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Thankyou Nappies

Great overnight nappy!

We use thank you nappies overnight for our 6m boy, who can sleep up to 12hrs and never had a leak. They don’t do the weird bulge thing at the front like some other brands. I also like the gender neutral monochrome prints. Overall great disposable nappy, which can further assist people in need. Why not?

Will get you through the night!

Love these nappies, great absorbency lasted us 14h as my Baby passed out at 4pm after a big day and didn’t wake till 5am (nappy was changed an hour before). No leaks. My only criticism is the side tabs need to be slightly longer. I have a chunky bub and there’s a great fit everywhere but she’ll Outgrow the waist due to the tabs being too short/not stretchy enough. But the next size is too big. Will have to go back to the ALDI in the meantime as their tabs have way more give.

Good quality but can’t get us through the nigjt

Bought a box during their promotion period. About half the time it leaked through the night (5 hours or more) but doesn’t leak during the day. The material is good quality and bubba seems to be quit comfortable with it. I would still use it during the day but won’t use it during the night.

Best nappy I had never bought!

I used Huggies for the first 3 months but I wanted to try the new improved thank you and I am so glad I did!
Fit is great
Nappy is absorbent
No leaks
No wetting through
I get to help women’s health projects

There are no down sides. I can’t believe how this is the same company from a year ago!!!!!

Yasssss these are my new go to.

I love them!! Better than Huggies!

My baby would get nappy rash from Huggies. She doesn't get nappy rash with Thank you Nappies. These are amazing and I am so happy with them. I converted a few other mums as well, who are also very happy with them. I would highly recommend these nappies. Best of all you are supporting an Australian business and all the amazing work they do.

Happy with the Nappy

Happy with these Nappies - Little Dreamer, Bundle of Joy, Go Getter, Mover & Shaker
We have used these nappies on and off since birth, when we could afford them/they were on special, and have always been happy with them. We wish we could afford them all the time but price-wise some weeks we can only manage the $11 per supermarket brand packet.

Gets the job done.

Look I'm not going to rant and rave, they're nappies right. They have one job, and they do it very well. Very rarely will we get any leakage at all.
Plus the fact it's a social enterprise means it's a double win. We get a great product and those in need get a hand, what more could you ask for?
Great product all around.

Best life changing nappies ever!

Absorbent and stylish like no other. My baby feeds all night long and these nappies hold in every drop! What an amazing way to change thr lives of mothers and babies in countries like Nepal where so many still die from child birth. The cool monochrome styles make them even cooler!

Not the worst

I used the newborn thank you nappies and loved them, although my little man didn’t fit into them until he was a week old. So after using up att my Huggies nappies I’ve moved onto the thank you crawler nappies. The fit is great, absorbency is also good (I would get a whole night out of huggies, now I do a night time change with thank you)...
one thing I really don’t like is the missing wetness indicator, I don’t understand why it’s not on this nappy?? Probably won’t purchase this size nappy again.

Would choose Thankyou Nappies every time!

These nappies are incredible! They are more absorbent than any other nappies we have tried and definitely get us through the night! We have only ever had 2-3 poop explosions, and very few leakages in the 4 months we have been using them. I also like the trendy, unisex design. I would definitely recommend these!

Excellent nappies

We originally bought the Huggies Newborn Ultimate nappies for our premmie (currently 4 week old twins) and they were OK but we found we had a few pee blowouts. I was given a couple of boxes of the Thank You Little Dreamer nappies and we switched to them this week and absolutely love them! The sizing is great and we know that our little guys (only 2.5 kgs) will still fit in to them for a while. Even though they are currently quite little, the fit isn't compromised at all. I highly recommend these nappies for your newborn.

Great nappies

I’ve been using Thankyou brand toiletries & buying their food products for a while now as I really like their “giving back” business model. Very happy to find out they started selling nappies. The nappies are very soft & slim. Lasts through the night & never had a leak, not even poo blow outs. Performs way better & more comfortable than Huggies. And I’m happy knowing it’s safe for baby’s skin.

I won't buy anything else

These nappies fit really well, don't leak, are super absorbent and really well priced. They don't have cheesy baby pictures all over them in bright pink or blue. They have cool designs. They give you everything you need in a nappy and profits all go to child and maternal projects in developing nations. Happy baby, happy mummy. I won't buy anything else.

Definitely worth every cent!

Love these nappies. Was a bit nervous changing brands because no one wants a leaky nappy day or night. The thought about helping others simply by purchasing one box is what really made me buy them. They turned out to be a perfect fit for my 16 month old daughter who does have cute and chunky thighs and these have never leaked. It really is a win - win.

It's awesome!

Absolutely love the Thank you nappies.They are very comfortable and absorbent. My bubba loves it and I will continue to be a loyal customer .Best of all funds go for a social cause. Even the grip tabs are really nice and tight.NO leaks at all. Above all the price is fairly reasonable.

Absolutely love them

These nappies are wonderful. The fit is perfect for my daughter, no leakages and they don't get bulky when they're full. So she stays comfortable between feeds. I've also used the larger nappies with my older daughter and have absolutely loved every size. I highly recommend giving them a go. You're buying nappies anyway, you may as well buy the ones that will help as mother somewhere else in the world have a safe birth.

The Only Nappies That Have Worked!

These are the absolute best!! I never had anyone recommend them but for some reason I just bought them one day out of desperation and I've NEVER gone for another brand since! Honestly my daughter (1.5 yrs) was the absolute worst for exploding diapers when she was younger. She had an intolerance to dairy which we didn't work out until a lot later, so her bowel movements really weren't great. None the less this brand was the only brand that worked for us! She has never had nappy rash, at all! They are super absorbent and hold everything in nicely!!

They are slightly pricey (I always buy them on special) but I love knowing that I am also supporting a brand that has vision for a better future for the world my daughter will grow up in.

Love these nappies

Great social concept that makes sure some good comes out of buying these products. I love that the nappies have no nasties on babies’ skin and biodegrade. I’ve used every single size of the these nappies now and love them for their absorbency, fit, style and idea. Thank you thank you for the new improved version.
Pricy but worth every cent.

Game Changer

When pregnant, I was thrilled to find out Thankyou were bringing out a Baby range just in time for the birth of my daughter. In theory, I would have loved to have been a cloth nappy parent but it just wasn't to be. To be able to buy a product which didn't have all the nasties AND was actually helping another mama (through the contribution Thankyou makes to Child and Maternal Health programs) has made me passionate about this product. Sometimes we can't do everything as mamas but I'm grateful that something as simple as my choice in nappies for my daughter can make a difference! Not only that, the nappies have been recently been improved which have increased their absorbency and I'm starting to find them in Woolies too!

great nappies beautiful concept

we love these nappies, they are the only ones will will use on our baby, the size is just right and they are as effective and reliable like any other brand. i love the online and deliver service, it was efficient, quick and easy.
i’m happy to know that our choice is helping other people in need

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Where are these nappies made?
2 answers
The baby products are made in Australia, USA, India and China. The factories overseas are highly ethical where employees are paid a fair wage etc.The nappies are China. As above, my understanding is they are ethically made.

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