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Thankyou Nappies Go Getter

Thankyou Nappies Go Getter

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Worst nappies ever!!

My poor newborn daughter got the worst nappy rash she was changed more regularly because I was wondering why she got the rash in the first place I bought sudocream and it was still getting worse so I changed back to huggies and it is now disappearing they also leak from the front and do not absorb much at all! I do not recommend these

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Hey! We are so sorry to hear this has been your experience. Our team would love to chat further if you could reach out to baby@thankyou.co

Great nappies, great cause

I purchased these originally because of the cause they support and continue to buy them because they’re great! Last all night and hold poo explosions well. Very soft and stretchy.

Purchased in February 2019 at Woolworths for $28.00.

Absolutely the best nappies

Thankyou nappies are by far the best nappies I have come across for my 6 month old boy.
They are absorbent, never having any leakages or poo explosions.
They feel nice and soft and have never left a rash or any dry skin even overnight.
I also find that they absorb alot of the smell unlike other big name brands.
I just wish they were more readily available.
Also, there baby wipes are amazing!!!

Redness and Poo Explosion

These nappies were so disappointing. My boy is not sensitive, but he ended up red and raw where the nappy sits. Wasn't like nappy rash, it was a reaction. To make matters worse, he ended up with poo up his back because the nappys couldn't contain it. I will stick with Babylove.

Horrible nappies! Leaked through the front.

I purchased a box of Thank you nappies for my baby as I like their other products and it is for a good cause. I found that the nappies leak terribly, not out of the sides, but through the front of the nappy where it is meant to absorb the wetness. My poor bub had a bowel movement and was absolutely covered because it leaked through the front. I’m not sure if it was just a bad batch but I have now gone back to using huggies.

Great Nappies, great cause

Love the nappies, they work great and my baby has never had a rash with them. If they were biodegradable they would get 5 stars. Have used all the sizes so far and never had any problems. They look pretty cute too. An example of a business! Will continue using this brand. Thank you!

Don't Bother

Honestly, don't bother. I tried them before my baby started solids, she would leak for no.2 up the back every time without fail. So only used a few times and gave up. Tried again after baby started solids, holds no.2's better but then after wearing them everyday for a few days, she started getting a bad nappy rash that almost looked like burn marks. Never again. Just stick with Huggies or Baby Love. The brands that have been around for a while that have had plenty of time to test.

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Hey Layne! Oh no, that doesn't sound pleasant at all. So sorry it hasn't been a successful experience. If you're keen to connect further with our baby team, the best email address is baby@thankyou.co. Thank you so much for taking the time to review our nappies.

Newborn size were good but prefer other brands for infant size 2 and above

Newborn range have the wetness indicator. This is a huge help for middle of the night nappy changes and not unnecessarily bothering the baby during the day. Newborn size was a great nappy range, never leaked, no rashes or weird jelly blobs from over-wet nappies (like huggies do), lasted the few hours between one change and the next. Sadly anything above newborn size thank you nappies, such as the infant range and above, do not have the wetness indicator. For this reason alone my husband and I will no longer buy this nappy range (as another comparable brand does still provide wetness indicator for infant size). Might revisit this brand again when on sale and other options unavailable.

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Hey Rachel! It's so great to hear using our newborn nappies was successful. Thank you so much for reviewing our Go Getter nappies. Sorry to hear they haven't worked out for you and your family. We added the wetness indicator to our Little Dreamer size (newborn) as a trial and to gauge if it was something that parents wanted to see on larger sizes. A little tip for checking if the nappy is ready to be changed is to gently pinch the front or back of the nappy, if it's squishy then it's time for a change. Wetness indicators don't change colour for number two's unfortunately. We'll pass your feedback along to our innovation team :). Thanks again!

We've sprung a leak

My hubby bought these nappies as huggies were out of stock. I wish he hadn't. My 5month old son had the first one on for just over an hour and it leaked. How can I trust them overnight? Very disappointing especially considering the price. I would not recommend them and now have a pack sitting here that I don't want to use.

Great overnight nappy!

We use thank you nappies overnight for our 6m boy, who can sleep up to 12hrs and never had a leak. They don’t do the weird bulge thing at the front like some other brands. I also like the gender neutral monochrome prints. Overall great disposable nappy, which can further assist people in need. Why not?

