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The Age of Aquariums

The Age of Aquariums

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I ordered products worth over $300 from the website on Sunday 25 November 2018. The money was taken from my account immediately (Paypal) and the web site didn't have them marked as out of stock.
A staff member rang me on Monday 26 November and said the products were out of stock but he expected them to come in on Friday 30 November would send them to me the same day. I said I needed the products urgently but agreed to wait.
I rang again on Friday 7 December because the order hadn't arrived. A staff member said the product hadn't come in and promised that he would send a similar product worth more for the same cost that afternoon and also send an email with tracking information. I said several times that I needed the products urgently and explained why.
I hadn't received the promised email so I rang again on Thursday 13 December and the staff member who answered only had a record of the original product I ordered, which he said still hadn't come in. He said he couldn’t get them to me by the weekend (2 days) and processed a refund. He blamed Christmas although I ordered in November. The person I spoke to on Friday 7 December hadn't recorded our conversation, changed the order, sent out the products he promised or emailed me to explain.
I cannot believe a company would lie to me like that and keep lying instead of just saying they couldn't be bothered filling the order and allowing me to order from a company that actually cared about its customers. They wasted nearly three weeks of my time when they knew I wanted the order urgently. I found Age of Aquariums completely untrustworthy and would never buy anything from them again.

Farcical online shopping experience, 30 days+ to "receive" goods

Online shopping is all about the convenience of having goods delivered to your door within a few days of purchasing. And when things don't go right, well that's when you get a true reflection of the customer service of any business, whether they rise to the challenge in dealing with mistakes.
Well here's a story timeline to amuse you, so bad you can't help but laugh at my misfortune of choosing to buy online with Age of Aquariums.
1. Placed order, received an order confirmation on 21/9/18, advising delivery via Fastway would take 2-10 working days. I'd opted to have the parcel left at the front door as we've never had a problem doing this with other online shops.
2. Nothing turned up for a week, I waited a bit longer as we are outside of the Melbourne metro area. 3/10 I emailed Age of Aq asking had my order been sent?
3. received a reply advising the parcel had been shipped 24/9 and was quoted a tracking number so I could check on Fastway's website. (Would have been handy to get a tracking number when the goods were sent). Imagine my surprise when the tracking stated my parcel had been been delivered 26/9! I hunted all about our block, perhaps they had hidden it - but alas no.
4. sent queries to Fastway and Age of Aq, as it was highly unlikely the parcel would have been pinched from our front door.
5. A week+ goes by, no reply, send queries again
6. 17/10, response from Age of Aq! I'm advised the tracking says the parcel is back at Fastway depot, awaiting instructions. Bewdy, I ring Fastway and ask them to deliver the next day as I'll be home.
7. 18/10, no sign of any delivery, but then I get a phone call from a guy with the same street details as mine, but in Essendon (about 50km from us): he tells me he keeps getting a parcel delivered to his address, the first time he left it sitting on his porch thinking it'd be re-collected, then it went, now its back! The penny drops - somebody has put the wrong address on the shipping label. I ring Age of Aq, its obvious they type out the shipping labels, but with autofill prompts, they had selected the wrong address. I was promised the parcel would be collected asap and delivered to me.
8. 23/10 No sign of parcel, I'm getting peeved now so email Age of Aq, asking any update on when the parcel will be delivered. Get a reply telling me to contact Fastway to arrange a delivery time. Really? Fire off a terse email.
9. 24/10 get a reply from Age of Aq apologising, and that we are at the mercy of Fastway couriers. I also get an email from Fastway saying the parcel had been booked for redirection.
10. 26/10 another call from Essendon, the parcel is still there. So stuff it, next morning I drive a 2+ hour round trip to collect the parcel, as I doubt Fastway would have delivered to me this side of Christmas!
So, a simple online transaction took 30+ days before I got the goods, and I still had to drive a couple of hours+ to collect it.

Wheres the customer service

I drove 1hr and 20mins to collect some items they have an their website, when I got their the items were not in stock, however their website said they where in stock, I was frustrated they advised you can come back in a few days and we will have more in stock, I didn't want to drive so far a 2nd time.
I bought other items including a couple of 50 cents and a couple of dollars, I thought for the inconvenience and the error that they had with false advertising stock they never had in stock they could of thrown in a 50cemt item or something, but no I got charged for every single thing.
I wasn't Happy.

