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Thankyou Nappies Bundle of Joy

Thankyou Nappies Bundle of Joy

4.3 from 17 reviews

Great diaper but no wetness indicator!

Great diaper with stylish prints that are not overly cutesy. The nappies hold quite a bit but do not come up high enOugh at the back. The side tabs are too short for a round tummy. The biggest downside is the lack of a wetness indicator which is in all other major brands!

I love them!! Better than Huggies!

My baby would get nappy rash from Huggies. She doesn't get nappy rash with Thank you Nappies. These are amazing and I am so happy with them. I converted a few other mums as well, who are also very happy with them. I would highly recommend these nappies. Best of all you are supporting an Australian business and all the amazing work they do.

Absolutely love them

These nappies are wonderful. The fit is perfect for my daughter, no leakages and they don't get bulky when they're full. So she stays comfortable between feeds. I've also used the larger nappies with my older daughter and have absolutely loved every size. I highly recommend giving them a go. You're buying nappies anyway, you may as well buy the ones that will help as mother somewhere else in the world have a safe birth.

Love them!

I was sold on their mission statements of giving back to people in need. I was a bit sceptical at first-not knowing what the quality would be like. I love them-I’ve only had a few leaks (and that was only because my daughter had done some massive blow outs!) I would never use another brand!

Affordable and soft

Gentle on little bottoms nice amount of padding and affordable.my little mans on the chunky size of baby and these fit him really well at that infant stage. I find them to be very affordable for their quality. These are for sure going to be added to my shopping trolley

Wish they were better

I had high hopes for these nappies but they fell way below expectations unfortunately. Really awful feel to the nappy and no wetness indicator which was frustrating with a young baby. I expected much more from them and was left very disappointed with their offering. Such a pity as it would be a great company to support.

Very happy

Very happy with these nappies,
Using for our baby boy who is 1 month old and they are working great,highly absorbent and a very snug fit,96 nappies per box in the size we are using,
Which i think is a decent amount of nappies for the price paid.

Great product

Guilt free disposable nappies!

I needed to change these nappies more often than some other brands to avoid leaks but otherwise was very happy with them. They seemed comfy and fit well.

They are certainly one of the better environmentally friendly options on the market.

I would certainly recommend and continue to use them.

Love what these are all about.

Love the purpose. Love the packaging. Love the tone of voice. But the nappies just didn't retain liquid as well as other nappies did; especially overnight. Moisture wicking = 0 I was a little upset because I really wanted to love this product. Maybe could be just used as a day time nappy and not an overnight nappy.

Love these nappies.

I used Snugglers with my other girls, this time round (another girl) Snugglers just aren't doing the job. Nearly every dirty nappy meant a full change of clothes. I bought the Thank You nappies & have had hardly any dirty ones that leak. They have been great at night too, no leakage.

Good nappies and a worthy competitor to Huggies

Our boy needs very absorbent nappies and the infant ones are pretty good. They are not quite as absorbent as Huggies but we are persisting because the Thank You nappies seems to use less materials and it’s a social impact company so aspiring for more than just making great nappies! They look cool too.


At first I was a little concerned about the lack of indicator on these but I guess it just prepares you for the next stage! Pretty happy with these so far, no mishaps overnight and leaks to a minimum.

I would say these are on par with Huggies but definitely a hundred times better as your giving back in some way by supporting a great cause!

Big fans of Thankyou Nappies!!

We use Thankyou products in almost every room in the house. Our favourite by far are their newborn nappies. They are super absorbent and how can you go past the modern geometric print?!

We love the message behind the Thankyou brand and it makes every dirty nappy change worth it!

Our go-to nappies!

Came across this wonderful brand whose profits go to supporting different causes - absolutely love and support their vision. And their nappies just so happen to be as great! Their new and improved design are very absorbent and I like how their sizes are slightly bigger some other big brands, and they never leaked! They are a bit pricey but will definitely keep buying when they go on sale!

Great product, no leaks!

The new and improved Thank you nappies are fantastic. We use them for our baby overnight and we don't get any leaks, hold everything very well. We have never had rashes from these nappies, and they are a great fit. I highly recommend these, from a company that is doing great things!

Absolutely awesome!!

Love these nappies! Had heard mixed reviews about the Thank You Nappies, but wanted to try them. Previously used Huggies Nappies 4-8kg size but they kept leaking, especially at night. We had three nights in a row where the Huggies nappies leaked through and bubba and her bassinet had to be fully changed at 3am. We've had zero leakage with Thank You nappies, even with large poo explosions, they've withstood many tests! Am so surprised to hear so many people say they leak, these are the only nappies we use from now on.

Great nappies great company

I really liked the idea behind thank you and bought a box while on special at Coles.
Having previously used huggies newborn nappies I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and design.
This being a first time parent I don't have much experience with nappies, my sister swore by aldi nappies when her kids were little.
There is a wetness line on the newborn nappies and they are a larger fit than the huggies.
They absorb well and being blessed with a baby that'd sleep 8-12 hours at night was extremely useful.
I used the newborn nappies for perhaps a month (from baby being 3 to 4 months old) and have now transitioned to the next size up (baby was 5.5kg). Right at the end of using up the last of the newborn nappies there was 1 night where the nappy leaked at the back (this was probably close to 12 hours) and baby had pretty much grown out of them. No other leaks or blowouts.
Overall have been very pleased with the product and love that all profits are donated.
Downside is that they are only available at Coles or baby bunting.
Coles seem to have them on special every month or so and seem to offer 25% off making them great value.

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Thankyou Nappies Bundle of Joy
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