Will get you through the night!

Love these nappies, great absorbency lasted us 14h as my Baby passed out at 4pm after a big day and didn’t wake till 5am (nappy was changed an hour before). No leaks. My only criticism is the side tabs need to be slightly longer. I have a chunky bub and there’s a great fit everywhere but she’ll Outgrow the waist due to the tabs being too short/not stretchy enough. But the next size is too big. Will have to go back to the ALDI in the meantime as their tabs have way more give.

Best nappy I had never bought!

I used Huggies for the first 3 months but I wanted to try the new improved thank you and I am so glad I did!
Fit is great
Nappy is absorbent
No leaks
No wetting through
I get to help women’s health projects

There are no down sides. I can’t believe how this is the same company from a year ago!!!!!

Yasssss these are my new go to.

Not the worst

I used the newborn thank you nappies and loved them, although my little man didn’t fit into them until he was a week old. So after using up att my Huggies nappies I’ve moved onto the thank you crawler nappies. The fit is great, absorbency is also good (I would get a whole night out of huggies, now I do a night time change with thank you)...
one thing I really don’t like is the missing wetness indicator, I don’t understand why it’s not on this nappy?? Probably won’t purchase this size nappy again.

Would choose Thankyou Nappies every time!

These nappies are incredible! They are more absorbent than any other nappies we have tried and definitely get us through the night! We have only ever had 2-3 poop explosions, and very few leakages in the 4 months we have been using them. I also like the trendy, unisex design. I would definitely recommend these!

Love these nappies

Great social concept that makes sure some good comes out of buying these products. I love that the nappies have no nasties on babies’ skin and biodegrade. I’ve used every single size of the these nappies now and love them for their absorbency, fit, style and idea. Thank you thank you for the new improved version.
Pricy but worth every cent.

Game Changer

When pregnant, I was thrilled to find out Thankyou were bringing out a Baby range just in time for the birth of my daughter. In theory, I would have loved to have been a cloth nappy parent but it just wasn't to be. To be able to buy a product which didn't have all the nasties AND was actually helping another mama (through the contribution Thankyou makes to Child and Maternal Health programs) has made me passionate about this product. Sometimes we can't do everything as mamas but I'm grateful that something as simple as my choice in nappies for my daughter can make a difference! Not only that, the nappies have been recently been improved which have increased their absorbency and I'm starting to find them in Woolies too!

Such great nappies! We LOVE them!

We've used Thankyou nappies since the birth of our first baby (girl). They have a modern monochrome look and are so slimline that they fit in skinny jeans without looking bulky.
Aside from the occasional 'poo explosion' that any parent experiences with a newborn, we've never had issues with our Thankyou nappies leaking. They've always held their contents overnight and they don't end up smelly like some other nappies.
And the best part is that with every box we buy, we know we're helping to fund maternal and child health programs in low-income countries.
We LOVE the Thankyou nappies!

Absolutely Love Them

I'll be honest & admit I only tried them because they were on clearance at Woolworths. As my daughter sleeps 10hours through the night I was scared to try something else as Huggies have always been so good, however I will only buy Thank You Nappies from now on.
They have worked just aswell as Huggies but look cuter & most of all are better for the environment & help mothers world wide. They are also so much simpler as Huggies have way to many varieties & I'm just so confused.
Thank You, Thank You Nappies for making such a great product

May 25th 2018 Update: Love These

I was 100% a huggies fan until I tried these. My daughter sleeps through the night & Huggies were the only thing that wouldn't leak until I tried the Thank You brand & now wont go back to Huggies. I also love the awesome patterns as they are so cute.

Was unsure but very Happy

I can across these after been given a sample, I was a Huggies Mum and did not think I could be swayed. I loved the feel and lightness of the product and it has also been great as an overnight nappy- even better that some of the money purchased is going to a good cause-

Love love love thankyou nappies and wipes!

We love thankyou baby! We find the nappies so much more absorbent than other brands and the wipes are so much thicker, bigger and stronger. We especially love that every time we buy them we are helping mums and bubs around the world. The new subscription servics is the absolute best. Oh and they look so cute!

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