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Amazing we love them

Loved your nappies and everything they stand for Purchased them from day one and always will purchase your nappies and products. Bath wash is amazing and so kind and gentle on my little ones sentive skins and it also smelt amazing which was great. Nappies have always been good to us we love them

Works well but sized a bit small

Worked well for days and nights with my 2yo, 12kg son in the mover and shaker size(10-15kg) but if he got any fatter would have to move up a size. He had no complaints about it feeling scratchy and there seemed to be plenty of elastic. It’s nice to know you are helping a social enterprise at the same time. The price point is pretty good too. Another great product from Thank you.

A Nappy that does as it should.

Nappies draw moisture away, leaving non irritated skin. They’re a snug fit, no leakage, and not too bulky. They suit both my boy and girl, so no need to buy separate nappies. Thank you nappies are a great price compared to other brands, and I love that my purchase is going to a good cause. I can’t wait to get my hands on the new pull ups!
We love thank you nappies!!!!

Could never fault them!

Since hub was born I Have had my hand in the Thankyou box. In hospital we used the huggies supplied & he had nappy rash everyday. When we got home, I started to swap between the Thankyou nappies & a few other brands we had purchased to try & I just couldn’t fault the Thankyous! We had a few leaks to start with, but realized it was at fault of not “tucking” the culprit to point into the large absorbent area of the nappies. Once we worked this out, we have hardly had any problems! Of course we have had a few major leakages, but they were that major that no brand of nappy was going to help! The baby wipes & nappy balm that Thankyou gave compliment the top quality of their nappies. We upgraded to this size when bub was towards the bottom of the weight range & still had no problems at all. Not only are they friendly for the toosh of your bun, they are friendly for the environment & the help/care of people that need it the most. Will continue our journey with Thankyou all the way until we need nappies no more!! Ps super awesome on the $$$ scale too :)

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Hey Telecia, thank you so much for your support Telecia. So awesome to hear you and your fam are loving our nappies and wipes! Wishing you and your fam a great week ahead!

I'm so disappointed

I love the Thank You brand, but unfortunately their nappies aren't any good... at all. We live very consciously and always chose products that will benefit in other areas.
I have tried a few boxes, but every time I buy them I'm reminded why I stopped using them.
I'm blessed with an all night sleeper, so we need something that's going to last the night. No good for number 2's, and they really smell after just one wee. I'll be standing buy ready to try them again if they improve the quality. Sorry for the bad review, I hope it will help encourage the company to keep improving, as I genuinely want to love these nappies. <3

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Hey Karina, We're always looking for ways to improve so any feedback is good feedback. Firstly, we're so sorry to hear this has been your experience with our nappies! There's nothing better than a full nights sleep so we can definitely understand it's frustrating when it's interrupted. We have recently added even more absorbency into our nappies so fingers crossed the new nappies are a win for you and your fam. A little fun fact about our nappies: We choose a no nasty approach which is why we don't add nasty fragrance blockers to our nappies. This can often explain why you may be able to smell number 1's & 2's earlier than in other brands. If you have any further feedback or just up for a chat - you can reach our team via baby@thankyou.co Thanks again for giving our nappies a go and for the feedback Karina, we're definitely taking it on board.

Thankyou Nappies are not good at all.

I am really disappointed about this nappy, I tested for 1 week and it was the most horible experience I' ve ever had since I became a new mum, 1. My 1 year old boy woke up with his poop leaking out, omg! That was a big mess, 2. During the day in every nappy's change I see outside the nappy something like a spider web, it was very rare. Any way I won't buy this Thankyou nappies anymore. Thanks!

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Hey Aura, We're so sorry to hear this has been your experience with our nappies! Poonami’s are no fun at all! Sounds like there’s been a few issues that we’d love to help solve. If you have a spare moment, our customer experience team would love to have a chat. You can reach them via baby@thankyou.co Thanks again for giving our nappies a go and for the feedback! Looking forward to seeing how we can help further.

Reliable nappy

I have been using these for 3 weeks now both day and night time and haven't had any leaks. Really pleased with the absorbency of these nappies and I also like the black and white design. I love the Thank you ethos of combating poverty, what a great initiative to support.

Perfect for daytime use

I was so pleased when Thankyou started producing nappies, as I've been an enthusiastic supporter of their ethos around quality of product, focus on style and ethical distribution of profit.
These nappies are another successful product in their range. We've used them through all sizings and are actually on the 'Trailblazer' size now (just can't find this product to review it) and have been very happy with their performance. They fit well, are comfortable and keep baby clean and dry. As a bonus, I find them much more stylish than the usual nappy which has gimmicky cartoon characters that your baby would not recognise (this makes good sense for when children are a little older and might need coercion to get that nappy on).
There have been some comments about overnight absorbency, and it's true for us too, these can't cope with our little guys overnight wetness. The solution is simple, Thankyou nappies during the day and Drynights at night. Once Thankyou start making pull-up style nappies I'm sure we'll embrace those too!

Wanted them to replace our Baby Love nappies, but didn't quite match absorbency...