Deliver what they promise with an excellent product knowledge and at a great price...

I came over from New Zealand specifically to see these guys to purchase an apex system. It was cheaper to do it this way and to bring it home as personal luggage and get around excessive duty charges. Plus I was refunded the gst at the airport on the way out.

They were very helpful through emails over a number of months patiently enduring my many questions about the apex and compatibility with other brands. My tank is around 6000 litres so I needed some expert product knowledge which they helped me out with such as lighting recommendations of which I will purchase from them via another visit.

Sad business ethics.

Would never use this place again.

They like to talk about manhood’s in this shop, not a place to take your family!

Will also not replace parts been waiting over a month for a protein skimmer to be replaced I guess they just gave up.

Really sad business ethics’s.

hi Evan still waiting for you to bring me your faulty item so we can get you sorted not even sure what your chasing mate . please bring the item in mention to me for a refund . ASAPHello. And you would be? I have message’s on my phone from josh stating he would deliver the new skimmer to my house to swap over. I have numerous photos of the faulty products you sell also. Now after spending SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS at your shop in December alone you don’t remember anything? I’m not after a refund anymore, my reviews worth more then what you have to offer me unless your willing to refund the hole package SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS WORTH!! Dealing with your company has been a nightmare I’d happily take my money to another pet shop willing to help me re-set up. To anyone thinking of purchasing from this shop please continue reading. After being sold a $1300 innovative marine faulty 4 foot tank with a blemish on the front. You would think your service would have improved. Instead it was replaced with a 6 foot Innovation marine tank with a broken pump after weeks. I later decided to buy the rest of my gear from the age. I was sent to aqua blue in Yatala to collect after paying the bill of $4500 because I would have had to wait weeks. I told the manager of aqua blue to double check the parcels as I knew one was missing! Only to be told it’s all there. When I arrive home to setup... there’s half missing!!!! I ring up to notify you that it was not there. Half was at age and half at aqua blue. I drove to age, to aqua, back to age. All that for a faulty product! The cabinet still has blemishes to this day and photos recorded from date of purchase. Then my protein skimmer hit day 8 it started grinding really loud just like every product I bought there. Faulty!!! There is no quality assurance and it just fell apart. And with Donovan making sexual references in general and whilst dealing with this situation is inappropriate and crass.

Issues with online ordering

They have great reviews for in store visits however I've ordered twice online and had issues both times.
When you place an order online you aren't sent an order confirmation or invoice. You also don't receive a dispatch notice when your order is shipped.
Both of my orders weren't dispatched until I followed them up a week+ after placing the order. I also received a faulty product in my second order that didn't work. It was a bit of a run around for a replacement and I had to follow them up multiple times but I eventually got the replacement.

Terrible customer service! Don't order from their online store!

Absolutely terrible customer service! Do not buy from their online store! I was lied to and told my order was shipped when it wasn’t, calling for the third time three weeks after ordering I was told an item I had purchased was out of stock… This was after I was told it was shipped when clearly it wasn’t… Not once did they try and contact me regarding this issue either. Oh they also don't reply to emails so don't bother trying emailing them.

Wrong item sent, no refund after returned

Ordered several items, but when order arrived one item was completely wrong and one item was the wrong size. I had to contact them twice to get a response, was told to return items for refund, but never heard back or received my refund despite emailing to ask what was happening after tracking confirmed parcel had arrived. Now I am out of pocket for return postage as well as incorrect items!


I emailed these guys about a light that i could not locate in any store in SA. They promptly replied that they had it in stock and 4 days later it arrives on my doorstep, in perfect condition, and packaged extremely well. Very happy with the result, and for those people here complaining about their orders taking ages, i suggest you simply contact Age of Aquariums before placing your order, as they were happy to help and responded promptly.

Very Happy Customer and Sincerely Thank you

Still waiting over a month to receive products

Ordered an aquarium light over a month ago received email a week later stating it was out of stock but was still charged called a month later and was told would be back in stock Tuesday or Friday that was two weeks ago would never buy from them again.

