more disappointed with the service, and the quality of plane food which we used to range as the best in all airlines, was so bad that we could hardly enjoy anything. The last trip we went was late January, back early February, there was delay for more than 1 hour, we were kept waiting, with 1 early announcement about the delay, and we would be kept informed again shortly, but nothing else was announced until when the flight started, We have also heard similar complaints about Thai Airways from different people we know.


.No issue flew with them a few times not a bad airline will probably fly with them again in the future

Worse customer service in their Melbourne Office!

I called their Melbourne office yesterday to enquire about bringing my return date forward to 3-4 of March. I spoke to a lady in your customer service team and she accused me of not paying attention to booking and why am I changing it, lol ????

She was really rude and hanged up the phone on me 5 times!
I am absolutely disgusted by this person who works in customer service and does not have the professionalism to deal with these situations.

I asked her a few times if she could transfer me to someone else as I didn’t feel comfortable talking to her, she refused and hanged up again!

Really disapointed and never imagined I’d be treated like that from a customer service agent working and representing Thai airways, a full service airline.

I have never had the same happen to me traveling with a budget airline let alone a full service airline like Thai.

Such a shame! Never will even consider Thai, will walk and not fly with Thai.

Worst Ailine to Fly with Infans/Kids

I had my worst experience with Thai on 19th Oct from BNE to BKK and BKK to DEL. I was travelling with my 22 month old son. I had to literally beg for half a bottle of milk for my child which was denied couple of times throughout both flights by saying it is reserved for our passengers for coffee and tea. After so much persuasion and requests I was given some milk and advised indirectly not to request again and should be used throughout till your destination. This was the worst and pathetic experience I had in last 9 years of my air travel. I am frequent traveller who travels around the globe for work and I found most of Airlines are quite accommodative and friendly but Thai Air staffs are non friendly as well. Think thrice to fly Thai if you have kids /infants

Bangkok stop overs too Long for Phuket connections

I love traveling Thai Airlines..I used to go twice a year to Phuket , but then with the new schedule and long stop Bangkok stopover I changed it to once a year. The stop overs have become even longer--A trip that took around 6 hours max can now be over 17 hrs to 23hrs with Bangkok stopovers!!! now fly with other airlines with closer connections in Bangkok


Booking went well.
The flight left on time and arrived ahead of the scheduled time.
On board service was mostly excellent but I was dissapointed to be woken to close the window blind in the early morning while others around me kept their blinds open. I'd had very little sleep due to a seat that would not stay reclinded. I did not apreciate being poked in the shoulder once I had managed to fall asleep.

Worst airline l have flown with

From the moment we got on board the staff service was the worst along with seating being the most uncomfortable seats l have sat in . Waited 60 mins for water so my friend could take a panadol and gave up even after l had to keep asking staff and pressing the sevice button and the lovely man behind us gave us a bottle of water due to the lack off customer service and putting up with rude staff. They refused to give me a pillow and blanket when asked and the cabin was quite cold which was extremely uncomfortable flight . Audio and TV also broken as the staff was not interested in knowing about it. it was hard to watch a movie then gave up as to hard basket They put a very sick person next to us that had disintry even after we told them not to as we did not want to get sick. The staff member was extremely rude to us and refused our concerns. If a person has a contagise medical problem seriously do the staff not think of the effect it has on a medical stand point . Also if you know you have a contagise medical condition that may effect others why would you get on a plane and effect others some people are so inconsiderate and the woman was coughing over us without covering her mouth and 6 hours later we spent most of our holiday in bed and on the toilet.severely sick with the runs and vomiting which ruined our holiday. We paid extra and fly Thai Airlines as they advertise great service friendly staff extra roomy seats, well all of the above is so far from being correct and is the complete opposite. I rang and complained and all they kept saying is put it in writing can not investigate verbally that is extremely poor service. They can investigate and document things over the phone as most companies do this. Overall if l could give them a zero score if l could. Never will l fly with them again or recommend them as a good airline. Can not think of one positive thing to say about Thai air lines and their cabin crew and service along with lots of other things. They need to take a really long good look at themselves and retrain their staff and insure everything us in working order

If i would of known how bad thai airways was i would never of flown it

I was the unpleasure if being on tg473 from bne to bkk. First you can't get the seats you want if you show up early. Second the flight attendants do not know what service is as i requested a can of soft drink she responded by no we have an open bottle. It was flat. I walked through the cabin to find other people had cans so when she came back i asked again she whinged and eventually got me what i want. To show her anger when the food came she slammed in into my tray with no choices it was fish something I'm allergic to she said with a smile eat around it. I reported her to thai airways which sent me an email saying oh well hope you fly with us again.

Dont choose thai. If flight is cancelled. You will have to pay for connection flight.

Not happy with thai airways. My flight was cancelled and they charged me for connecting flights. I end up paying $150 extra.

Flight delay from Perth Airport 11 hours later and no information supplied.

Today we all boarded our flight TG484 Perth to Bangkok to depart at 9 am. We were advised there was a problem with one of the engines and to disenbark, get our luggage and go to check in counter. We were given taxi vouchers and advised they could not advise us on what is going on until all passengers had been processed. After waiting 2 hours and still processing with only 3 check in counters opened it was obvious giving out taxi and hotel vouchers no flight was happening so we left. It has been now 11 hours after our scheduled departure and not even a text to advise what is happening. Not a problem with stopping the flight as these things happen but absolutely pathetic still not knowing what is going on and when our flight will be, come on Thai Airways, get your act together.

Economic but ok service

Booking process - hassle free
Trip Timing : delayed by an hour from Perth. Connecting flight on time. Hence, only half an hour to switch gates at the Bangkok airport
Food - Mostly ok. One desert tasted very weird.
On-board service - courteous. Although had to ask for the same thing Twice to get it done (for all amenities).

Thai flight

Booking fine,trip on time, leg room very poor, I flew to Thailand on the 23/6/17 returned 21/7/17 trip over bar leg room was fine food fine ,on the way back from bangkok to Brisbane on TG 473 the food was absolutely disgusting and leg room again poor ,I travel Thai airlines because my wife is Thai but that last trip leaves me wondering , I travel to Thailand 1,2 times a year.

Good start to Honeymoon

This will be an old review, but ill explain why I've written it.
My wife and I fly Thai airways in October 2013 for our honeymoon. Our booking was done through Escape Travel (they were fantastic). Flew out of Melbourne for Phuket on the midnight flight. Had a stop over of about 90 minutes in Bangkok then arrived in Phuket about 10am.
About 10 days later we flew home in reverse. The flight, food and staff were fantastic.

We are visiting Phuket again, this October 2017 for a 2 week stay. Flying with Thai airways again. I will update this post after we have done that flight. But we are expecting the same great serve as we had the last time.

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Sorry I meant take your own pillow on Thai airwaysWe need more flights from perth to Bangkok ....i would suggest 3 flights a day like you use too have. But if not 2 a day. Im a fifo worker and have been living in Thailand for over 10 years. I am finding it hard to find a decent 1 way flight back home.. i know hundreds of people who are always talking about how hard it is to find flight from perth to Thailand. So i would suggest a flight around 3pm . Everyday...

Am I permitted to bring tea bags and stock cubes for use in-flight?
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Hi team iam travelling to brisbane first time from india what is the weight you can allow for me?
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