I had hoped we could use Thankyou nappies overnight on our 15 month old, but unfortunately we have had a couple of leaks overnight. They are great to use during the day, love their design, their business model etc, but unfortunately won't be using them overnight again.

Every baby is different though, and other mums I know swear by these nappies! Huggies didn't work for us either. Stick with what works I suppose!

Excellent quality and ethical to boot

Thankyou nappies have a great unisex design and a slim fit that is great under clothes. The material is soft and the absorbency is amazing. They are perfect for bub to be able to explore and learn without being hampered by a bulky or leaky bum and they have a social conscience to boot

Super Happy

Thank you nappies are so good. I find them to be super soft and absorbent. The nappies are also a slim fit so are great under clothing. No big puffy butts. Great unisex designs too. I love the thank you products and thank you business model. Highly recommend these nappies.

Used from birth, love them

We used thankyou nappies from birth and they’ve been so good. Our son is above the top percentile so we moved sizes pretty quickly and had leaks only when he needed a bigger size. I never used another nappy until we hit 9.5 kg and mover and shaker was getting too full at night. We moved Up to trail blazer but they were still a bit too big. We really appreciate the thankyou cause and love their products but decided to try huggies ultimate for the nights and in the first night my son was damp when I picked him up in the middle of the night. There were no leaks but he got way too hot in that plastic nappy. He Had a pretty bad nappy rash. That made me feel so bad so we are going back to Thankyou nappies. They feel so nice and are so breathableI just wish they had a size between the mover and shaker and trail blazer.

Using for 3 months & never had a leak - perfect.

I heard the initial run of these wasn't great, but I tried the 'new improved' ones a couple of months ago (look for the silver circle on the box, though they're probably all this new improved version by now) and won't use anything else now. Every wear they've been perfect - great fit, not too bulky but super absorbent, I've never had a leak or drip or even any dampness on her clothes, even for 12-14 hour (thank you sleep school!) sleeps! My bub wakes up dry and comfortable.
And if I'm going to be spending my money on disposable nappies, I'd rather all that money go to such an amazing homegrown Australian company that helps other mamas & bubs, rather than just to the profits (and advertising!) of big international nappy companies. It's a win-win really... plus they look super cute on my little one!

These have been pretty brilliant

We switched to the Thank You brand and we haven't looked back since!
The nappies fit well and do not leave any red marks.
We had some issues with overnight absorbancy but we generally don't have this as an issue if we give bub a "fresh bum" for bed. Sometimes we still have a leaky morning but we had that we previous brands too.

Call Thank You if you are unsure on sizing!
I called them coz my bub was on the borderline of the top end of one size and the bottom of the next size up and they were happy to talk to me and help me out.

They're products and customer service have been brilliant for my family and I.

Lacks overnight absorbency/capacity of other brands

We really wanted to support the Thankyou brand, but these nappies really badly lack the absorbency and/or capacity we'd come to expect from the (admittedly more expensive) Naty brand.

For daytime use, when changes are more frequent, they're fine. But for overnight use, our little boy is often waking up from a full night's sleep in the Thankyou nappies, soaked-through.

We've never had that with the (admittedly more expensive) Naty nappies, so we'll have to return to those.

It's a shame, because I like the Thankyou project's cause!

I like these nappies

I've heard mixed reviews about these nappies, but I've used them quite a bit now. I usually use huggies. During the day I think they are fantastic. Overnight we have had a couple of leaks. Given the fact that they are socially responsible and less environmentally damaging I now choose to use these during the day and huggies overnight.
No issues with rashes- and my bub has sensitive skin, so a lot of other nappy brands haven't agreed with him.

Not worth the risk

When I move from a functioning nappy to try and support the Thank you company's mission, I really hoped that the nappy would perform - but after having 4 poo explosions in a row, fine for a wee but you can't really control that variable! I've decided that it's really not worth the hassle. Really disappointed.

Really wanted to like these but very disappointed!

I love the Thank You range of products and thought we'd try the nappies on our toddler as they were on sale at the supermarket.

Love the look of them and they feel soft and nice, but we have had two nappy leaks in one week with these nappies- one at night after only a few hours and one during a midday nap. The other brand we regularly use have never leaked so I am really disappointed. Won't bother buying again.

Great nappies

Surprised to find bad reviews on these as we have found them to be really good - having used huggies previously. My daughter and son both in this size and have had nil leaks. They fit really well and have a trendy design plus I love the fact your giving back to a good cause by buying these.

Fails at the basic function of nappies - absorption!

I liked the concept behind the brand and heard the founder of Thankyou on radio confident that the nappies are comparable in quality to Huggies, so I decided to give it a go.

I used the first one as an overnight nappy and it was a disaster. In the morning, the nappy was soaking wet as were my daughter's clothes and bed linen. I gave them a few more goes as a day nappy but they just don't absorb well, nor do they distribute the absorption. Parts get very soggy and heavy and other parts remain dry - this is likely due to the gel absorbent in the nappy. This means that you have to monitor the nappy and change it every time it gets wet, otherwise it leaks.

The other problem is that the velcro fasteners are very short and do not have the strength to hold the nappy in place when it is wet and heavy.

I do not recommend this product.

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