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Hi Duane, The distributor is still out of stock, lights are also advertised as out of stock. Your credit card has not been charged for the order, we do not charge orders when the stock is unavailable. As mentioned over the phone we are happy to hold, charge and dispatch asap however it is difficult when the Australian Distributor is out of stock. Container freight can be difficult to judge and we only pass on expected ETA's that we are given. As always feel free to phone us here if you wish to discuss your order or have any other queries.

Left hanging

Placed online order first week of June to be called a few days later that product is out of stock and will be available the following week. A fortnight on and my follow up emails inquiring on order status receive no reply so I call the third week of June to be told the product is still not in and they will follow up and get back to me, and do I want the rest of the order to be shipped separately while I wait for the product in question. I said no need to, ship all as one. A few busIness days on I have not heard back and I call again to be the order was shipped a week and a half ago and they would follow up as to where the parcel is. How can this be when I was told only a few days earlier the order not been shipped??? I asked to be called back, I should have stipulated when, otherwise I may never hear from them. Saturday is July 1.

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Hi AZA, I apologies for the delay. We are given ETA's from suppliers on delivery dates. Sometimes pallet freight can take a bit longer then expected. The mail order side of the business is run by a different part of the team and sometimes there can be confusion when they chase it up for you. Upon tracking your order Australia post had lost it, this is unfortunately something that does happen infrequently as it is. Upon learning this your order was dispatched again for you.

One of the best shops going around for aquarium products

One of the best shops going around for aquarium products great customer service and knowledgeable and a wide variety of products

Was tricked by them

Time ago I ordered an eheim 2215 from them. Their online pic shows a flat top version (made in Germany) but what I got is a round top one which is made in China. What a cheater. If you will try them make sure you check first rather than trust them. If you don't know what I am talking here, pls google the flat vs round top ehiem 2215 for details. Hope I was the only unlucky guy.

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Hi ShS, This must have been many years ago as we have not stocked Eheim Since purchasing the business almost 2 years ago now.

Good prices and service - problems with website though

I have been buying from these guys for over 5 years both in store and via web and always been happy. Recently though the website wont accept my login. I have had to phone the store the last 3 times to place orders as the "reset" password thing doesn't send me emails. Last time they totally wiped my profile so I could start again I hope this fixes the problem as it's starting to be a pain!

Excellent & Highly Recommended Seller

Excellent seller with vert fast post service, good value products, very interesting articles on the net, nice on the phone & emails, I am very happy as everything is fantastic.

Seem to be back to normal

I have purchased from AOA a couple of times over the past 2 years and have always had excellent service. There was a time last year when many items on their site were out of stock but this appeas to have been resolved. I ordere on easter monday and my package was delivered on Thursday. Great range of product and service. Thanks again

Highly recommend them

I have been going to AOA for many years and they have always been very friendly, kind and helpful. They have a lot of knowledge and will take the time to help you with any issues and also they are willing to give you help and advise regarding your purchase.Any time I have not been happy with a product they have been more than happy to exchange or refund the product. Excellent people, excellent service, great prices, what more could you ask for.

Highly recommend AOA

I have shopped at age of aquariums for a number of years now and have always received excellent customer service and even better advice. I would definitely recommend this store, especially under the new management. A great bunch that are definitely passionate about the aquarium hobby!!!

Worst on-line experience ever!!!

Items listed as in stock are not in stock. They do not reply to emails. When they do reply they lie and tell you they will ship out your order. I have got no order confirmations via email. 4 weeks later I am still waiting for items to be shipped out. I will be engaging a paypal dispute shortly. DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE!!!

This has been my worst ever experience buying on-line. They have absolutely no idea how to run a business & how to treat customers. It's a shame because apparently they were once a good aquarium shop but it is no longer.

Hopeless and just steal

I ordered a skimmer 4 months ago which never arrived because apparently the supplier was out of stock even though their website said they were in stock. After the first 2 months i then requested a refund which the boss [name removed] kept lying telling me he sent it and then that he'd forgotten (his story changed half a dozen times).
Still have not received my refund. Even his employees told me that i'm too soft.

My order number is 70650 just incase he feels like doing what's right eventually. Otherwise i will keep pestering them.

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